KrogerKrazy-US-Map (1)

To find out what Kroger Region you are in, simply find your State on the color coded map above.  

If you are on the border of 2 or more regions, follow these steps to find your Kroger region:


** Go to the Kroger Store Locator and type in your zip code


** On the next page, click View Weekly Ad

kroger regions

** Once you’re on the weekly ad page, glance up at your address bar and it will tell you what division number you are in.

** Now find it in the list below

Division ID’s:

ID: 011 >>>> Atlanta
ID: 021 >>>> Central
ID: 014 >>>> Cincinnati
ID: 016 >>> Columbus/Great Lakes
ID: 025 >>>> Delta
ID: 024 >>>> Louisville
ID: 018 >>>> Michigan
ID: 029 >>>> Mid-Atlantic
ID: 026 >>>> Mid-South
ID: 034 >>>> Southwest