So you’re asking…how do Kroger fuel points work?  I wanted to help answer your questions in hopes you’ll be less confused (if you were).


  • The fuel program allows you to receive savings of up to $1.00 off per gallon one one fuel purchase up to 35 gallon at Kroger, Turkey Hill and participating Shell stations.
  • For each increment of 100 fuel points (up to 1,000 point) you will receive $0.10 per gallon.
  • Earn points in current month and redeem thru each month.  Each month is a separate accumulation period.  Months’ points don’t combine in a single transaction.


  • 100 Points = 10¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up
  • 200 Points = 20¢ off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up
  • 1,000 Points = $1 off per gallon of fuel for 1 fill-up



  • Shopping at Kroger
    • $1.00 spent on groceries = 1 fuel point
  • Federally funded Prescriptions
    • $1.00 spent out-of-pocket = 1 fuel point
  • Shopping at Fred Meyer Jewelers or online at Fred Meyer Jewelers
    • $1.00 spent on jewelry = 1 fuel point
  • Buying gift cards
    • $1.00 in gift cards = 2 fuel points
  • Taking a Satisfaction Receipt Survey (located on bottom of receipt)
    • Once every 7 days = 50 fuel points
  • Non-federally funded Prescriptions
    • 1 prescription = 50 fuel points
  • Visit to The Little Clinic (what you pay out-of-pocket)
    • Paid visit = 50 fuel points



YES!  Kroger holds promotions such as:

  • 2x fuel points when you buy groceries (both a Kroger Digital Coupon or one that can from Kroger ad)
    • This usually happens in the summer months
  • 4x fuel points when you buy gift cards
    • These are special promotions that Kroger does a few times a year and you’ll find about from them here.


  • Your total fuel points are calculated after you have given your Kroger card but also after all Kroger Digital coupons have gone off your order.
  • Fuel points are given BEFORE you hand over your manufacturer coupons.
    • For example, if your Kroger bill is $104.65 and you hand over your manufacturer coupon and your total now becomes less than $104.65, you will STILL receive 100 fuel points for the total BEFORE printable or insert coupons.



  • Kroger Fuel Center
  • Turkey Hill
  • Shell




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Nancy Gearhart

February 3, 202108:25 am

I shoped at Kroger 2 times this week and did not get the fuel point survey. WHY

Ann Dorion

November 12, 202006:19 pm

Hi, I’m new to the Kroger fuel points. Created my alt ID on line but can’t get the fuel points to work at the pump. Every time I put in my alt ID at the pump it refuses to take it. Did I skip a step ? Do I need to go inside the gas station to get something activated the first time ?


October 27, 202005:45 pm

Fuel points earned in Oct. , can be used in Nov. If you have 693 points earned in Sept., that you can use in Oct. and 900 points earned in Oct. In order to use the Oldest points you will need to ( use change amount ), if you use full amount it will use your Oct. Points earned for Nov. and then allow your oldest points to expire.


September 22, 202009:14 pm

how do i know when & what promos are active and the cut-off time to purchase ecards on expiration date of promotion.

Steve Kotlarich

July 26, 202006:08 pm

No one at Kroger knows or understands the points giving $.30 off / gal & no one knows when 4X gift card rewards are occurring. Please help! Please Teach your people. I would hate to be one of your employees that’s never taught about your programs or systems and cannot be of assistance to your customers. The perception is they are ignorant and or not willing to help.

Dorothy Buckner

July 4, 202010:20 pm

Trying to find out where was my fuel points redeemed at


May 23, 202008:31 pm

I forgot to click my 4X fuel points coupon before I purchased Graduation Visa cards. Can I get this coupon added now.


March 31, 202010:02 am

How about give a penny a point off the bill option for those that don't purchase fuel? YOUR SLOGAN IS FRESH FOR EVERYONE. How about it? Certainly your slogan doesn't describe the berries in the "produce" department.

Anita C. Foye

March 5, 202005:33 pm

I have been trying ALL DAY to reach Kroger customer service (800-576-4377) and even tried the Corporate Headquarters number (866-221-4141). I keep getting a recording that there is an unusual high volume of calls, and unless this call is "urgent" go to the Kroger website. I really would like to speak to a LIVE Person! I would like verification on USING fuel points - - - can a month's worth of fuel points be divided or must they be used in only one transaction? For example, if you have 500 points (50¢ worth) can you buy fuel one day using 300 points (30¢) off that transaction, then a week or two later buy fuel again and use the remaining 200 points (20¢). I have had store employees give me differing answers and would like to know your exact policy on using these points. Thank you.

Glenn Wellman

August 1, 202004:35 pm

yes it will give you the option at the pump to use any amount you like down load the app and look under rewards it will show you what you have used and what you have left


March 31, 202009:57 am

Use .30 on one fillip and then the other .20 on next purchase. Must be in same month.

S stephens

January 31, 202004:08 pm

KROGER FUEL #543 Hampton, Va A special THANK YOU to Cindy! On Jan 30 I was having difficulty at the pump. Cindy approached me and was a GREAT HELP.

Joe Kobylka

January 14, 202007:22 pm

A question, the answer to which I don't see below. Points don't roll over from one month to the next. Hence, the only points I can use for gas this month are the points I accumulate this month. However, on my app it says "December points expire on 1/31/2020." If they "expire" but don't roll over, what can I used them on and how do I do so?

Katherine E Purdy

December 30, 201901:32 pm

I had 1713 pts left this morning. Used the $1.00 off option. So now have 713 pts left. If I want to let my son use those pts do I enter 700 pts OR 70 cents? I DON'T want it to automatically take it out of my 3000+ pts for next month.


March 31, 202010:05 am

Kroger made the system as complicated as possible because they love their thoughtless lemmings.

Mary gaffney

December 22, 201901:58 pm

Has anyone noticed a discrepancy in fuel points being left off your card after completing the survey. I have and began keeping track of it since last September. It says at the end of the survey that 50 points will be added within 5 days. Mine has been missed more than 3 times. Twice I have redone the survey after 6-7 days with no posting of my additional points. I put in scathing reviews instead of what I had originally telling that points had not been added. The 50 points quickly appeared! Either do what you advertise and give points or stop the survey program. My last survey was on December 16 and still no bonus points!

Ronald Barrett

October 30, 201911:59 am

can you buy diesel with fuel rewards ?

Tommy Cheech

March 31, 202010:14 am

Can I buy an eightball, a lid and some 151?


October 9, 201904:25 pm

My Kroger lets you roll over points from 1 month to another 4x per year. So you can take your 500 points in month 1 and 500 points in month 2 and combine them (roll over) to use 1000 points in month 2 on fuel. You have to call to do the rollover and you can only do it 4x per year.

Cecilia Martinez

September 29, 201910:13 pm

Will I be able to use my September fuel points for October?

Trina Patton

August 4, 201906:30 pm

When do survey points (50) go on account? ....... Day you shop or day that survey is completed? I did a survey on 7/31/19. Points did not go on card for the month of July.


August 2, 201904:47 am

https://www.thekrogerfeedback.com/ is the site where I took the Krogerfeedback survey and earn 50 fuel points.

REnee smith

July 26, 201906:49 am

I am tired of reading through fuel point explanations and never finding answers to how they work at the fuel pump. SO here is the question that never gets answered: at the pump it asks if I want to use all points. If I say no what happens to the points I don’t use use why doubt they show on my receipt? Also, have you ever tried to use this app? You can type 3 words before it displays. I think you need to get your advertising under control. I am tired of being dominated by ads. I will stop shopping here if you don’t get some control over these annoying ads.

Chris Quick

July 26, 201905:02 am

We have cars and driver's at our house. So, we take all 3 vehicles and use the same pump to fill up. You're allowed 35 gallons per transaction. We're horrible procrastinators, so usually go there late night on last day of the month.

Lorraine Fiorello

July 17, 201902:30 pm

How many points do i have

Donna Wuelfing

July 15, 201907:40 pm

At the end of june i had. 20 off still and i went to use them the day before they expired and at the pump it used all my july points and left the june to expire my question is why? i only wanted to use the june

Mary williams

June 30, 201911:08 pm

how to use a previous months points

Roy gray

June 30, 201911:10 am

How do I use the extra that don’t add up to 100 points. Right now I have 856 points that expire today. How do I use the 56 points so I don’t lose them?

Pat Clute

June 29, 201910:15 am

I have 1404 fuel points so far for June. If I fill up today and use $1.00 off will I still have 404 points left for June

Joan M Almond Noakes

June 20, 201903:59 pm

If I earn more than 1,000 pts do I just lose them? I have 1,045 pts now and have no incentive to try to get more. Or can I use the points that I have earned half way through the month and any else I earn before the end of the same month.

Teresa Lauer

June 13, 201903:52 pm

For the past two weeks I’ve tried to do the kroger feedback survey. When I get to end to submit nothing happens. Keeps telling me to enter phone number and one is entered

jerry dotson

May 22, 201905:50 pm

someone is using my fuel points without my permission.


April 26, 201910:22 am

Some of you people are so dumb! Makes my brain hurts from reading some of these simpleton comments! Graduate from high school!


April 17, 201910:32 am

Is the 50 full pt bonus per 7 days based on the day I take the survey or date of purchase?

Carolyn S Hardy

April 12, 201912:11 am

So do you just go up to the gas pump and do what? How can you use your points at the pump.? Do you put your Kroger card in the gas station pump? Please explain...thank you

deborah wofford

February 15, 201912:53 pm

what does it mean......if I have 281 Kroger fuel points.....??…...


March 31, 202010:07 am

It means you are too stupid the drive a vehicle and you should call Uber.

Mary Hamilton

February 15, 201910:33 am

How can I find out which Shell stations in Columbus Oh honor Kroger fuel points?


February 13, 201912:36 pm

Wife and I have been getting 50 points for every prescription filled. Now we are on Medicare and need the fuel points we only get 1 point for 1$ spent on a prescription. Please change this for Medicare to 50 points for a filled prescription.


January 6, 201904:37 pm

I shop regularly at the new TrailCreek Kroger as well as use the Little Clinic I have never gotten any points


January 2, 201901:40 pm

So as I understand it, we ("the customer" receive ONE "fill-up" -- limit 35 gals.) Why doesn't Kroger use a bit of LOGIC and realize that this is not reasonable/fair to most customers?? Most of us do NOT have 35 gallon tanks!!! Why not allow multiple "fill-ups" > limit 35 gallons (or 20/25 gallons)? This would certainly be better for MOST customers, AND would eliminate customers potentially running out of gas (to get that "last drop"), AND would eliminate "Joe Customer" filling his car, his wife's car, son/daughter's car, and his gas can(s) by using the same pump on a given "fill up". Could it be that Kroger does not want to be "fair", does not want to make it more convenient for customers!! I'm sure it costs them much less (obviously) if a fill-up is 15 gallons rather than 35. Just seems like a MUCH better process -- much fairer AND easier to use. I don't expect any changes as a result of this message!


December 31, 201803:01 pm

If it says I have 58 points remaining for November, how do I just use those points?

maria dominguez

December 12, 201807:20 am

when kroger offers 2x or 4x fuel points how are they applied 2 the points you already have and when are they applied? so if i purchase $$150 in groceries, they scan coupon 2 receive 2x fuel points shouldnt my total fuel points be an extra 350 points applied 2 points i already have? why dont they give those points at the register 2 reflect on your receipt? i also have done countless surveys 2 receive 50 extra points but never get them. i have checked old receipts 2 see that they dont give th same number of points per $1 spent. checking my last purchase-yesterday-i see a 2% restaurant tax added 2 th already high 9% state sales tax! what th hell are they trying 2 pull adding additional tax that i have never seen before nor know of a 2% sales tax increase being passed by arkansas voters last election?!!! guess kroger thinks they arent screwing us over enuf w this bogus fuel program!


December 6, 201807:32 pm

Once again the fuel points roll over when I am just short of another 100. Rolled over at 197 points, throws away 97 points! Boy howdy.

Patrick Murphy

November 23, 201808:18 pm

I’m not getting fuel points for my Prescriptions anymore. Can you please tell me why? My alternate ID is 706-573-7203


November 8, 201804:55 pm

Love you guys - that's it - just love you guys


October 31, 201809:40 pm

Please do not trust this program. This is really shady. I have had several months that I spent hundreds of dollars on gift cards during 2x and 4x days. I stayed on top of the points going in but didn’t watch the points going out. Today I had 785 points expiring so I went to fill up my truck. I selected the maximum discount which was .80 cents off. I thought this was strange since it said I had 785. After I was done I logged into my account and noticed I still had 785. Then I noticed next month was only showing 22. After looking closely the last two times I filled up it took reward points from next month while I still had 785 expiring this month. I called Kroger customer service and they said the system is designed this way. It will take from the larger amount of points instead of using the points expiring first. Now I understand how I lost points in the past. Once I got below 1000 points it would just start pulling from the next month. Customer service did absolutely nothing but tell me this is how it works. Now I’m in search of a honest fuel program.

Gary W

October 23, 201804:32 pm

Why only up to 35 gallons? My truck has a 44 gal. tank. It doesn't seem fair that I am limited to how much fuel I can put in my trck. What can be done to fix that?

Idoits That Launch Fan Websites for Billion Dollar Megaconglomerates

March 31, 202009:55 am

Good: How come the fractions of hundred points don't get rolled over into next months balance? Fraction points of less than 100 Points are worth zero. Better: I ride the bus, I have an electric car, I ride a bike... I walk... Points are worth zero. You are not a valued customer because you're not destroying the planet fast enough. Best: I avoid Kroger like the plague.

Claude Marc

October 21, 201802:07 am

You all are a bunch of dum dums.....dont you know they have raised the price of all products to cover these discounts.You probably wudnt believe me also if I explained to you how you were paying $20,$30 $40 and more a month for your free cking account at your bank....but you are.

Nancy F Barnes

September 7, 201812:29 pm

I have 258 points from August. What is the 1-2-3 REWARDS Mastercard fuel discount? Prior months available is always confusing to me.

J posta

September 6, 201806:50 pm

Kroger fuel points rock. They save me so much money!!! Love the summer time points too. #ad


September 3, 201811:17 am

September 1 I had put the coupon for 4 x fuel points on our Kroger card and only got 2x points found out if it's more than 200 points they have to call in. Did get the points all of them and that was the first time ever we had 1000 points 1st day of month, because we got extra.

James Roberts

August 28, 201803:11 pm

How do I keep someone that apparently knows my phone number from stealing my gas points? I'm tired of it to the point I'm going to stop shopping at Krogers if this keeps up. No points at another store is better than someone being able to benefit from my hard earned money..


August 21, 201807:01 pm

How do I use last months points before they expire? I asked the employee and he said they automatically deduct from the previous month before using currents months points. That statement is simply not true. I have 436 points from last month and just filled up and they did not deduct from July. It used August’s points. Help!


August 12, 201807:35 pm

Can Kroger points and shell fuel rewards be used in the same transaction?

Janet goos

August 7, 201801:35 pm

I have 100 points left from last month , can I add them to my 300 points for this month?


August 3, 201805:16 pm

I do not think you can redeem anything less than 100 points. Anyone that wants to use last months points instead of this months points should select option 2 "change amount" at the pump. You can then enter your fuel point amount in 10 cent (100 pt) increments. Middle and East Tennessee, Souther Kentucky and Nothern Alabama can redeem unlimited fuel points and pay as little as 1 cent per gallon. Learn the system to take full advantage. I did.


August 2, 201810:16 pm

How to I redeem previous month fuel points if they are less than 100 points. Why do I have an email expiration date if I can’t really use them? Can I use them for other purchases?

Jan Putt

July 31, 201804:38 pm

On July 30 we saw that we 318 remaining June points that would expire after the next day so we filled up the SUBURBAN so the points would not be wasted. Well...the points came the July ones that are good til the end of August. Whats the deal? Now we still have 318 June points that will go away by tomorrow and very little left for next month. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!


July 29, 201812:53 am

This article is very old and inaccurate! You can only get 10 cents off per gallon, period. You can only fill up once per month, then the counter starts over again. Even if you have spent $200 at Food4Less, for example, and fill up your tank with 35 gallons (Big SUV or Truck) you only get .10 off per gallon one time in the month and you're back to zero after the fill up. So, even though you have earned $200 worth of points, you only get it once.

Cas Gromadzki

July 23, 201804:45 pm

How do I track my fuel points?


July 22, 201803:20 pm

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kroger. It is across the street from an Aldi's and I shop there, too, but I primarily shop at Kroger. I get a LOT of gas points, but what I want to know and can't find is....IS there a limit on how many fuel points you can earn in a month? For those who prefer Aldi's, why? Too much of their stuff does not tell you the country of origin, it just says it is distributed by this place in Ohio. That does not tell me anything. I don't buy anything unless I know where it comes from. I have found their produce prices to be outrageous most of the time and the produce looks horrible.

K Dowdy

July 11, 201809:12 am

I read the information provided at your website "krogerkrazy" and this is what is I understand from your statement about using points: You cannot combine the previous month's points with the current month's points. Is this correct? Also, why doesn't your store receipts show the previous month's point accumulation? As of the purchase I made on 7/4/18, and on any following purchase dates, June's points were not shown on any of the receipts. I had to go to your website to see this information. I shop at the Kroger store located at 1227 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain GA 30087. Thank you for any information you can provide.

Mari Bennett

June 24, 201809:18 am

I have 87 gas points that expire June 30. How can I use them up?

Croaker Sucks Virus

March 31, 202009:49 am

The same way an old grandma or irresponsible entitlement person that rides the bus does.

Mary L Scott-Ditchen

June 22, 201811:11 pm

We take our 25 gallon tank truck and our 9 gallon tank car AND a gas can when we get gas and get 35 gallons with whatever discount we have, mostly from prescriptions and gift cards for our MANY grandkids. Don't buy much actual food there, but between the other points (4x for gift cards) we usually have $1.00 off once a month or $35.00. Aldi food is just as good and less expensive overall so that is where we buy the majority of our groceries. But hey $420 a year off on gas works for us!


June 20, 201812:58 pm

can never find the site to put in receipt for extra Kroger gas points. I spend 30 to 40 minutes trying to find it & I am tired of this confusion. I will no longer shop at Kroger if they do not make this easier.


June 17, 201801:42 pm

Can no longer use my alternate id at Shell gas stations. Anyone know why?


June 13, 201807:47 pm


June 3, 201808:36 am

I was just told at my local Kroger, (the worst in the nation) that they are no longer affiliated with Shell gas stations. So, they don't offer any gas cards in their stores. This was my only reason for shopping at Kroger. See ya!!


May 30, 201805:05 pm

For each $1 you spend at Kroger you earn 1 point. 100 points earned equals ten cents off gas. Points roll over for one month only, then they are gone. So if you earn 1000 points in April, they will be good until the end of May. You can request to have the previous months points used INSTEAD of the current month, but you MUST ASK, else the highest discount you have will be used. You also don't have to use all of the discount at one time. You can break it up into ten cent increments. Once you use discount points, they are gone. You either earn more points, or pay full price for the gas.


May 28, 201810:10 am

This is a scam program. the fuel points are not counted as they advertise. You do not get 0.25$ off per gallon for each 100 fuel points earned. after a fillup, they zero your account out. So, for example say you earn 500 points by mid month. you fill up your car. OK, you get the 25 cent discount. but they zero your account. so if 2 days later your spouse goes to fill up, there is not discount. To really get the benefit they advertise, you have to watch your point accumulation, and fill up each time it hits 100. Who has time for this game. The reward of a few gallons at 25 cents off is so much less than rewards offered by other cards.

Hui Yin

May 27, 201805:19 pm

I agree with Cerita. I love Kroger and all but they need to roll the remaining points over as soon as the next month starts! Why we gotta waste those extra 30 points of or 73 points?! I'm not gonna spent extra $ on groceries just to get to next hundred.

Joseph Gandolph

May 24, 201803:09 pm

Well I went ahead and got the King Sooper rewards card from mastercard. This was suppose to get me $.25 off each gallon for the first year if I use the card to buy the gas. I had 700 points, figured I would use 100 points to qualify for the $.25 per gallon. It only gave me a $.10 per gallon discount. NOBODY at the store could help me. This is a BS program if you can't make it work. I will keep on trying, but eventually I will cut up the stupid card...

Glenna Ann Rufo

May 9, 201809:49 am

How much must I spend to get the number to apply for fuel points? I spent 8.00 today and no number. Also can i use a receipt from Sunday and not apply for points on my weekly day of Tuesday?

jeanette shaw

May 6, 201809:01 am

I need all the point I can to save gas

Michael McCracken

April 30, 201808:51 pm

I hate to call Kroger a thief but there's no way that whoever is in charge of the fuel point system can be so stupid as not to know about the untold dollars they steal from customers that don't know how the system works. I think it gets worse every time they upgrade the system. It's got to be confusing on purpose or else they really are stupid.


April 24, 201801:44 pm

Why are points not rolled over to the next month? There are times when I have less than 100 points and I can’t use them. It would be nice to be have the chance to use any leftover points. Please consider allowing points under a certain amount to rollover. Thanking you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.


April 12, 201804:26 pm

WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I've been reading the comments on here and WOW! Seems like we all hv the same issue/problem Has ANYONE here get any answers? Anyone contact them via at least email??? Wiw.... And how about our money spent in KROGER pharmacy?? Yeah! We use our card and dznt matter bc they don't let it count! Why not?. Anyone hv ideas/suggestions?? Thanks, Another upset Kroger shopper (unless I switch bk to WalMart bc they're CHEAPER....DUH....)


April 12, 201804:18 pm

I wished SOMEONE st ANY Krogers would've explained this points/gas thing better. I now, after doing surveys/regular shopping@the Conway,AR store. ...becsuse I've apoarently been LOSING GAS POINTS aLOT!!!! I was under the impression thst I had 100points to use TOTAL but when I check my survey after getting lime only $10 in gas so I could filll-up on wknd, they are GONE! VAMOOSE! SCIANARRA! Seriously????? Soo... I only hv time to grab a few $$'s on way to wrk but I'll fill up on day off..dznt wrk that way...either use@one time or LOSE THEM. PERIOD! (mad face goes here!!!!) I've lost 1000's of gas poibts=MONEY!!! I was just at Krogers getting gas and I THOUGHT I had enough enough to grab $20 but NNOOOOOOOOOPEE!!!! Thank you Kroger STAFF for "ALLOWING " this ridiculous craziness of ppl spending and spending to SAVE $$ somewhere else when in reality, we spend but LOSE!! PLZZZZ EXPLAIN THIS BETTER. EASIER. NO SMALL PRINT . A VERY LOYAL but ANGRY ANGRY shopper who is willing to pay (sometimes if not on sale)above other store prices and hoping to save on the "bundle/gas rewards"..... and the location I use doesn't even ALLOW the money spent@pharmacy to go onto the "REWARDS (fuel points) Why cannot the CASH spent@pharmacy be counted on "rewards"???????? ~~Patty~~ (Conway,Ar) (Oak St location) ***VERY LOYAL customer here and I'm thankful for the super friendly /helpful/know me by name employees here. I DO NOT mean anything said here as bad towards any employee. They are GREAT! HAPPY with these ppl here.other stores need to be like them*** Suggestion plz? Who can I talk to about this lack of explaining when I called the 1-800 number??

John woods

March 12, 201810:47 am

The last three surveys I received only has five ID so I am unable to enter To claim my polnts. What do you suggest as a solution?


March 6, 201812:10 am



March 2, 201802:07 pm

Whenever I use my kroger points at Shell, I receive JUST 10 cent discount, even when my point balance is 500. What gives???

Ralph Hernandez

February 26, 201808:33 am

Why give up to 35 gallons if you can only get one fill up. Are there that many autos with 35 gallon tanks ? Or is this justa come on?


February 19, 201803:41 pm

Question If you do a Kroger receipt survey on say February 1 can you do another one on February 8 or do you have to wait for February 9?

Merry Schroeder

February 12, 201809:49 pm

I have a coupon for 250 points and can redeem them you show no where on any sight. It said 250 fuel points are waiting for you just go to Kroger.com /freefuelpoints !!!! Where can't find it, this must be a joke. I shop at Kroger once a week and between $150.00 a week up to $250.00 a week. I am a loyal customer but your system on trying to redeem this coupon really sucks. Thank you M.Schroeder

Julie M Salem

February 13, 201807:25 am

Please someone answer this comment!

Priscilla Killens

February 12, 201806:02 pm

Just do away with the fuel points and lower the price of groceries and fuel. Just think of the money it would save you and your customers!

Charles beagle

February 11, 201804:34 pm

We got gas on Feb. 6th and planned on using our Jan. fuel points 591 instead it took our Feb.points of 800. We are very upset,we had just bought gift cards at 4 times fuel points so by the end of the month we would have a dollar a gallon off for March. This is very upsetting and we feel like you should add the 800 points back on.

Charles beagle

February 11, 201804:25 pm

My husband and I are very upset We got gas Feb. 6th and had 591 one points from Jan. which we wanted to use,but instead it took our 814 points that we were going to add too, to make a dollar off in March. We bought Gift cards that we wouldn't have bought at 4 times fuel points. I tried calling a # they give me at our Kroger and couldn't talk to anyone. I feel like our 800 points should be added back to our card. We had no idea that Kroger would do this,so please add the back!!!

Carol Berning

February 2, 201801:10 pm

i appreciate the Kroger Fuel point system, but think the policy of not allowing points to roll over is a lost opportunity for Kroger! As another poster has mentioned, its hard to know which month of points they will take from when getting gas, so often they had used my "newer" points when that total exceeded my "older" points...and I ended up losing a lot of hard earned points (yes...I selected "use other amount". It shouldn't be so hard and it is VERY frustrating to lose points this way! I've also had a situation where we've been travelling at the end of the month and had no way to use accumulated points and they get lost that way (not a big deal if its only a few hundred, but not good if its over a thousand points!) I also don't like the idea of "odd amounts" being lost at the end of each month. For example, if you have 587 points you will lose the 87 moving into the next month. I know I could track them and go to Krogers on the last day of every month to spend more dollars, but that can't always happen....and shouldn't have to. I'm not happy with this system at the moment...what would be the problem with just letting the points all be in one big group to use when needed...it wouldn't allow Kroger to avoid giving earned rewards I guess...but it would earn then lots more customer satisfaction.

Nicole Reid

January 18, 201810:50 pm

I had 387 points, but only 3c came off at the pump. I thought I got 30 c off. What should I do?

Elaine Thomas

February 2, 201802:02 am

Call the number on the back of your card. They are really good at making corrections with added benefits because of mistakes. Do you do their Fry's/Kroger survey every 7 days? I just did mine on a Thursday and will do the survey each Thursday through the month. They give you 50 fuel points just for doing the survey, it doesn't matter the date on the receipt either.. Do you get their emails so you can download digital coupons? Plus every Friday is Free Friday download which you can only download on Friday's but it's good for 2 weeks. You can also text PROMO to 99006 to get the free Friday download item come to your phone.


January 17, 201810:00 pm

How do I redeem 200+ points for fuel at Kroger. I only see the 10c option. Even though I had 246.

Elaine Thomas

February 2, 201802:04 am

Call the # on the back of your Fry's/Kroger card and find out what's up. I have a Fry's who's affiliated with Kroger and they are always great to me.. Do you do their Fry’s/Kroger survey every 7 days? I just did mine on a Thursday and will do the survey each Thursday through the month. They give you 50 fuel points just for doing the survey, it doesn’t matter the date on the receipt either.. Do you get their emails so you can download digital coupons? Plus every Friday is Free Friday download which you can only download on Friday’s but it’s good for 2 weeks. You can also text PROMO to 99006 to get the free Friday download item come to your phone.


December 20, 201707:29 pm

An important detail about the fuel points is that the "Largest available reward is offered at the pump". This means that if one has 400 points available from the prior month and 500 points in the current month, the 500 point discount will be offered at the pump. Using the "Choose a different amount" option does NOT take points from the previous month first it only allows one to use a lesser amount of points from the "largest reward" - which in this case is from the current month. This can be important if the prior month's points are about to expire and/or a limited time offer such as 2x points on groceries or 4x on gift cards is offered. "Covering Up" last month's points with new ones from the current month may leave one with no way to use them before they expire. Bearing that in mind, it may take some planning on when one should use points and/or add points to get the most out of them. However, today I ran into a new situation.... I had more points in the current month (~1900 ) than the prior month ( ~1050 ), so like in the example above my prior month's points were covered up. The pump offered me a $1.00 discount, which I expected and took, but when I checked the point balances later it took those points off of the prior month even though it had less points. This was fine with me of course, since they were closer to being expired, but they were taken off the lower point balance which was unexpected. I am assuming it was because both months had an equal reward of $1.00, but whether one can count on this always happening isn't clear.

Steve Redden

December 26, 201706:58 am

Hey G, you got 1900 points shoulda got a little past 2000 to get the $1 off twice. Earlier in the year I got 3000 or 4000 points per month to use and yes I fueled 3 or 4 times the next month to get the $1 fuel every time. Last month I got 1000 points and this month 2000 points, so easy. Any questions?


December 9, 201704:38 pm

Hi. What can I do with any less than 100 remaining points of previous month? So, currently for example I have 30 points left from Nov. It is not enough for the 10c discount obviously. Can I roll it over? Can I do anything at all with these leftover points? Thanks.

Elaine Thomas

February 2, 201802:06 am

No the points to don't roll over and continue to add up each month. Whatever fuel points you have at the end of each month are good for all of the following month. Do you do their Fry’s/Kroger survey every 7 days? I just did mine on a Thursday and will do the survey each Thursday through the month. They give you 50 fuel points just for doing the survey, it doesn’t matter the date on the receipt either.. Do you get their emails so you can download digital coupons? Plus every Friday is Free Friday download which you can only download on Friday’s but it’s good for 2 weeks. You can also text PROMO to 99006 to get the free Friday download item come to your phone.


November 11, 201708:20 pm

I have 116 fuel points from oct 2017 (expire 11-30-2017) and 208 fuel points from Nov 2017. Went to a Shell on 11-11-2017 and was only given the option for $.20/gal. What about the $.10/gal from Oct which are still valid? What is the policy for multiple months? What month points are offered at the pump first?


November 19, 201705:56 am

they offer u the biggest discount first, after u use the .20 off...the 116 will still be there, your 208 will go to 8


October 13, 201705:09 pm

Just received 30 cents off a gallon making it 1.87 per gallon.

Millie Ratclmiff

October 3, 201709:18 pm

I want to get my extra fuel points


September 17, 201709:11 pm

Do fuel points roll over to the next month or do u have to use them all at once?

Jim Atkinsin

October 6, 201702:19 pm

I find the fuel point redeeming process confusing. Our receipt shows we had 141 fuel point for September and that they would expire on the last day of October. However, when we started to redeem them, they did not register on the pump. Can you please give me some information how we are to redeem our points, or are the September point lost on the last day of September? Need some help, this seems to be a common problem with patrons. Thanks

Steve Redden

December 26, 201706:38 am

Jim Atkinsin 141 points you said, my question is why not have 1041 points or 2041 points? It's so easy at kroger, just track your points in the free kroger app and when you need a points boost get gifts cards you will use. You may like to go out to eat sometime well get a restaurant gift card and the points double everyday and sometime can 4x the amount on the gift card. Also for lowes or a cellphone card. Any questions search me on facebook Steve Redden in Beckley WV. Thanks

F. J. Thomas

December 5, 201712:44 pm

Very confusing, if not totally contradictory! I had 185 points in November which were to expire December 31st. When I spent $111 on the 3rd of December my receipt indicated my balance was 111 points. What happened to my unused 185 points?

Steve Redden

December 26, 201706:39 am

Thomas it's posted as separate months on your points, Ask me anything on points.

Charlotte Lewis

August 25, 201706:00 pm

Fuel points are not added together - so 187 from previous month will not be used? Why? When we got fuel they asked do you want to use them all and we said yes but the leftover from the previous month was untouched and therefore will be wasted. Why?

Mary C.

August 14, 201702:03 pm

Yesterday I chose option #1-"Use All Available Points" I got 40 cents off but only bought about 5 gallons. Shouldn't that have used only 500 points? The station is new and was offering 20 cents off anyway. Later my husband went to fill up and only got the 20 cents off although we had a lot of points left--at least 1000. How did it really work? Can we use points twice in one day in different transactions?


August 9, 201712:47 pm



November 11, 201710:15 am

I agree with you. I wonder why the program is set up that way?

Theresa Cupo

July 14, 201708:42 am

My receipt says I have 1076 fuel points for June. It also says that "This months points expire 7/31/17. Yet when my husband went to fill up he could only use 10 cents off per gallon. What's the story?


August 5, 201706:50 pm

I can tell you that the Kroger Points are definitely legitimate. although there are different Laws and regulations depending on where you live and which gas station you choose. Most states allow up to $1.00/gallon discount, unfortunately for me Louisiana is not one of them here we can only get 10 cents per gallon per fill up(35 gallon mx). Kroger gas stations will allow to use as many points as your local laws allow. Most Shell stations only allow the 10 cent discount.


July 25, 201702:04 pm

Same thing happen to us last night at the Monroe Michigan Kroeger, we had 755 points for June to use by the end of July. So husband went to fill up and entered the 70Cents in the #2 position and it gave us 10 cents off. Where the hell is the 60 cents that remains. We have 90 cents for July, probably loose that too. This is a scam.


July 5, 201707:46 am

I know I have the points I have the digital 2x coupon on my card. I buy my gas @ a Shell that honors the Kroger card and all I ever get off is 10 cents a gallon even after I state at the start that I wish to use say 50 cent off gallon or if I am getting 30 plus dollars worth of I gas I will state I wish to use the full dollar off pre gallon. My car is very hard on gas I avg about 4 to 8 miles a gallon so saving money is must and out of all the gas stations in my town this Shell's gas get the best mileage avg is 8 to 11 miles. Not much every little bit counts


July 22, 201709:52 am

Shell limits how much you can save per gallon so you can redeem only 100 points at a time with Kroger Fuel Rewards. Read the fine print. The information is there if you would read.

Mello, Lou

June 27, 201706:07 pm

What do I do when I drive up to a Kwick Shop gas pump to get my fuel points? Can you explain step by step?

Kay McCoy

June 22, 201707:42 pm

It is still better to get your gas at Speedway. Points accumulate from month to month and you can get fantastic gifts with the points.

Bob A.

June 22, 201705:28 pm

Can someone please tell me why Kroger /Ralph's limits the rewards to $.20 max. in So. California? There are fuel centers so it's not that. I cannot get a straight answer. I do know that in Tennessee it's unlimited. I'm fairly certain it's our state laws but I believe it's not limited in No. Cal. could be wrong.

Joe W

June 20, 201708:10 pm

If I earned 400+ fuel points in June, can I use them in June or do I need to wait until the month is over? Seems like when I wanted to use the points I earned the same month I wanted to use them, they were not available.

Alex A

July 1, 201701:06 am

Hello Joe, just an average customer here but you get your fuel points immediately and they expire at the end of the month, lets say I earned 500 fuel points in June (50 cents off a gallon) I have to use them in June or they expire after June. You get them immediately though, you can spend $500 on one shopping visit and drive straight to the gas station afterwards to use them. It will show on the bottom of each receipt or if you have the Kroger App how many points you have.


July 8, 201704:35 pm

If a customer earned 500 fuel points in June he/she has until the end of the following month when they expire....Points do not expire at the end of the month the points were earned.


November 11, 201710:18 am

Keeping up with your points and tracking your savings is much easier if you have the Kroger app on your phone. This will tell you how many points you have, when they expire and how much money you've saved YTD

Tina Dudzik

May 11, 201708:07 pm

If I earn 900 fuel points in April, do I need to use them before May 1st? Do I need to redeem them in the same month I earn them?


July 8, 201704:37 pm

to answer your question. you do not need to redeem the points in the same month month you earn the points.


May 11, 201708:48 pm

No they go towards next month's redemption. :)

Chris Axtman

May 1, 201704:07 pm

If I make a purchase the last day of the month but survey completion required within 7 days so it falls into following month, will those 50 bonus fuel points be applied for month of purchase or month of survey completion? Looking forward to response, thank you.


June 16, 201702:36 pm

date of purchase, not date of entry.

Diane Sedberry

May 1, 201701:04 pm

I show on my Kroger receipt of 4/23/17 that I have a total of 388 points this month and it expires the the 31st of May. I got gas today and my savings was only thee cents. I do


April 30, 201704:46 pm

OK so as a kroger fuel center employee a quick Google search concerning an incident that just happened moments ago led me to this site. Let me tell you how kroger truly feels. I did not know how irresponsible and unreasonable you people who use gas stations/fuel points/gas points of any kind, were until I worked for one, this is my first time doing a job like this. Some of you folks are just a walking hazard. One of the first things we are shown in training is how easy it is to start a fire by switching cars while fueling, filling gas cans/mowers on flat beds, and smoking at the pumps. Actually Im sure years ago we all watched videos on that kind of stuff during drivers ed as well. On behalf of all has station employees I'll say that we could care less about you using your fuel points. In fact you can just take your receipt into the customer service area and they can give you the monetary difference of lost points it's no big deal. What we don't want to deal with are people like this lady who just used her $1 off while fueling multiple cars and getting gas all over the ground. Of course she got startled and put the nozzle back in the pump which in turn made the pump think she was done fueling. She then had the nerve to complain because the pump switched off and accused me of trying to steal her discount. She was lucky she didn't cause a major incident. Once she was done ranting, and getting her husband involved after I said she could have started a fire, I just gave her back her receipt and said go to customer service they can give u the money for the points. Which they did in less than 5 minutes. STOP BEING CRAZY JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T STARTED A FIRE YET DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN PUT EVERYONE ELSE AT RISK.


April 26, 201711:11 pm

We park on opposite sides of the pump so there is no need to move vehicles. The hose reaches both cars just fine.

Michael B

April 2, 201702:25 am

Yes I went to fill my truck up to day with the $.90 off per gallon I've been saveing all last month. And the pump shut off at 25 gallons instead of 35. Are they changing the limit now. If so I would like to know where and when it was posted that you are.


April 13, 201707:06 pm



June 16, 201702:39 pm

if kroger is running a 4x points promotion then yes you do. however you can not use the card to get 2x points off of groceries.


April 28, 201711:11 pm


Yolanda King

February 6, 201709:34 am

Hello,my points dose not rollover. Even though it states on the receipt that I have until the end of the following month to use my point. I have lost many points. This is frustrating and at times embarrassing at the pump. I asked the store clerk who stated, the points are supposed to rollover.


March 11, 201709:18 pm

You can only use 1,000 at a time. Plus if you have over 100 pts at the end of the month, they will rollover to next month in a separate point "account" that you can use. It's always wise to ask for a point balance check from the cashier (if they can do this at your gas fill up station) so you know if you have some from the month prior that you can use before you lose them. Also sometimes the most frustrating things (even for us employees at the gas stations) is that the register doesn't let you know which month the points are from so I like to ask or do a point check for a customer before they get the gas that way they aren't using the current months points that they could still be adding to, to get a bigger discount


January 25, 201705:29 am

Is there a way to check exactly how many points you have on your card?


January 25, 201701:18 pm

Points should be on the bottom of your receipt. Also, the Kroger app is great! Click more on bottom right, then Rewards shows balance from last month & current month. Great digital coupons too! Since my gas tank is small, we try to time it for my husband & I both to get gas to maximize the 35 gallons. Just don't hang the pump up and the other person move the vehicles.


February 9, 201705:15 pm

Just use a fuel can in your trunk for the remaining fuel you can't put in your vehicle :)


January 27, 201710:00 pm

Angela, I have been doing the same thing for some time now. But today I was told today by a Kroger CSR in the W. Va. Call Center that we are not supposed to be filling more than one vehicle per transaction. She said it was because of the fire danger of moving the fill nozzle from one tank to the other tank. I asked her for the written policy for that but she seemed unable to provide it exactly and instead referred me to something on the Fred Meyer website about only fueling one vehicle. However there is nothing on Kroger's website about it. I think the policy is for a way to cheat us out of maximizing our fuel savings than it is to prevent fires. Just another "smoke & mirrors" game. Here's your reward. Oops, now it's gone. Sorry.

J. Michael Kimbley

January 11, 201701:59 pm

Would be nice if there were replies to these questions and comments, i.e. - do you lose the points if you only use 13 gallons to fill up? Can you come back next week and get 13 more gallons? Do the points expire each calendar month? Can you "stack" points with a friend?


January 20, 201708:11 am

Yes you lose the remaining points. No you can not come back next week to redeem for 13 more gal.No you can not stack with a friend. I always try to wait until my tank is near empty and take gas cans with me. You can get up to 35 gal. on one transaction.

Tink Toy

December 31, 201603:30 am

If you have $1.00 off fuel and it is good for 35 gallons in one session and you only get 15 gallons, do you lose the 20 gallons at $1.00, or do you still have those points?


June 16, 201702:41 pm

no more points and you loose 20 gallons

Betsie Pendarvis

December 30, 201606:25 pm

So I've got 46 points good till the end of this week and 480 points good til the end of next month. Can I use 100 points (clear out December and use some of Jan's which are available to me now) and save the rest til later in Jan?


February 24, 201708:01 am

Nope, points do not combine. There is no way to use those 46 points, they are lost. If you had 146 points you could still use a 100 of those points for .10 cents/gal., but anything less than 100 points in a previous month is cannot be used and is lost.


December 30, 201612:45 pm

OK, Never redeemed points before, so I have my receipt and I walk up to the gas pump. Whats next?


June 16, 201702:42 pm

follow the pump prompts or as the attendant for assistance


December 18, 201604:09 pm

So what I understand from my Reading my 4,000 points is awesome!!! But the other 3,000 points are a complete freaking waste because you can only ACTUALLY used 1,000 points!? What a waste those scumbags!


May 28, 201702:28 am

If you have 4,000 points, you can fill up 4 times and get $1.00 off each time. If you earned them all & only used 1,000 this month, the remainer rolls over to next month. You only have the current and the next month to use them.


December 13, 201605:21 pm

I've used my points in Arizona, too. Apparently Kroger, City Market, and Fry's all use the same gas points!

Diane Wright

December 13, 201606:17 am

Do they expire?


June 16, 201702:45 pm

Fuel points earned in the current month will expire at the end of the next month. Fuel points do not combine across months. Each month is a separate accumulation period. Fuel points earned in separate months cannot be combined in the same transaction. Click here to view a fuel point expiration chart.


December 12, 201609:51 am

Can you use half of your Kroger fuel points or when you use any of the points do the all disappear


June 16, 201702:46 pm

At Kroger affiliated Fuel Centers , to use a portion of your fuel points, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) and enter in an amount equal to or less than your total discount available. For example, if you want to use 100 fuel points, enter 10 to receive 10¢ off per gallon. Each increment of 100 fuel points equals a 10¢ per gallon discount. This option is not available at Shell gas stations.


December 9, 201605:21 pm

I have 207 points from last month. This month i have 400 points. How do I use the 207 points this month? I've had problems in the past with the gas station taking the points from the most recent month.


June 16, 201702:48 pm

to use point amounts greater than 100 from prior month's fuel total, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) when prompted. Enter in an amount equal to or lower than your prior month's total (savings amount displayed will be greatest amount you can save when filling up). For example, if you have 200 unredeemed fuel points from January and 300 fuel points in February, the display will show that you can save 30¢ per gallon. However, if you change the amount to 20¢, these will come from your January total, leaving you 300 points from your February total. Amounts will come from prior month's total first if available. Amounts entered greater than what is available will round down, taking the highest amount.

pam marden

June 30, 201706:08 pm

liar liar, fuel on fire,,, that doesnt work,, just got done at kroger fuel in davison, mi. did exactly that and it took it off of my higher next month july points,, not the june points i wanted to use right now,, good luck with that,,, i think its all a scam

Barbara souder

October 19, 201607:37 pm

I spent $85.00 Tuesday at Kroger I had a coupon for 400 points for a $100.00 spent so I didn't get to use my coupon and it expires 20th I didn't have time to go back an get something else. I see you have lower amounts now how do I get one

donna murray

October 6, 201609:52 am

Does shell let you get more than .10 cents a gallon off now? Because I have gotten bad gas at 2 different Kroger's and tired of having to repair my car


June 16, 201702:48 pm


Bonnie Christenson

September 29, 201606:57 pm

I have king sooper points ft colorado can I use them in ks ok oor tx. Leaving tomorrow and got a full tank. Thank ypu


September 11, 201601:29 pm

I can't find the current digital coupon for 4x fuel points on gift cards. Offer was to start today. Please help


January 29, 201606:29 pm

I also got 500 free fuel points today when I was checking out at the store. Nice!


January 29, 201604:32 pm

Last weekend I used my fuel points and got gas for 33 cents a gallon in Fort Wayne, IN. Thanks, Kroger!

Brenda Short

January 29, 201608:21 am

So their is no where in Logan WV. To use the gas points.


January 29, 201602:54 am

you can only redeem $.10 per/gallon at shell stations. To my knowledge there are no shell stations that allow you to use more.. we frequently get this question and the togetherness of the post seems to imply that some shell stations do! Also, not all gift cards give 2x fuel points.. Ex. Kroger gift cards actually provide zero as you earn the points when you spend the gift card.

Julie Kroger

January 28, 201608:43 pm

You can redeem more than $1.00/gallon -- just not in the same purchase. So earn 1300 points, you can use $1.00/gallon on one trip to the gas station; and use 30 cents the next time. Or split it however you want. I've had months with more than 2000 points.

Katha Webster

January 28, 201607:29 pm

I got 500 fuel points as well.


January 28, 201607:09 pm

Love what you do but must correct one thing - federally funded (i.e. medicare) prescriptions get the dollar value - so if your Rx is $7 you get 7 fuel points. Your friendly Kroger Pharmacy employee :-)


January 28, 201608:17 pm

Whoopsie!! Totally a typo! Thank you for catching that...just corrected. :)


January 28, 201609:47 pm

Do all regions give the fuel points on prescriptions?


January 31, 201610:27 pm

I'm not sure - definitely Cincinnati


January 28, 201605:37 pm

I got an email from Kroger today that said I've been rewarded with 500 fuel points!! As a thank you for being on of their best customers over the past year. #FuelTheLove


January 28, 201604:24 pm

I also get fuel points by bringing in my own bags....which is extra nice bonus for both of us.

Pam Davis

January 28, 201603:34 pm

I don't know if City Market does to all card members, but just this week City Market/Kroeger gave my card 509 fuel points for being a loyal customer. Going to use them all!


March 31, 202010:10 am

Yeah right, dumbass is going to use the remaining nine points.

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