Dates Unknown | Right Guard Xtreme Antiperspirant/Deodorant
Buy (2) = $1.50 OYNO

Update:  The $4.99/2 coupon is BACK (but hurry to print before it disappears again) + the Catalina is STILL printing.  We tested it this morning!!

Not only do we have SUPER HIGH value Right Guard Xtreme coupons but we also have a Catalina generating. Make sure to print up the $4.99/2 and/or the $3.50/2 coupon and pay as low as $0.45 per each.  You are saving OVER $3.00 per stick which is kinda awesome.

I do NOT know the dates of this Catalina but it's definitely printing today at Kroger. If you have a printout, would you please send it my way?

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July 21, 2017

I used the digital and it worked perfectly. Then, I used the paper coupon and it did beep, but the cashier fixed it. Free deo! Yay!


July 21, 2017

Did anyone try to use the $4.99/2 digital coupon and if so did it come off correctly?


July 21, 2017

Problem with this coupon also. It beeped and wanted a dollar amount. Manager said it didn't seem to be a legitimate coupon but took it off anyway and was going to look into this one more closely. I would love to know if it is really ok to use as I have one more.


July 20, 2017

Yes, I had the same problem! The cashier and manager basically accused me of making the coupon. Had comments like "this is fishy, I've never seen one say $4.99." I told them the same coupon can be downloaded to my Kroger card. Still, the manager refused it, handed them back and told me my total. I said you can take them off I don't want them anymore.


July 20, 2017

My coupons also beeped and required a dollar amount. The cashier entered it and then gave a manager approval, and I was good to go.


July 20, 2017

Yesterday on my Kroger digital coupons downloaded 3.50 off two right guard coupon. This morning downloaded 4.99 off two right guard from Kroger digital


July 20, 2017

My cashier scanned my coupon and said it beeped and was wanting a dollar amount put in as if it were a coupon for one free item. I wasn't able to use it. Did anyone else have that problem?? Thanks for any feedback