Many times a 5x Kroger Digital Event and a Kroger Mega Event (like buy 5, save $5) will overlap by one day. I wanted to give you a full explanation as to why and how this happens.

Most Kroger region’s sale cycles run Wednesday through Tuesday; however, the Kroger Central region, for example runs Thursday through Wednesday. So, the coupons won’t expire until Thursday for everyone, allowing that region to have access to the coupons for the duration of their sale cycle. When this happens, you are able to stack both promotions to get some really great deals on the first day of the Mega Event! Everyone except the Central region of course, because their mega sale hasn’t started yet.

Due to the way 5x Kroger Digital coupons are coded, however…you will need to understand what works and what doesn’t work, so I wanted to break it down for you.

  • IF by using the 5x Kroger Digital coupon the price of the item does NOT dip below zero after the mega pricing is deducted, the coupon AND the mega discount will both come off at checkout.
  • IF by combining the 5x digital coupon and the mega savings causes the price to dip below zero (like with the Goldfish) the $1 off per item mega discount will NOT come off…just the coupon will deduct. These will also not count towards your total mega items.
  • REGULAR Limit 1 Kroger Digital coupons WILL deduct along with mega savings as long as the price before the mega discount is as much as or more than the value of the coupon.

Want to learn more about how to shop a Kroger Mega Event? Check out my tutorial and video HERE.

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Jane Starling

February 22, 202010:07 am

I cannot load the coupons for the Kroger Krazy deals---HELP


April 24, 201908:43 am

no idea what a 5X /Kroger is


August 26, 201807:34 pm

If i have a 5x digital cupon can i use it on one single item


April 10, 201807:52 am

idid not get coupons


March 20, 201802:52 pm

OK I am so so confused


March 11, 201801:49 pm

So if I use 5X digital .50 coupon it will take off 2.50 right.


August 25, 201709:10 am

The cheese and ore ida worked for me. The 7 up and goldfish didn't work. This doesn't make sense if 2 out of the 4 worked then I believe they all should have or they should have refunded the money. However, I didn't try for that.


August 24, 201706:14 pm

The 2/4 didn't equate to below zero on the 5X's Digital and still some had issues so not sure of post


August 23, 201705:28 pm

Your explanation is fantastic and totally voids your original post then that there were free goldfish. Because it doesn't work and now you have an explanation. This whole mega and 5x double dip is a ymmv situation. That's the answer.


August 24, 201709:03 am

Thanks lala, but I never posted that the Goldfish would be free. Experience told me that it wouldn't work, which is why I posted this explanation for those who were expecting it.


August 23, 201705:15 pm

Hmmm, all 5x coupons are now gone for me. Bummer!


August 23, 201704:47 pm

No free goldfish. Customer Service said because the digital coupon was $1.00 and the Goldfish are .99 after the 5 it would not take a coupon that is higher than the product price. I had no problem with the PF cookies or Orida fries. Just FYI I have had problems on different occasions with digital coupons loaded from softcoin. Might want to check the organic section for carts on the end cap full of Kashi cereal. Both of our Krogers have Kashi marked down to $1.49 and there is a digital coupon for $1/2, MOM Best cereal was marked down to $.79.


August 23, 201703:00 pm

Here in Tennessee our system does not allow for the mega and digital to work at the same time. So it will be one or the other....but it all depends on the management of the store on how they want to deal with that...and yes it doesnt hurt to ask but yall also need to understand we are doing our job as well and if management says no then we have to abide by that.

Megan D

August 23, 201701:29 pm

My digitals have all changed. No more 5X's anymore, just off of 1 of each of the Mega sale items.


August 23, 201701:08 pm

I tried to do the goldfish and fruit snacks this morning. It deducted the 5x coupon off all items. It only gave me mega event savings on three of the items. I do not understand why it would even give me the 3 when you have to purchase 5 to get it at all. Not only that, but you cant advertise a sale and then not provide that discount. If anything, the coupon should not have worked but the coupon does not say that the item had to be atleast the 1.00 amount even though they were .99. So to not give the mega discount on the 5 items purchased as advertised.... that to me is false advertising. I did go to customer service and spoke with two people who could not help me. I left because I was going to be late for work. Called and spoke to the manager who still had no clue and now have to stop back at the store on my way home from work. If the coupons will not work, then they should advertise the deal that it cant be combined with coupons. There is also nothing about this in there coupon policy. I am a long time Kroger shopper and this has been the biggest disapointment. I was not provided deals as advertised, and the customer service was useless.


August 23, 201701:00 pm

It didn't work for me on the soda this morning at Gerbes (Kroger affiliate). I purchased 20 bottles planning on using both the 5X $2/4 and the mega sale, which would have made them $.29/each. Instead it took off $2 for the first 5 items and $1 for the remaining items, so basically it shorted me $5, which I plan to ask customer service about later today (the guy working there this morning had no clue...).

Ann Duvernois

August 23, 201711:56 am

I got the goldfish - mega & coupon, also on kraft singles mega & coupon made the singles .99, Going back tonight since I have another cheese, goldfish, and I also have the pepperidge farm cookie coupon(i forgot about) & the Ore-Ida potatoes. Also they have Degree or Dove spray on mega sale and the ecoupon worked on those also


August 23, 201711:56 am

So why did the crest coupon work during the last mega sale? It was $2 off on a $1.99 mega sale item or even a $1.49.


August 23, 201712:02 pm

because it wasn't a 5x coupon? at least thats the way i'm understanding it.


August 23, 201711:52 am

Thank you for posting this!! I have had that happen to me before where the 5X digital didn't work with a mega sale and I never understood why. Now I know what to watch for.


August 23, 201711:50 am

If my digital doesn't say "5x" anymore doesn't that mean it will only come off once?


August 23, 201710:31 am

The goldfish didn't trigger the mega sale at my local Fredmeyer either. However, the customer service desk gladly adjusted the price and refunded me the $5. It never hurts to ask. Also, the pepperidge farm cookies were 2.89. So .89 after coupon and mega sale, and the ore-ida frozen potatoes were 2.69 (.69 after coupon and mega sale).


August 23, 201710:29 am

The lady in front of me at the information desk was complaining that the oreida coupon didn't work either. she got the mega event but not the digital coupon. Might want to watch for that too.


August 23, 201710:27 am

Nope. I tried it this morning. After complaining they gave me $5 back but it didn't work.


August 23, 201710:09 am

Is there written info that says this is not allowed or won't come off? Or are you just saying it doesn't come off automatically, meaning we have to alert an employee to do the deduction?


August 23, 201710:06 am

Really useful information. Thank you for posting!


August 23, 201710:00 am

So we can't get goldfish for free??? :(

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