UPDATE: It looks like this Catalina is ONLY generating on the CLEAR body wash, not the creamier ones which explains why many of you were not getting it. We tested it on both and found the same thing, so make sure you grab the clear ones shown in the image above and you should be good to go! 

The Dial Catalina is STILL generating at Kroger and I wanted to give you some updates to prices.  With the coupons you'll still be able to grab bottles for just $0.99 each which is still a super price.

8/6 – 8/23 | Dial or Dial For Men Body Wash items
Buy (2) = $2.00 OYNO

We tested purchasing multiples in the same transaction and we DID get multiple Catalinas, so no need to separate your transactions to ensure your Catalinas print. And remember, Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll!! Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

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August 14, 2017

Do the cats print after you pay or during the transaction? I also have rainchecks, will they still print?


August 12, 2017

So SHOULD the Catalina print for the creamier ones? Wondering if they are actually included & I should complete the Catalina form about them?

Mary Duncan

August 11, 2017

Question. I have a raincheck that'll make my dial 1.99 and then use the $2/2 Q. Will that still generate a Catalina if I use the raincheck?


August 11, 2017

I bought 6 of the Men's body wash in three same transaction 3 days ago in Arkansas & all 3 catalinas printed. Thanks!