Need any sippy cups? Kroger is having a BOGO (buy one get one free) sale on Playtex cups.  Depending on how your store rings these cups up, you'll be paying as low as $1.50 per cup.

If your store rings them up half price/half price OR if they allow a coupon on the free item:

If your store rings them up full price and zero and does NOT allow a coupon the free item:

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Amy S

September 19, 2017

That rebate isn't in my ibotta anymore, but when it was, I think it was for 2ct or larger. Then again, sometimes, the rebates are different for people.


September 18, 2017

This is also a qualifying item for the playtex rebate on Ibotta. I believe it was a $3 rebate and you can claim up to 3


September 18, 2017

Thanks so much for putting all of these deals together!!! :) The coupon showed NLA for me. Maybe I wasn't fast enough. Thanks so much anyways! Stil a decent deal without the coupon.