Purex saved my girl's new pants yesterday.  (Kendra here!) Yesterday I needed to go meet with a couple of people for a video and of course took my 2 year old with me.  While there, my girl found MUDDY PUDDLES.  You know that's Peppa, right?  She was entertained so I thought and may have said out loud, there is no sense in bugging her when she's already a mess.  Long story getting shorter, I came home and immediately put the pants in the sink with water and Purex Detergent.  About 2 hours later the water was brown and the pants were clean.

So guess who is going to buy more Purex Detergent today?  THIS GIRL! Ohhhh! You wanna know the deal? It's on sale for $2.99 for a couple of weeks so with the $1.00 coupons, you'll be paying just $1.99 instead!


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