There’s a new rebate app in town; the Hopster App!

We have a new rebate app to talk about. I know you aren’t new to printing coupons from the Hopster website but NOW they have a rebate app too that will allow us to save even more while shopping for some of our favorite items.

Begin by downloading the app.  The app is available in both the App Store and Google Play.  No one is left out (unless you don’t have a smart phone).

  • Purchase any item under the store you are visiting, like Kroger (of course).
  • Click the + button to activate the rebates you’d like to use.

  • Purchase between the dates shown.
  • Upload receipts to app during the promotion period.  Receipt must contain: Retailer Name, Purchase Date, Product Description and Purchase Price.

  • To help process your rebate faster, circle the qualifying item on your receipt before submitting.

Download HERE

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October 18, 201703:52 pm

Guess I won’t be using this rebate app since you have to have FB.... Some of us have lives outside of FB and don’t need ALL the FB drama that’s constantly posted....


October 18, 201710:24 am

What's the cost?


October 18, 201710:13 am

Momcat55, great idea about not disclosing info but if you use rebate site, how will you get your $$ ?


October 18, 201709:13 am

I agree with Momcat55. I setup a facebook account (used only for couponing) with a fake name, DOB, address, college, everything about me is incorrect. I guess they could track the ip address. I don't want any of these social site to know anything about me. People I want to communicate with, I simply talk, email or text. I have even ask my family members who use these social sites to never post any pictures of me or my immediate family.


October 18, 201707:17 am

Downloaded the app Unless I'm missing something, the only way to sign in is to do so through Facebeook? I won't use any social media, especially as the app states something about "...we can track you through your FB account" It's a losing battle, but I continue to fight Big Brother


October 17, 201709:41 pm

I wondered the same thing since mine here in Tucson is Fry's? I texted them via the app, but haven't received a response yet :(

sarah scsalise

October 17, 201705:56 pm

Interested, have downloaded the app. But Do since I have a King Soopers and specifically a Kroger do you think my receipt will work for the Kroger?

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