Anyone ready to learn about a new app that can earn you money?  If so, then make sure to download the app CoinOut (as seen on Shark Tank) and start uploading receipts to earn cash back.  You can upload receipts from most stores you shop at like Kroger.  Get paid to shop normally…at ANY RETAILER! It may be just a few cents per receipt but those babies add up quickly!! And with very little time or effort!

You don’t have to find specific deals or take time to see if a certain retailer is on the program. Just snap and earn! Receipts need to be uploaded within 2 weeks of original purchase and include date, retail name, items purchased, bill amount and be readable. The software will cancel non receipts or non readable transactions automatically.

To begin, download the app available on iOS and Android. Take your receipt from a recent purchase and place it flat on an even surface. Press “SCAN” on the app and align the receipt between the yellow lines in the app. Press the button to capture the receipt. You’ll receive an automatic amount of cash back. Make sure to take a clear picture of your receipt – it should show the name of the store, date of purchase and all items purchased. The better quality receipt and picture, the more you’ll earn!

There are a few easy things to get yourself set up to earn more! First, get your referral link from the app in the “share and earn” section. Currently, you’ll earn $0.50 per every verified referral. Second, check the Coupons section of the App for deals, promotions and additional ways to earn some extra bucks. Click the coupons to view the deals. Third, sign up for the EARN by CoinOut newsletter.

All receipts from any retailer with the following information will receive cash back:

  1. Date of Transaction (must be within 2 weeks from upload date and shown on the receipt)
  2. Store Name
  3. Total Bill Amount
  4. Receipt line items with prices
  5. The receipt cannot have been uploaded by your account previously or another account.

If the receipt is not readable, the cash back will not be processed. If the receipt is too long, try folding the receipt to get most of the information in (date, store name and total bill amount).

The following receipts do not receive cash back:

  1. ATM Receipts
  2. Lotto Tickets
  3. Credit Card Slips
  4. Money Orders
  5. Pictures of just barcodes or QR codes

Once you cash out, it usually takes 24-48 hours to process the transaction. Once processed it takes 2-3 business days depending on your bank.

Once you cash out for a gift card, it usually takes 24-48 hours to process the transaction. If processed, you will receive the gift card to your email within a few hours.

Anywhere that gives you a valid receipt like KROGER!!!

The amount is changed daily – tune in each day to see how many you can do!

In the app, press the $ sign button to see available options in the top right.

Are you ready to start? If so…


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Marcia Martin

March 8, 201907:20 am

How do I subscribe to Earn ? Thank you! 6154398469


August 14, 201806:51 pm

Does this app have a limit per week like Receipt Hog did? And if not, is there an expiration date for the receipts?

Sherry Jones

August 2, 201803:04 pm

I've used CoinOut for the last 2 months and I LOVE IT. Super easy to use. Might not be the biggest earner, but you can use it anywhere! They do promotions too that have been nice.

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