I’m so excited to talk to you about Kroger Cash Back.  This is a new rebate program similar to Ibotta (that we all love)!  This is very new to Kroger so it’s still a learning process for me.  I will be learning more and updating as I get more information so stay tuned.

UPDATE AS OF 7/2/19: After experimenting for a couple of weeks, we have some answers to questions, so I wanted to do a video explaining a bit more in depth on how exactly this works!!

In order to find this page, head to Kroger and click the save button at the top of the page and scroll down to “Kroger Cash Back“.

NOTE: This option is currently ONLY available on Kroger.com, not on the Kroger app. 

What are Cash Back Offers and Rewards?

Cash Back is a new program where you can earn money on the items you buy everyday! Simply load the Cash Back Offer to your Shopper’s Card to redeem on qualifying purchases. Once you purchase the qualifying item for the Cash Back Offer, your balance will begin to accrue. You can then cash out your Cash Back Reward to your Shopper’s Card or PayPal account.

What is required to load Cash Back Offers?

To take advantage of a Cash Back Offer, you just need to create an account on Kroger’s account and register your Shopper’s Card. If you don’t have a digital account, click here.

What is required to redeem Cash Back Rewards?

To redeem Cash Back Rewards, you’ll need to log in to your account and cash out your available Cash Back Rewards via Shopper’s Card or PayPal. Please note, other members of your household cannot cash out your Cash Back Rewards. However, if cashing out to your Shopper’s Card, please be advised that other members of your household may be able to use your Cash Back Rewards on their next shopping trip.

How does cashing out my Cash Back Rewards to my Shopper’s Card work?

Your Cash Back Reward earnings can be transferred to your Shopper’s Card and you can choose the amount to load to your card up to $99.99 per day. The Cash Back Reward amount can be redeemed on your next shopping trip. If you do not use the full Cash Back Reward amount in one shopping trip, you can continue to use it in future shopping trips until you use all of the remaining amount. Cash Back Reward earnings cannot be applied to the purchase of fuel, gift cards, alcohol, pharmacy purchases, tobacco products, lottery, money services and fees.

How does cashing out my Cash Back Rewards to my PayPal account work?

Your Cash Back Reward earnings can be transferred to your desired PayPal account as soon as you’ve earned $20.00. Please note, you cannot cash out more than $99.99 per day.

You’ll then head to Kroger and pay for the items and within a week, your account will be credited. Be sure to read the coupon to see how many times you can redeem for cash back in one transaction.

How often can I cash out my Cash Back Rewards?

You are only allowed to cash out once within a 24-hour period for both your Shopper’s Card and PayPal account.

What if my Shopper’s Card number isn’t associated with my digital account?

To associate your Shopper’s Card with your digital account, simply sign in to your digital account, navigate to the My Account page, select “Shopper’s Card” and select “Edit”. Once your Shopper’s Card information has been added to your digital account, you’ll be able to load Cash Back Offers and Rewards directly to your Card.

How does Cash Back work?

  • View and select Cash Back Offers from our website
  • Purchase the qualifying item(s) in-store or online
  • Be sure to scan your Shopper’s Card at the register in the store!
  • Once you have purchased the item, the Cash Back balance will be available for you to cash out.

To cash out:

  • Select the Cash Back amount you would like to cash out
  • Redeem via your Shopper’s Card or PayPal account

How many Cash Back Offers can I load to my Shopper’s Card?

A limit of 150 Cash Back Offers and Digital Coupons per household can be loaded at one time.

How can I view the Cash Back Offers that I have already loaded onto my Shopper’s Card?

After you’ve signed in to your digital account, click the “My Cash Back Offers” tab on the Cash Back Offers page to view the Cash Back Offers that have already been loaded to your Card. Currently, you can only view your Cash Back offers through our website, not our mobile app.

How long does it take until my Cash Back Offers and Rewards are active on my Card?

Cash Back Offers are available as soon as you load them to your Card. Cash Back Rewards are available within a week of meeting the Cash Back Offer’s purchase requirement(s) (after you purchase the product).

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November 11, 202011:33 am

How long foes it take to transfer money to your Paypal account. I cashed out today and it still isn't there. Most places it goes within a few minutes


July 30, 202003:00 pm

Cash Back is now available through the mobile app as well. I've been waiting for this Yay!!. Click Savings. Scroll down. You can see offers, view balances and cash out just like you can using a browser on a desktop. Very nice. Thanks Kroger!


June 27, 202008:53 am

HELP PLEASE! I have used the cashback feature for regular Kroger purchases with no problem, but now want to buy wine and see it listed as PAYPAL only. I have reached out to customer service and scoured the internet with no answers. How do I pay for my adult beverages using PAYPAL???? If I add to cart buy it for pick up, PAYPAL isn't listed as an option for payment and have no idea how to pay in store via paypal??? Anyone else redeemed these offers??? Thanks for any advice


June 29, 202009:34 am

Hi Holly, the PayPal option means that you can only earn your cash back if you transfer it to your PayPal account. It can not be added to your shopper's card to use as payment at Kroger. When you go through the process of redeeming your earned cash back, just choose PayPal and it will walk you through the process. You must have at least $20 to transfer to PP. Hope that helps!


January 7, 202006:02 pm

I have used cashback and have been frustrated. They never give full cash back. They say limit 5 times. I buy 5 if them at one time, but they only give me three times. i also bought 3 times of Yogurt that says limit 5 times. Thwy only give me cashback for one. I called them waited few weeks. They never fix it. Ibotta is much easier and much fewer mistakes. Is there any way we can see the how much you received from the certain product we bought? When cash back piles up we can not check if we really received the cashback or not. If ibotta says 5 times and if you buy 5, they give us cashback for five, but not Kroger cashback, because too many mistakes. Thank you


October 28, 201901:27 pm

Hi Do you know if it is normal for rebates to "be sent to balance" at different times frames. I had two items on the same receipt and only one as been sent to balance (both do show as "redeemed" )


September 7, 201911:17 pm

How can I remove a cash back offer? I am wanting to download more coupons and the cash back offers will not let me remove them.

Jane nguyen

July 21, 201904:29 pm

Has anyone split transactions when there is a limit of 5? If so, does the cash back still show up from the transactions after the first?


July 2, 201912:46 pm

I'm still waiting for $20+ cash back. I've already sent an email to them about the issue so hopefully it will be resolved soon. Will keep you posted


June 25, 201904:56 pm

I'm curious if it will work for me. We have a Kroger affiliate, but I was able to sign up with my card number. Or curious if they will roll this out to all their stores and when. Input appreciated.


June 25, 201903:42 pm

Anyone have luck going to kroger.com to click and load the items but then shop at Pick N Save?


June 24, 201903:47 pm

I tried to use this last week, but I'm still waiting on over $33 of Cash Back. It's 7 days as of today for $31 of that. The no information what to do, where to contact or anything if the money isn't there. I'm returning everything I haven't used for a full refund. Everything I didn't also use Ibotta on since Ibotta has already paid for theirs.

Kristina Corso

June 23, 201903:05 pm

Whatabout pick n save customers?? I use the pick n save app not Kroger. Does it matter?? Thanks

Becky to Campbell

June 22, 201909:56 am

Does anyone know if this works for Dillon's (Kroger store)? I can find the cash back info on the Kroger website, and my plus card is on my account info, but when I look at the Dillon's website, there is no cash back info.


June 21, 201911:19 am

I've been using this for a while now and I really hope as they more forward, they make it available to access from the app. Also, after you redeem a cash back offer and it shows "sent to balance" the cash back offer coupon remains on your account until the expiration date. I have they chance this as well because it clutters up everything and it is taking away from the sure low max digital offers you can load to your shoppers card


June 20, 201905:26 pm

Could not find it on Kroger app or website. I thought I saw it a few weeks ago though. Today, I went to a Kroger affiliate store called Frys and was able to see it and load cash back offers on my Kroger card. Now, to go to Kroger to see if it works.


June 20, 201907:58 am

Some of the offers are up to 5xs. do you have to buy them all in one transaction or can you buy 2 one day and 2 another?

Kathrn K

June 20, 201902:00 am

I don't see a way to print a list of loaded offers or how to pull it up on the app. I could pull up the website on phone prob, but that's more work.


June 18, 201905:34 pm

I have used the Kroger Cash Back and Ibotta. My first two purchases took about two days to load. I am waiting for my latest one to load, it has been five days.


June 18, 201903:42 pm

It’s sometimes shows cb sometimes doesn’t but when I’ve gone to check it still shows I’ve got the cb back I’ve had it do both I don’t know if it was during a test phase or something but still ended up getting it back or shows up under redeemed coupons on website my kroger affli is smiths they’ve had this cash back for months now see it’s showing up on other Kroger affli stores now hurray got some cheap energizer batteries months ago due to this it combined with coupons and the mega sale that’s as going on believe hen Ibotta also worked then not sure if changed or not but think works

Kelli Montoya

June 18, 201902:31 pm

Would love to know if this works WITH ibotta, meaning you get cash back from both.


June 18, 201902:20 pm

J- Where do you see the cashback notated on the receipt? I just bought some items that should qualify for cashback but my receipt doesn't have CB by the items. I loaded the items a few days ago. This would be an awesome program if it works the way it says it will.

Lydia Ellinwood

June 17, 201908:05 pm

I can't see to find it on their website


June 17, 201907:38 pm

Has had this for awhile now I been able to use coupons along with it you get the cash back for buying the item that amount loads then can hit cash out on site when ready to use it for next trip. On recite I’ll notice a cb next to some items that earned cash back so doesn’t come off as store coupon so been able to combine all 3 a store coupon/sale sc then cb and a manufacture coupon. The cash back acts like a rebate for buying the item then cash out later.


June 17, 201906:43 pm

It appears to me that this is more like checkout51 than Ibotta. Since each cash-back offer gets loaded the same as a digital coupon, and as Kroger's stated policy is that you cannot combine digital and non-digital coupons, this would seem to mean that you cannot use both on the same product -- and, in fact, this is what has happened so far to me (twice).

Dawn Tracy

June 17, 201906:35 pm

I can not get to thee app... So

Lorie Montalto

June 17, 201906:06 pm

Does anyone know if the specific item you pick for the cash back program can be used along with a paper coupon at the same time ?

Julie T

June 17, 201904:01 pm

Wish we could load more than 150 coupons at a time. Sometimes the there are 500 or more coupons to choose from so it limits what we can load. A higher limit or no limit would be nice. Also, occasionally I've had less than 150 loaded and it says I already have 150 and won't let me load more. :(


June 17, 201903:00 pm

This should be combinable with Ibotta and digital coupons, shouldn't it?

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