BIG CHANGE to Kroger Mega Events

In the past, a Kroger Mega meant that you HAD TO purchase the quantity of items specified in that particular promo in order to receive the mega sale discount. For example, “Buy 5 participating items, Get $5 off instantly”. You had to purchase in increments of 5 (mix & match) in order to receive the additional $1 off per item. BUT, but…

Did you see this new wording in the Kroger Weekly Ad? Based on customer feedback, A BIG change is coming to our Kroger Mega Events starting on Wednesday, March 18th!  Instead of requiring you to buy in increments of 5, AFTER the first 5 you purchase, all other participating items will reflect the $1 off per item mega savings. So if you buy 6, you save $6. If you buy 7, you save $7.

This eliminates the need to keep count (after 5 items) and fear missing out on your mega savings! You won’t find yourself hiding in a lonely aisle counting your cart full of items to make sure you have multiples of 5. You won’t have to visit customer service to correct the problem because you miscounted. You won’t have to worry if a woohoo item will count as mega or not (because you never know!). I was also thinking that it will make using Kroger Pickup (formerly Clicklist) a lot less risky when they have to substitute mega items.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about this new change?


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February 4, 202108:07 pm

I shop at Fry’s 67th Ave. and Happy Valley are these deals available at that store?

Cristine L

December 2, 202006:27 pm

If you buy online for Buy 5 save 5 items for pick up, does the discount apply right away or you have to pay the full price first then the discount will apply when you pick up the items??


November 16, 202008:11 pm

If I buy 10 or more items last Friday is it permissable to go this Tuesday and buy more of the 10 or more items?


November 13, 202005:56 am

I am so happy for this change. Thank you Kroger. It was hard for me at times to keep exact count . When you are a frugal shopper this is absolutely awesome.

Monica Arriola

November 11, 202004:06 pm

Does this apply to the Buy 10 or more , Save .50 each kroger mega event?


November 11, 202010:03 pm

Monica, it sure does! :)


September 15, 202012:07 pm

This is awesome! Its a pain to keep track and no matter how msny times i count, I'm always off. Some items aren't marked correctly.

Stephanie Fox

August 10, 202006:04 pm

Is this change for all Kroger’s in every state?


July 7, 202009:30 pm

This is welcome news indeed. THANK YOU KROGER!!


May 25, 202009:52 pm

I LOVE Kroger. I won't shop any where else.


May 19, 202005:03 pm

Do you know if Woohoo mark down items qualify for the $1 off when you buy 5 or more?


May 13, 202012:32 pm

Thanks for the update.

Janice Anderson

May 13, 202012:28 pm

Please work out a system for the elder people like my dad with out a computer or a up the date cell phone to help them out with the weekly saving. He is on a fixed income. If l don, t go to the store with him he misses out on savings. He likes he independence.

Anjanette Horn

May 13, 202006:34 am

I'm the person standing in the isle counting items and running back to get one more if I miscounted. This is definitely exciting to me! I love the information you provide us shoppers and the savings you find for us. Keep it up, please! #krogerkrazy fan! ( Not sure that's a thing but it should be!)


May 13, 202012:36 am

So excited for this change! I can't wait and look forward to mega sales coming back.


May 12, 202009:11 pm

I like this change and I am ready for Kroger to get back to their weekend specials And their Friday freebie!


May 12, 202003:50 pm

Thanks for clarifying that! Is there a way to know whether an item is part of the buy5save5 deal when you are buying through the Kroger pickup?

Michelle Bumper

May 12, 202010:07 am

Oh wow thanks for the heads up. I always get confused about the mega deal. This should be easy noe to do tbey deals. Yay!

Terri Robinson

May 12, 202009:59 am

THANK YOU I always mess my order up now I won’t have to worry thank you and I’ll end up buying more items now since I don’t have to keep track


May 12, 202009:53 am

I think that is a great idea. It was such a hassle to try to keep track of how many items were on the buy 5 sale. Thank you


March 25, 202001:31 pm

YAHOO!!! It's about time. I cant' tell you how much time I spent trying to keep track of how many "buy 5" items I had in my cart, then come to find out after checking out that other items unbeknownst to me were included in the "buy 5", throwing the count off. Ugh! Miss the Senior Discount, you should think about bring it back...


March 18, 202011:35 am

I use to carry an extra item (#6) to self checkout. I knew this item was part of the Buy 5, just in case one of my 5 items was NOT. If all 5 items ringed up, I would just leave it. But if only 4 items ringed up, I would ring this last Fifth item. Now I can just buy all 6 items. No more leaving extra stuff on the self checkout shelf =)

Miscy Reeser

March 18, 202012:40 am

Why even have to buy 5 to begin with? Why not just take $1 off each item on sale?


July 15, 202001:21 pm


Robin Chuchuru

March 17, 202009:16 pm

YAHOO!!! I am so tired of keeping track of 5-5-5....thank you! Look forward to this when you have some stock!!!

Pat Walker

June 16, 202007:49 am

This just my opinion if you say $1 doesn't sell as much as having to buy 5 means more sale


March 17, 202009:01 pm

Yes, I like it. Too bad there is no groceries to buy right now. Not just your store but everywhere.

Kristi Lazur

March 17, 202007:26 pm

Thank goodness!!! I am like a person with OCD counting and recounting!


March 17, 202006:11 pm

love it-makes shopping easier

Suzanne Meiring

March 17, 202003:33 pm

That is great news. I always had to count how many I had. Will make it so much easier. Thank you


March 17, 202003:22 pm

Yes, will be so much easier ‼️


March 16, 202008:51 pm

LOVE THIS! Is this all stores?

Sandra Williams

March 16, 202010:40 am

Love it.. Love krogers savings.

Katheryn Livengood

March 15, 202010:14 pm

What a great thought. Whoever came up with that is indeed my friend. THANKS!


March 15, 202010:02 pm

This is awesome. Thanks Kroger!!


March 15, 202009:15 pm

Our Fry's started doing it this way awhile ago! It's great.

Theresa Adkins

March 15, 202007:49 pm

About time


March 15, 202006:37 pm

I'm soo glad of the new policy!!


March 15, 202002:35 pm

It’s about time Kroger made this change, it took me way longer in the store, like you said hiding on isle whatever to do my shopping. Thank, thank, thank you for this change.! Now if they could bring back the 10% discount for seniors, that would be great.

Debbie Lewis

March 15, 202001:46 pm

Thank goodness!! What a pain that was to count all those items!!


March 15, 202012:27 pm

But in this scenario I cannot use 6 additional manufacturer coupons at all if I buy 6 of the same products as they say they cannot honor these coupons as it's only limited to 1 coupon per product. In other case they say it's the kroger policy not to apply more than 5 coupons.


March 15, 202012:24 pm

This is terrific news! I use Kroger pickup often and always have to add notes hoping the employee can figure out what the heck I am talking about, and how to sub in a mega event item, if necessary. I also sent a comment to Kroger customer service in hopes that they can make it possible to shop the mega events in their app as I can't seem to figure it out without reading yur full inclusions list!


March 15, 202010:54 am

Woo! Now I wish they would add something to the phone app to indicate if an item is in the 5 when you scan it. Sometimes my store doesn't have things labeled right when I know they are in the 5 from your lists. I usually have someone check at a register and they are indeed included.


March 15, 202004:13 pm

YES!! This frequently happens to me and I usually have to go to customer service to find out if the untagged item is included. Even the free standing store scanners do not indicate if the item is included. This would be a big improvement.


March 15, 202010:42 am


marvin duffie

March 15, 202010:21 am

Kroger should have done this a long time ago


March 15, 202009:51 am

I love this!!! I don't have to go to customer service anymore!


March 15, 202008:50 am

This really makes me happy, I was the one who had to go to customer service because I miscounted. This works for me. Thanks Kroger for taking care of your customers!

Mary Brooks

March 15, 202008:47 am

This is AMAZING!!!!! Now if they could get the manager of the Batesville, MS store to not be such a butt when it comes to using coupons! She only allows only 1 like coupon per transaction meaning if I have 2 tide coupons and wanna purchase 2 tide detergents, I can only purchase 1 because they're the same coupons. It really sucks!!!!

Margaret H Smith

March 15, 202008:30 am

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am one of those who had to stop and count before going to check out. This is great.


March 15, 202007:26 am

So happy about this . Such a pain to have to make sure when doing a big shop if I’ve got everything right . Or if they have marked it all correctly !


March 15, 202012:13 am

I LOVE this!!


March 14, 202011:15 pm

Love this!!!! Do you know how many times I had to tell Clicklist employees they messed up my 5 for 5 when they substituted an item? lol


March 14, 202011:15 pm

I’m so glad to hear this. Probably will cost me more money. Won’t have to worry about 5, 5, 5. Woohoo!!!


March 14, 202010:39 pm

This is great news! No more going down a not so busy aisle to count my items lol.

melissa Daugherty

March 14, 202010:19 pm



March 14, 202010:06 pm

Great News! I have done all the things you mentioned. Thank you Kroger.


March 14, 202010:04 pm

I love this change! Many times I would not do Kroger Pickup because I didn’t want to miss-count my items or risk a substitution. Also, I thought I was the only one who counted items in an lonely isle .


March 14, 202010:02 pm



March 14, 202009:39 pm

I love the, nest policy! It will save work for the staff too, when people dont count the mega deals quite correctly. It's a smart move by Kroger.


March 14, 202009:35 pm

Yay! This is great news! I may even do Click-List again occasionally now!

Pam Nuss

March 14, 202008:19 pm

Appreciated. I have had to run grab items at checkout to get the discount


March 14, 202008:13 pm

Love this change. There are times items in the inclusion list do not ring up as qualifying items. So if I had 10 B5S5 items and one didn't count, it only would give me $5. That is why I always scan all the B5S5 items first, checking the register to make sure they have the ''<+" next to each item. Those two special characters indicate it qualifies as B5S5. After I verified there was a multiple of 5 of the "<+", I would hit PAY NOW, and verify it reduced my total by the appropriate amount (e.g. $10 or $25, etc). Then I would hit GO BACK and continue with my order for all other items. When my son goes with me, we each have a cart, and one cart is reserved for all the B5S5 items. That makes it easier to count as we go along. Now I don't have to stress when I have 13 items; either put 3 back or buy 2 more. It is nice now that I won't have to keep track of filler items each B5S5 promotion. I won't have to buy as many Goldfish


March 14, 202011:27 pm

Yes to the goldfish!!! I’ve done this soooo many times!


March 14, 202007:58 pm

So will Woo Hoo it’s count or not please?

Kim Johnson

March 14, 202007:36 pm

I LOVE IT!! Thank you Kroger!!

NANCY Goldapske

March 14, 202006:53 pm

Thank heavens. My mother stopped shopping there because of that!


March 14, 202006:43 pm

Love it,I'm always trying to keep everything straight on the 5 for 5 ,which takes me longer to shop


March 14, 202006:18 pm

Thank you Kroger for listening to your customers! I'm sure many people have experienced the frustration of miscounting items.


March 14, 202005:38 pm

It has been like this since January or last month in SoCal I really love it.


March 14, 202005:21 pm

AWESOME!!! Thanks You

Sylvia O'Brien

March 14, 202005:00 pm

a great improvement

mary evans

March 14, 202004:39 pm

Yes!! Thank you!!


March 14, 202004:35 pm

Love it!! No More pulling over in an isle counting or wanting an additional item but having to buy 4 more to get the savings.


March 14, 202004:19 pm

This is great


March 14, 202004:02 pm

Awesome awesome awesome


March 14, 202003:58 pm

That is an awesome change for the customer!

Jennifer H.

March 14, 202003:54 pm

This is a great change. I didn't have trouble getting the correct number of items but I didn't like having to buy something I didn't need just to get to 5 or 10 or 15. If Kroger goes back to the old way, you can keep track of your items by using reusable shopping bags. Just put 5 items in each bag as you are shopping.


March 14, 202003:52 pm

So excited about the new policy!!! LOVE KROGER


March 14, 202003:43 pm

I would give Kroger a big hug and kiss for this, but Corona....


March 14, 202003:37 pm

This is awesome I love Krogers and I live 2 hrs away but I shop there about every other weekend it's worth the drive for me and this will definitely help me I wont be in there forever counting lol and then being mad at myself for being off count and already heading home grrr lol


March 14, 202003:35 pm

This is so awesome!!

Jamie Frost

March 14, 202003:23 pm

Love it!!


March 14, 202003:02 pm

That’s so awesome!! Yes it will make Kroger pickup much easier to do.


March 14, 202002:59 pm

That is great news. Saves me a lot of time trying to decide what sixth item to put back until next time. Conversely, it would be nice if Kroger also tracked your purchases (B5S$5) from visit to visit. This would be useful if you stopped in to buy an item that was a qualifying item but wasn’t prepared to find 4 additional items. Next visit you only need to purchase 4 or more items.


March 14, 202009:53 pm

Would be a coding nightmare. Anything crossing multiple visits is. Also, let's say you buy 4 and that is all you need during trip#1 Then you go to the store the next day (trip#2) and buy only one item, Goldfish $1.99 that is part of the B5S5. So it would charge you 99¢ for that one item, but then also try to give you the $4 you were 'banking'. Their whole system is set up to not be upside down at the end of a transaction. This will never happen. And then there would be no way for customer service to try to help you out since the question you have is concerning multiple shopping trips. One of the benefits of the change they are putting in is probably an attempt to lighten the load of customer service adjustments, and your suggestion would make it much, much worse.


March 15, 202001:10 pm

Rick, I would like to thanks you for such an awesome response to this request. So many people think it should be to handle, but don't realize the limitations that are imposed.


March 14, 202002:56 pm

This is awesome news! Yes, I was that person counting and recounting my items, to then pick something up in the Manger's Special aisle that would make me start all over again! Great job, Kroger! Thanks for hearing us.

Virginia S Carter

March 14, 202002:55 pm

Yes thank you!


March 14, 202002:29 pm


Joyce Gould

March 14, 202002:24 pm

I love the new change. I have always had to keep counting my items to make sure I had enough. Sometimes I have miss counted. Love this.


March 14, 202001:46 pm

Love this change! Yes I am the person who tries to keep the mega saving items in a separate corner of the cart and frequently counting to make sure I have the correct amount! This will be so much easier!

Brian Berger

March 14, 202001:43 pm

About time. Nothing worse than finding you have 9, 14 or 23 items.


March 14, 202001:36 pm


Karen Moxley

March 14, 202001:33 pm

I know Kroger employees will love this as much as we do. The customer service person told me it drove them nuts making adjustments for miscounted items.


March 14, 202001:33 pm

It's a no brainer-literally!!

Meg Ryan

March 14, 202001:23 pm



March 14, 202001:15 pm

Love this idea so excited I always had to run and get an extra item or always had to count multiple times to make sure every item I had was part of the sale no more worries yeyyy

Betty Kenney

March 14, 202001:14 pm

Do not like new "coupon" offerings. Prefer the old method, much easier to mark and use. Do like new "5 for 5" pffering.

Debbie Bibb

March 14, 202001:08 pm

I love this idea. It’s great news. I’ve many times miscalculated and has messed up my whole everything from too many to over spending what I didn’t have to spend. So this is perfect. Thank you for looking out for your customers. Sincerely Debbie


March 14, 202001:07 pm

I love this changes I don’t have to worry if I got more than five and waste time counting my items.


March 14, 202001:07 pm

this is great news , and the scenarios you listed were spot on , !

Colleen Eckman

March 14, 202001:02 pm

Lovin' this. I have wasted so much time counting and re-counting the items in my cart! No longer will it be a problem!

Julie Ryan

March 14, 202001:00 pm

I LOVE this idea bc I’m one of the customers who finds a spot to count my “5 items” multiple times and usually still ends up one short in checkout. I hold up the line to run and find another “buy 5, save 5” filler item. LOVE this...


March 14, 202012:55 pm

Wonderful !! Just last week I had 5 items in the mega sale $1 off each item - but one was a woohoo. A manager immediately removed the woohoo item & substituted one of my mega items that was about the same price as the woohoo item. Fixed & I was so happy !! Now I can buy more mega & not worry with counting!!


March 14, 202012:54 pm

This is awesome news and I am all of the above. Thank you for all you do. Very much appreciated.

Nancy Blair

March 14, 202012:52 pm

This is a great change!

Kay Warthman

March 14, 202012:50 pm



March 14, 202012:48 pm

I love the idea of buy 5 or more! Way to go Kroger!

Amanda Flowers

March 14, 202012:45 pm

This will be great I don't know how many times my items have been miscounted either by myself or something on their end.

Eugenia Garrido

March 14, 202012:38 pm

Yes. Everything you have mentioned is me. I go to an isle where theres no high traffic and count my items before heading to checkout. Ometimes I miss an item when I thought I had 5. Especially when I have my kids they are a distraction. I'm excited for this new change. That's just me.


March 14, 202012:35 pm

This is great news! Now if they would just start allowing the unused fuel points roll over at the end of the month... :)


March 15, 202006:26 am

I am hoping that this month, they will let points roll over because of people not going out because of Corona.


March 14, 202001:34 pm

Yes girl! We can only hope!!

Polly Ester

March 14, 202012:31 pm

Excellent news in a world that seems otherwise to be falling apart. It’s the little things like this that makes me appreciate Kroger customer service. Our Kroger last night was about cleaned out.

Teri Robinson

March 14, 202012:26 pm

Thank you thank you thank you always having to count and I always miss one


March 14, 202012:26 pm

Awesome! This is much better! Thank you Kroger!

Charlotte A Lammers

March 14, 202012:24 pm

I love it. I end up back in the store every week. I shop only once a week and purchase everything I need (and probably more). I hate having to count everything in my cart and separating them. I never complained but I am glad enough customers did.

Ellen Ferrell

March 14, 202012:23 pm

Yay!! This will help me from visiting customer service so often!

Linda Warren

March 14, 202012:22 pm


Shenell Laster

March 14, 202012:20 pm

This is great news!!! Yes, it was me hiding in a lonely aisle counting my cart. LOL

Molly Jo

March 14, 202012:18 pm

VERY excited!!


March 14, 202012:18 pm

I LOVE it!! I was one counting my stuff out in 5' so I wouldn't miss getting that extra dollar off!! Thanks Kroger!!

jenny johnson

March 14, 202012:16 pm

So does that mean also on the Mega that if I purchase, for example; 53 items as long as it's under buy 5 and over 5 items that I can take a $1 off each item over 5??? I'm sure the items would have to be over $1, wouldn't it? Might be a silly question but had to ask?


March 14, 202007:58 pm

Jenny, it is not completely clear to me what you are asking with your first question. Bottom line is on the B5S5, if you purchase 4 or under items from the list, there is no discount. If you purchase 5 or more, you would get $1 off each of those items now, even if not in multiples of 5.. So if you had 60 total items, and 53 of those were included in the B5S5 promotion, you would get $53 off your order. Regarding your second question, as a general rule Kroger does not allow a moneymaker by using DQs, or even when manually adding MQs. However, I believe B5S5 discounts are not considered coupons. Therefore, you can stack those with DQ or MQ. I have never seen an item included in B5S5 that was under $1, but if somehow they did mess that up, I believe it would be a moneymaker.. That being said, I recently found some 'woohoo' Pop Tarts priced $1, they were in the B5S5 that week, and I got all 4 of them for free.


March 14, 202012:10 pm

Glad they are finally going to do that. I shop with my grandchildren and it is hard to keep count. Easy to fix at customer service desk but now won't have to keep track of the count and two children.


March 14, 202012:09 pm

I LOVE IT! I was one in the middle of the isle counting quantities of 5. This really is a game changer and I’m totally in. Kroger for the WIN!

Kay Toungette

March 14, 202012:08 pm

This is so awesome!!!! Thank you Kroger!!!!!


March 14, 202012:05 pm

yes! I have passed over many a woohoo and the occasional freebie not knowing if throw my count way off.


March 14, 202012:04 pm

AND! It'll cut out the backtracking necessary when the count is off! "Excuse me, please, I just need to grab one more (?) to make the quota." Who HASN'T been in that pickle? Yeah!!!

Kimberly Dearing

March 14, 202012:01 pm

This is great news! I can’t count how many times I have one too many or have been one short no matter how many times I’m in the aisle counting and recounting items. Thank you Kroger!


March 14, 202012:01 pm

This is stupendous! I've done all of the above (counting what's in my cart, worrying about Clicklist subs, etc.). Well done, Kroger's! Another feather in your cap! Thank you, KrogerKrazy, for sharing this! ☺

Gloria Beck

March 14, 202012:00 pm

I'm excited for this. Great idea and it will work for me.

Margaret Ramirez

March 14, 202011:59 am

Sounds like a great idea will be shopping more

Wayne Harrison

March 14, 202011:59 am

Excited, I had co.plained a long time age about this problem. But i am glad you rectified it!

Gloria Beck

March 14, 202011:58 am

This is great. I like this idea and it will great for me.

Jane Holloway

March 14, 202011:58 am

I love this! I have often been the one counting, recounting to make sure my numbers are correct!

Ruth Hollis

March 14, 202011:54 am

Please send me the Kroger Deals to my email address : rhollis10@yahoo .com> Thanks Miss Ruth Hollis


March 14, 202012:56 pm

Ruth, I just signed you up. You'll need to click CONFIRM on the email I just sent you.

Mary Orton

March 14, 202011:52 am

Yea! I just had to do that customer service correction a week or so ago. This will make it so much easier, because no matter how well you plan out your shopping trip you know that something will not be available or you will see something you actually need that you didn't realize was part of the $5 off 5 sale. Thank you Kroger. Now the only problem will be if there will actually be product to buy considering the current situation. Please get what is needed or to share with those struggling to meat food needs, but lets not hoard. Be Kind! We are all in this together whether you realize it or like it or not.

Mary Orton

March 14, 202011:54 am

Sorry, that is "meet" not meat, although I guess in some way they could both be true.


March 14, 202011:51 am

I think this is awesome! I am that person in a lonely aisle counting things and watching like a hawk when I check out.

Ashley D

March 14, 202011:50 am

Awesome!!!!! Love it! Thank you for explaining


March 14, 202011:49 am

This is great news. It will save time and sanity trying to keep track of the mega sale items. So excited.

Ronda Mitchell

March 14, 202011:47 am

I love the idea plenty of times I have got caught up too many or not enough


March 14, 202011:44 am

Awesome! This will definitely save me a lot of time. Thank you, Kroger's

Judy Read

March 14, 202011:37 am

This is incredible news!! will save me so much time in the store during mega event weeks.


March 14, 202011:33 am

Best news of 2020...seriously!


March 16, 202011:32 am

when are you and all the other food markets going to do something helpful to Seniors????????? I and millions of other elderly don't want "buy 1 get one "such as BOGO and buy 5 or whatever and get $$ off. It just does not work for us.

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