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Hello friends! I’m Katie. I’m a really happy person. I’m a super positive person. I’m not the “glass half full” type, I’m the “glass is overflowing” type. Sometimes I’m a little TOO positive and some don’t like that. I realize that with recent happenings, me posting Kroger deals when your store is out of stock or you don’t want to leave your house can look like I’m being insensitive to the situation or that I’m not acknowledging what is happening.

The fact is, people still need groceries and essentials. And more than ever, we need to save money. So, I will continue to reevaluate what we post here, while remaining sensitive to the fact, that some of these things may not be in stock. However, keep in mind that just because something isn’t in stock in your store, doesn’t mean that’s the same for everyone. Leaving a negative comment doesn’t really help. Don’t want to go inside the store? Kroger Pickup (Clicklist) may be your new best friend. And if you’re ONLY using Kroger Digital Coupons, try Kroger Ship!

Let’s kick negativity in the butt and spread some goodness. 😍 I’ll start!!

kroger krazy giveaway

I am giving away $25 Kroger Gift Cards to 10 lucky winners! 

The ONLY mandatory entry is to ❶ leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST telling us about a recent act of kindness you did, you experienced or you witnessed happening. Then, ❷ click I COMMENTED on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Winners will be drawn at random on 04/01/20 and announced in THIS post. I will also email winners (check your spam too!) directly. Winners have 48 hours to respond or will forfeit to runner up. Allow up to 6 weeks for prize fulfillment. 

This giveaway is in no way sponsored or endorsed.


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I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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Jamie Rice

April 5, 202012:05 pm

I know I missed out but thought to share my story. I've seen alot of negativity & depressing FB post with friends & family lately & posted a giveaway alittle simular to this Kroger post. The first 4 people that commented they read my post then reposted to spread the love will receive alittle something from me in the mail or porch sometime this yr/month of 2020. Rather it be a book, magazine, sweet treat, gift card, beauty item, ect. This took off & I'm seeing many friends & family spreading the love on FB. I'm sending out 10 care packages this week because I couldn't do just 4 and wanted everyone to spread the sunshine that we all enjoy. Can't wait to hear the feedback!! Eeeeeeekkkkk✌☺


April 1, 202010:44 pm

Thank you for your help .

Susan flowers

April 1, 202007:43 pm

Would love to win the gift card so I could help my sister

Amy Alexander

April 1, 202006:21 pm

my act of kindness was done for us we are. A young wheelchair-bound due to cerebral palsy we are on lockdown in Indiana and for almost two weeks I cannot find stuff because Kroger not having anything such as meat. I had seen a post about a local Bakery that was helping by suggesting two buy for elderly friends and Neighbors I reached out and not only did this Bakery help they went above and beyond bringing us care packages multiple times this week alone all at no charge to us which is beyond a blessing

Jamie R

April 5, 202012:10 pm

Keep spreading the love


April 1, 202005:14 pm

My daughter is a part of the school dance team and their season came to an end quickly and they were unable to go to the state and national competitions. Her coaches spent the day on Monday going to each and every girls house(in separate vehicles) and then had a “dance party” in the front yard and driveway and included my daughter (while everyone was distanced) just so they could see each Other and put a smile on the girls faces! It was amazing!❤️


April 1, 202006:58 am

I shop for people such as elderly or those who cannot get out of the house to get essential items. I also prepare meals package them and deliver to anyone who needs them. All for free because I love my community.


April 1, 202001:34 am

Had some masks and gave them to my elderly neighbors.

Gabriela Padilla

April 1, 202001:31 am

The Laveen community has a pantry for who ever is in need. I dropped off some food.

Jessica Dwork

April 1, 202012:24 am

My neighbors were upset because they couldn't find any disinfecting wipes. They are both physicians and are caring for others all day. When I heard the anxiety and frustration in their words I decided to pay it forward and ran inside to grab some extra wipes that we had. They were so incredibly grateful and I have no doubt that they will pay it forward.

Heather Deem

April 1, 202012:14 am

I'm disabled & when I went through the checkout the lady in front of me noticed I was struggling but even with one of her arms in a sling she helped me unload my cart.

Fabby mart

March 31, 202011:32 pm

Today I encountered a family that was struggling with just the basics. I gave them some of my groceries and a bit of money. I will meet them again to give them baby wipes for their child since they can't find wipes. I sent them to a food bank so I hope they manage.


March 31, 202010:24 pm

I used my last Clorox wipes to clean the "scooter " for an elderly man, so that he could have clean handles. I listened to my 9 year old and put faith over fear. We have taken in someone who is not working and are helping provide food for my mom and sibling. Thank you for continuing with finding the deals to help us save money.

Gayle Sweeney

March 31, 202010:02 pm

Myself and many others in my community are making homemade masks. These masks will be donated to local hospitals, nursing homes and to first responders.

Morgan Forrest

March 31, 202009:41 pm

I started a Facebook group for Arizona called Finders & Seekers of Supplies to help people find what they need. The group has grown to over 1,800 people and their generosity has touched countless lives.

April Wyatt

March 31, 202009:23 pm

My husband’s work just gave each employee $300 to help with expenses during all this chaos. Tomorrow, we are eating lunch at our favorite local restaurant and surprising the owner with a $300 tip. They are currently struggling to stay open right now. My husband is amazingly generous.


March 31, 202009:05 pm

I started a GoFundMe page for a local pizza company as a project for school. They have a “Pay It Forward” program where for a $1 donation kids that need for can stop and get a slice of pizza and a bottle of water after school and Saturday mornings. Our goal was to help feed the 12 kids a day for a month ($250.) We have raised over $4,000 to help feed the 140 people a day, because of the coronavirus he opened it up to anyone who needs something to eat no questions asked.

Deanna Rublee

March 31, 202008:27 pm

My son works in EMS. He has been calling me and telling me how great people & businesses have been. A local barbecue place gave them cards for 10 free sandwiches, pizza places give them free cheese bread when they pick up pizza orders, and others. It warms my heart that while he’s out there risking his health, that others are helping him by giving food and appreciation.


March 31, 202008:20 pm

My local Dillons is giving away some loafs of bread to customers. That’s very kind of them.

Jenny Burch

March 31, 202007:35 pm

I have baked a lot of cupcakes and cookies and delivered them to my friends and to my daughters friends since we have been required to social distance, and I have also cooked dinners for people who havent been able to get out of house!

Courtney Tuttle

March 31, 202007:31 pm

A lady posted on facebook that her new house had no flowers or outside decor, so I dug up a bunch of lilies to give her a start.


March 31, 202007:08 pm

I had someone hand me $100 bill, "just because " and it was such a kind, generous blessing!

Monique Stone

March 31, 202007:07 pm

I witnessed my sister buy two homeless people food...

Shelley Dahlgren

March 31, 202006:19 pm

Love my Kroger “Bakers”


March 31, 202005:52 pm

I have 4 kids that have been getting their gently used clothes, shoes and toys bagged up to donate locally just as soon as we are allowed. We usually try to find local kids we know and discreetly pass them on. We have a Church friend who dropped off Some for my daughter yesterday. They are from her 2 granddaughters that she is raising. She is so kind and Selfless. It truly comes in a circle in our situation. We are very blessed and hope to share our blessings.

Connie Eakins Samples

March 31, 202005:42 pm

My neighbor’s husband died on 3/24 my birthday was 3/28 I mowed their yard on my birthday and bought her a refill pack of groceries during this Pandemic


March 31, 202005:34 pm

My family and I took some spare supplies to a local nursing home to help them out.

Ashley Papocchia

March 31, 202005:13 pm

I went to Kroger for a friend to get her a few essential items because she had to self quarantine. Shes a nurse who was exposed so I offered to get her groceries so she didnt have to worry about it. Thank you


March 31, 202004:59 pm

I’m a nurse at a local hospital and our staff is helping our patients get through this pandemic daily, both emotionally and physically.

Tammie Stringer

March 31, 202004:55 pm

I had someone pay for my food in the drive thru in front of me one morning before work. It made my day for someone to think that they wanted to make someone happy that morning.

Sharon Orsak

March 31, 202004:50 pm

I bought toilet paper and a few groceriesf or a co-worker that couldn't find items in her area. My Kroger had plenty.

Jessica G

March 31, 202004:37 pm

We have helped a large family with food, an elderly couple and a couple that just had a baby a month ago and they couldn't find any formula in their area. Found 2 cans here and mailed to them!!

Taylor Royse

March 31, 202004:32 pm

I donated over $800 worth of products from my stockpile to a women’s shelter where I went to college:)

Jennifer Beckner

March 31, 202004:30 pm

I witnessed my daughter, Lola, show kindness when we went to Kroger last week. An older gentleman was at his car trying to put groceries away. Lola went up to him and helped him and then put his buggy up. She is only 11 years old but I’m so proud that she can show kindness even in situations that are going on today.

Lisa Bouch

March 31, 202004:25 pm

My daughter is an ICU/COVID-19 Nurse and IS on the actual front lines. Her team is exhausted. They need scrubs and new shoes but at this time I can only provide comfort food during their shifts. I am making healthy options that can be grabbed on the go that are a couple bites each. They are loving the nourishment and i will continue as long as I can get the groceries to do it. $25 would go a long way in supplies as I am thrifty!

Terri Kennedy

March 31, 202003:01 pm

We fed the homeless.

Babs Why It

March 31, 202002:56 pm

I text message my neighbors before I leave for Kroger and ask if there is anything I can get for them while I am at the store. One neighbor is young and she has had cancer twice, so I'm doing her shopping for her.


March 31, 202001:18 pm

Thanks to all Kroger employees

marilyn williams

March 31, 202011:52 am

The act of kindness I am doing is making sure the elderly in my family have the essential product during COVID-19 and now i am collecting more items to help other elders.

Nancy Clark

March 31, 202010:01 am

We do not have any type of store in our little town, so we call our 96-year-old neighbor and my sister for their shopping lists if we go out of town. We let them know when we are leaving their things at the door.

Tracy Mosca

March 31, 202009:09 am

The Red Cross really needs donations of blood. I am giving in April -- won't you?

Denise Parks

March 31, 202002:32 am

This is a great act of kindness this giveaway would be kind if I won.. I really do need food, It would be nice and kind


March 31, 202012:17 am

During this difficult time with this covid10, I was at Walmart and posted in a local community group if anyone needed anything. A single mom asked for milk and eggs and I delivered. I offered water, wipes, tp, she said she already had those. Ive been following a local family on fb that lost their dog when they went hiking last year. There has been a dog spotted that could be there's and they need a cage to capture it. People have donated money but isn't enough. It breaks my heart and wanted to help. So I donated the $500..I hope and pray it's their dog, Oakley

Ashley Lara

March 31, 202012:01 am

I work at a grocery store and many people are in need of toilet paper so I brought an extra pack I had at home and Decided to share it with those who were down to their last roll.

Stephanie G

March 30, 202010:40 pm

This giveaway is an act of kindness


March 30, 202010:19 pm

I watched someone buy someone’s groceries that was standing in front of them. It was easily an order that was $50 or more. You don’t ever see that happen. Such a great person!


March 30, 202007:50 pm

My local school district has had volunteers coming in to make up lunch and breakfasts for local kids, regardless of if they're students there or not. the volunteers are handing out lunches one day a week.


March 30, 202002:14 pm

Last week I was shopping at a store and there was a woman desperately searching for toilet paper and only found three single rolls of 1 ply. We had a short discussion and we on our way. While I continued shopping I found a 12 count of a much better quality toilet paper randomly place on a shelf. I quickly hunted the woman down to give it to her and she was so grateful.

Elizabeth Hernandez

March 30, 202012:47 pm

Thank you, thank you. Thank you

Kara Welsh

March 30, 202011:05 am

A friend offered to take food to two people that are sick. At this point, one is in the hospital and one at home. I offered to take Gatorade over to the husband at home sick but my pastor offered to go in my place. Lots of prayers are being prayed for the sick.

Shelley Alexander

March 30, 202010:16 am

I have learned so much from Kroger Krazy over the years! Five stars for all you do!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brittany Bratcher

March 30, 202010:16 am

Awesome!!!!! I’ve been helping get groceries for my parents who have tested positive for Covid-19. This would help get them some more essentials.

Robin Adams

March 30, 202008:31 am

Being a caregiver I help others in the grocery store if they need it and go out of my way to help all my clients


March 30, 202012:53 am

I stock up on the super toiletry deals that I get at our local Kroger affiliate, Smiths. Then I share with families at church that need it. I also try to help ladies at church understand couponing and how they can get deals like that at Smiths.

Marjory Coleman

March 29, 202011:15 pm

I donate feminine products, toothpaste , shampoo, conditioner and razors to family, friends , neighbors and those in need. I also give people baked goods to enjoy. I help my mother with different things she needs. I volunteer at 2 churches, Girl Scouts , Boyscouts, and children’s program after school and during school.


March 29, 202009:26 pm

I bought local, tipped very well and bought a treat for the girl I’ve been training on a particularly hard crazy day, both were so surprised

Julie Clark

March 29, 202004:45 pm

My foot is injured and in a boot. My brother-in-law came over to mow my grass today since I can’t do it. It’s the little things!


March 29, 202012:46 pm

I decided to reach out to at least 5 people each day by phone or video apps to check in and see who they are doing and ask if there is anything they need. I have come across a few who have broken down crying because they are struggling but have just been holding it all in. For example, I have a friend (more of just an acquaintance) who is a recently divorced mom of 5 kids. Just moved into an apartment that does not have a washer and dryer in or on site. rather than dragging 5 kids to a laundro-mat, I offered to come pick up her 6 loads and wash them and take them to her. I mean, I am home anyway, so doing laundry is cake. And I know what that situation is like having been a single mom of 4 little ones myself. This is an opportunity to serve our friends, family, neighbors and community in a way that may seem small or intrusive, but most of us are too proud to ask for help, so I am just finding needs and offering it.

Gina G

March 29, 202012:15 pm

I gave tp to my neighbors since I had more than enough from my stockpile!

Elizabeth Captain

March 28, 202011:53 pm

I work as a waitress in two different restaurants and have been out of work for 2 weeks. I was involved in the final closings of both kitchens and was offered to be able to take home some of the perishable food items and knew that there were people less fortunate than I that would be so grateful for anything to eat, because we have an amazing employer that actually provides free meals while working. I realize that this situation has affected so many people in so many ways and I feel blessed to know that I would not starve, but I wanted to make sure that food was not a worry for my less fortunate co-workers. Making ends meet would be difficult not having a steady income and the additional food expense would hurt, so I am checking in weekly with a couple people, delivering any food and leftovers that I can spare and reassuring them that I care about them. Honestly the lack of social interaction has been missed the most!

M Smith

March 28, 202011:26 pm

Set up meals for a friend in need of comfort


March 28, 202010:03 pm

A good friend brought me daffodils to brighten my day. They are so pretty.


March 28, 202009:13 pm

My act of kindness was leaving my comfy office at the local hospital to go to the front lines to help in the Emergency room! They needed hands, I have some, and while I’m scared to death of this virus everyone deserves a fighting chance.

Tonya Johns

March 28, 202009:09 pm

I’m part of a phone ministry at my church that calls and checks in on at risk members of our congregation. We are offering help with groceries, prescriptions, etc. so they don’t have to go out during Covid 19. My daughters are part of the youth group who is running the errands. It’s been a joy to talk to members of our congregation I might not usually cross paths with. The members have been extremely grateful!


March 28, 202006:07 pm

I tried to comment on the rafflecopter but it didn’t work. Sorry!

Benita Lee

March 28, 202004:56 pm

Having sciatica knowing that I couldn't stand in the extremely long lines at some of the store a sister from our church offered to stand in line and do any shopping that our family of 4 needed since she is a first responder and had protective gear... It was such an amazing experience she did because she knew I didn't have a means of taking care of it... Blessed beyond measure!!

Susan Seal

March 28, 202004:29 pm

My son had a gift card from Kroger that had about $10 on it after he checked out in the self checkout lane. He had recently been the recipient of someone randomly paying for his gas at the pump. They told him to "pay it forward." He saw an elderly gentleman in Kroger and said, "I have a $10 gift card I want to give you." He said the man seemed genuinely grateful. Small random acts of kindness make us all feel good! It warmed my heart for this small act. He is such a kind giving man and definitely paid it forward.

Lisa Harbolt Poole

March 28, 202004:04 pm

I'm a 20+ year veteran of the food service industry. I've been taking advantage of Kroger pick-up and cooking up a storm for my restaurant friends who are out of work. My small stockpile of household and personal care items is getting shared too. I'm a hugger, so it's been really hard to just wave from a distance when doing drop offs or when someone picks something up.

Charlane Noel

March 28, 202012:18 pm

This week I meet an elderly lady in Kroger. She was upset because she had went to the bank to get cash and something happened and her card went into the machine and she couldn’t get it back. I ask if I could help and she wasn’t sure what to do. I called the bank and helped her get a new card issued to her. She was so happy and kept thanking me for going out of my way to help her. The happiness and comfort it gave her made it all worth it.

Tina Karle

March 28, 202011:54 am

I have a neighbor who lost both her jobs during the coronavirus pandamic. With no work and not able to get unemployment she is struggling. With TP being in such short supply, and I knew she needed some, I asked if we could trade. Since beauty parlors are shut down, she trimmed my hair and I surprised her with a 2 bags of groceries and a large thing of toilet paper. It is just the little things like throwing in 20 kcups for her coffee pot, chocolate, and other various surprises that brought her joy and made me happy to be of help. She is such a giving neighbor and wanted to return the favor too!

Brenda Bright

March 28, 202011:35 am

I love Kroger. The only place I shop for food. Kroger is the best .

Tracy Mosca

March 28, 202010:21 am

I have signed up to donate blood.


March 28, 202010:09 am

Most of my family is in California,they started running out of things way before anyone else. So I asked what they needed and sent care packages to all of them. Made sure to get extra for my elderly neighbors before things got bad where I am.

Suzanne S Nickson

March 28, 202009:37 am

One of my co-workers said she only had 1 roll of TP left and everytime she went to the store there was none to be found. The next day I brought her a 6 pack!! Then she made me brownies!!

Angie Gardner

March 28, 202008:52 am

I work at my local Kroger in Elkview, WV. I have been off for 4 days with a very bad chest cold. I am very thankful to my co-workers that have volunteered to give me their own masks that they themselves need so that I am protected. THANK YOU! Also, thanks to that great customer that gave me a tip just for doing my job even after I insisted on not taking it. I was able to buy cold medicine with it which was much needed!


March 28, 202008:44 am

Many people are so grateful and thankful now; I am working from home and the same people (pre isolation) I interact with are always saying "thank you for what you do" and "stay healthy".

Brittany Peteler

March 28, 202008:23 am

Paid for the person behind me at McDonald’s!


March 28, 202008:03 am

A man paid for my gas and food.

Lynn Armstrong

March 28, 202007:34 am

Someone (who) me, paid for a lady's groceries as she waited in line.

Loleetha Gilbert

March 28, 202002:07 am

My boss strongly suggested our team go to lunch as a team building opportunity. A coworker and I noticed another coworker was being a bit distant. When the waiter came, she only ordered water. We took her to the bathroom and my coworker “Just happened ” to mention her husband gave her some extra cash and offered to pay for both of our meals. I quickly accepted making our coworker feel more comfortable to accept. Coworkers often become family and we always look for opportunities to be there for each other.

Nancy Rodriguez

March 28, 202012:44 am

I would love to win the $25 gc! Please consider my family of 7. I have 5 young children..that's why I coupon, because we need every bit of savings. Also I have a birthday coming up, it's 4/10/2020. Also this is such a great thing you're doing thank you.

Deborah Bidwell

March 28, 202012:02 am

I work at a grocery store myself and have seen many times when customers have not had enough money to buy the simplest of items. I have paid for many customers groceries and told them,"Don't worry about it, I'm happy to help out any way I can." Many of these customers have now become regular customers and stop back in just to say hello and it's nice to see that there are still great and giving people out there. A few have even offered to pay me back or buy me dinner or a soft drink. I always tell them like I did when I first helped them out, that I would hope that if I were in the same position they were in at the time, that someone would step up and help me out. I then tell them not to worry about it and next time if they are able to help out someone to just PAY IT FORWARD, any way you can. Even if it's just helping to load/unload their groceries.


March 27, 202010:50 pm

During this difficult time, a friend of mine could find any medicine for her 2 year old and he relies on this medication to keep him alive. No one in her state had it and I found it for her in my state but her social worker found it else where. But I still helped her during this difficult time to help her and her son.

Jen Snedegar

March 27, 202009:39 pm

I know my aunt doesn't have much so a couple days after the governor closed all the stores and people went crazy buying everything, my aunt went to Kroger to buy groceries. Just about everything was gone when she went there. She used the last of her food stamps to buy things she had never had before as it was the only food left along with a few snacks but nothing like a full lunch or dinner. Just odds and ends. She gets a lot of her food from food banks as well. I went to the grocery store in my area and bought several items for her that was I. Stock at my store. At least I knew she has tortillas to make a ham sandwich because there was no bread along with a few small cans of vegetables I found. I was able to get the last can of peanut butter and cracker's for her along with eggs and milk. I went thru my stash and gave her a few items I had. Knowing she had some food in her house so she would be fed not only Mae my day but made he week or so on food that I was able to provide or her. Without her even asking.

Lisa Montgomery

March 27, 202009:35 pm

Helping neighbors elderly get groceries


March 27, 202009:04 pm

I pick up groceries for my 68 year old neighbor and my 77 year old neighbor. Both ladies live alone and One has a chronic illness.


March 27, 202008:54 pm

We are running errands for some 90 somethings in our family. We also have been delivering CDs on Sunday morning to older members of our church who don’t have computers and such to listen to the online sermon with church closed. The first week we had to track down some players so they could even listen to the CD. It has been good to check in with the elderly and make sure they know we care.


March 27, 202008:34 pm

A friend recently said a neighbor had asked if she could get a cup of sugar or flour from her not sure which it was. Anyway, the lady gave her a gift bag for giving her the sugar or flour and inside it was 2 rolls of toilet paper. With toilet paper being so hard to get right now I thought that was a really kind thing to do.

Elizabeth Little

March 27, 202007:58 pm

I love your deals! I'm searching like crazy to try and find toilet paper for my family back in Tennessee!


March 27, 202007:49 pm

My family and I delivered bags full of essentials (like TP, paper towel, fruit, etc.) to 7 households in our neighborhood, letting them know that they are loved and that we are there for them if they need anything. We just wanted to be a blessing to others during this time of uncertainty.

Stefanie Turner

March 27, 202007:47 pm

Checking in and getting groceries for elderly neighbors

Rebecca Addy

March 27, 202007:40 pm

We live in a neighborhood of mostly elderly people and most cannot go to the store, and, for those who can, they’re having a hard time finding the essentials. I have been reaching out to our neighbors to see what they need and gifting them from our stockpile or grabbing extra while at the store. It’s so important now more than ever that we extend a helping hand! We’ve also been offering to walk dogs for our neighbors for free! When we order take out, we’ve been leaving a small gift for our driver each time with Lysol wipes and toilet paper and hand sanitizer. It’s the little things and the smallest gestures that make a world of difference in these difficult times! I just hope more people find it in their heart to help others and it becomes more contagious than this darn virus we are battling!

Trista Williams

March 27, 202007:35 pm

I’ve been volunteering to take food to elderly and immune improvised people

Katie Bellamy

March 27, 202007:23 pm

I always let someone go ahead of me in a grocery line when I have cart full & they may have only a few items.

Wanda Shetron

March 27, 202007:06 pm

I baked bread and delivered to front porches of the elderly, locally so they could m as intain social distance and avoid the grocer.

Andrea Corley

March 27, 202007:04 pm

I help my 77 year old Grandmother clean as well as volunteered to help feed kids in my city through our schools for the last two weeks!

Andrea Corley

March 27, 202007:02 pm

I love you posts and a-precise you always trying to help others save money!

Diane Gray

March 27, 202006:57 pm

Home care clinicians obtaining PPE and sharing what they have with each other. Team work at its best. Taking care of patients in their home

Nicole Garitano

March 27, 202006:21 pm

I messaged an older couple to see if they needed fresh eggs from our chickens. She came over today to pick them up and brought me some egg cartons.


March 27, 202005:11 pm

I sent one of my students I teach some supplies in the mail because I know he doesn't have a whole lot at home to do his work with.


March 27, 202004:44 pm

With all thata going on the small things still stand out. As I was picking up my Krogers order, I witnessed Tomeika at the Floyd Rd store in Austell, GA going above and beyond to ensure customers where happy. With the store almost empty of inventory she went back in the story from the lot to see if she could find a few suitable substitutes. It was late in the evening and she said she had been working since 2 a.m. Tomeikas goal was making sure customers were satisfied and she did it all with a smile on her face like it was an ordinary day.

Richard l Blankenship

March 27, 202003:54 pm


Sylvia O'Brien

March 27, 202003:21 pm

There are so many good people out there doing good stuff. My kids check on myself and my husband to make sure we're doing ok, So that's nice. There is someone at church making and donating hospital masks to hospitals Every little bit helps everyone else. I notify my kids when I hear of good deals going on, and my facebook friends also.

Diane Barrett

March 27, 202001:31 pm


Livivua Chandler

March 27, 202012:54 pm

I'm so happy to see all the selfless sharing of supplies and food around the world. I am happy to see the selfless service of donating masks and hospital supplies.


March 27, 202012:03 pm

We always make sure our neighbors have food during times like these. After the tornadoes, we drove around and delivered ice. When we don’t have a lot of extra cash, my couponing and my wife-chef’s expertise We help how we can.

Renee Gough

March 27, 202010:16 am

We have a food truck and we had an event scheduled here in cookeville that we lost due to the tornedo so had alot of food and our neighbors were out if electricity along us were so we decided to start up our food truck and my 6 year old put on his police gear and we went door to door asking neighbors if they wanted a hot meal for free not for any thing just it was the right thing than my neighbor posted it and it turned out we started taking our food out and feeding first responders and survivors for free and still continue to volunteer

Janet Harris

March 27, 202010:05 am

A friend told me she has paper towels if I want to drive by she'll toss me some. I told her I have some eggs, she can come by and I'll toss her some Also tossed a big pack of TP to a friend yesterday for her birthday

Abigail Julian

March 27, 202010:02 am

My mom was able to get some toilet paper the other day at the grocery. She then went to Walgreens, where she witnessed an elderly lady come asking for toilet paper, to wich they were out. My mom then asked the lady to walk outside with her, went to her car, and gave the elderly lady the toilet paper she had bought.


March 27, 202009:24 am

Would love to win in this hard times


March 27, 202009:23 am

There has been so much kindness during this virus outbreak

Lesley K Clawson

March 27, 202009:12 am

I think this is a terrific giveaway and I really hope I win one!

Kelly Routon

March 27, 202008:25 am

I have been picking things up for my blind friend who hasn’t been able to get out because she is older and her older sister is terrified of getting sick so she hasn’t been able to get out and get things for her. So every time I got to the store, I call her and ask her what she needs so I can get it while I’m out and drop it off to her!

Andrea Mattingly

March 27, 202008:19 am

I have started shopping for my older relatives They call and tell me what they need and I try to find it for them. This also includes their pets. Then I drop it on their porch for them or the send someone else to pick it up. Some live an hour away. I consistently get calls for everything and I do my best to accommodate. Most don't get out and others can't find basic essentials, like milk and bread, locally. This has been the most rewarding thing I have done since I started couponing. I love that I am able to help so many people during this crazy time. I love my family and am so grateful I am able to help keep them safe and fed. Thank you for all your helpful posts.

Donna Saul

March 27, 202008:11 am

While shopping at Krogers in Greenvill oh I helped people who where looking for eggs in the 12 pack carton . On the top shelf were kroger eggs in the 6 pack .This was the first time in this store for me. So 5 shoppers went home with eggs . ;) I also helped a elderly lady showing her what food she could substitute for what she was making. All in all a great shopping trip in these trying times.

Sarah Seely

March 27, 202007:41 am

I witnessed a young man load up groceries for an elderly lady. It was pouring down rain and I thought it was really sweet of him. It inspired me to have a package of toilet paper in my car just in case I would come across someone in need. Fast forward a week later, I was at the store waiting for them to open along with 20 other people waiting in line outside. There were only about 5 packages of toilet paper and it was gone pretty much as soon as the door opened. I saw a disappointed look on a man's face. We happened to be checking out at the same time. I waited for him to walk out to the parking lot and I asked him If he needed toilet paper. He said he was on his last roll and had been looking for a couple of days. I told him I had an extra package he could have. Who would have known something as simple as toilet paper would make someone's day lol. This is why I like to coupon. I enjoy helping people out.


March 27, 202006:40 am

My friend went shopping for TP and all the shelves were bare. She walked away shaking her head, when an elderly gentleman walked up to her and said that he would share his package of TP with her. She gladly accepted his offer, but on one condition, that she would pay for them. He finally said okay and she paid for the TP and gave him 12 of the 18 rolls. She thanked him for his kind gesture and said she would pray for him to stay healthy and happy during this rough time that we all are dealing with daily.

Denise A. Davis

March 27, 202006:23 am

My neighborhood is mostly seniors, some who rarely have anyone come around so I have contacted them and pick up groceries for some each week.

Minta Boggs

March 27, 202006:13 am

Wow! getting used to the new normal has been rough, to say the least. I wish everyone to stay safe.

Karla Rogers

March 27, 202004:59 am

In this crazy time it has been heart warming to know how good our group of friends is! We have 3 friends (2 at home with babies and my sister who is now at the hospital giving birth) who have been relying on the group to get what they need from the outside world and drop it off and sanitize the package. Would be great to win so I could help my girls out in there time of need!


March 27, 202001:03 am

I was recently sitting in an Outback steakhouse having dinner with my son. When we were about finished with our meal, I asked the waitress for the bill. She told me a gentleman somewhere in the restaurant paid for our meal, and told us to have a blessed evening. I had never experienced something like this before. My son was just amazed.A big shout out and thank you to this individual!

Jhunory Medina

March 27, 202012:53 am

I work as a shift lead at a pharmacy/store amd since the Corona Virus panic buying kicked in, I have witnessed how people dont have regards with other people by being greedy with supplies. So being a shift.lead, I did what I can to save some basic commodities to the ones who need it the most (elderly) and give it to them if they will ask for it also I give them free hand sanitizers. Makes you feel happyseeing how thankful they are with such simpe act.


March 27, 202012:01 am

We have been working especially hard in our garden at this time and have been harvesting fruits and veggies. We are enjoying sharing with others what we have been blessed with.

Amber Jenkins

March 26, 202011:56 pm

My boss from catering by design in Norwalk Ohio. Business of 6 people. He paid us 3 weeks to prepare for lay-off. Also sent us home With so much food. While Also giving food to others around us. He is amazing and has such a big heart.


March 26, 202011:33 pm

We have a great community of neighbors and whenever one of us ventures out we check with each other to see if anyone needs anything. It's really great knowing we have a supportive community when times are tough!


March 26, 202011:10 pm

There are many businesses in my hometown who are stepping up to help the community. Many restaurants are making meals and delivering them to feed the kids for free every day who would normally be eating at school and one has days where you can come pick up meal for anyone no questions asked. A local distillery is making hand sanitizer. There are so many acts of kindness going on, it's amazing. Proud to be from Athens, Ohio.

Geny Perez

March 26, 202010:26 pm

I been on the search for baby wipes and posted on Kingwood moms to please alert me if the come across any. In the next hours three people reached out and offered to give me baby wipes. One of the ladies lived in a very rough part of Houston but she joyfully shared wipes with me. My heart overcame with gratitude and tears of joy.


March 26, 202008:29 pm

Although we've been told that homemade mask are not a good protection like surgical ones, my mom and I have been making them for our community. It's been a pleasure to do for everyone who needs them!

Heather Presley

March 26, 202007:48 pm

I was getting off work late and went through a drive thru for a late dinner. I saw 2 police vehicles behind me and paid for their meals

Norma G

March 26, 202007:34 pm

I was in the line for pay and the men in front of me had like 10 cans of tuna and when he wants pay the cashier don't let him buy it because the limit was 4 but the men does not understand what she was telling him and just pay his grocery and had a confused face, so he pay and leave the store, so I bought 4 of the cans that he can't buy it and look for him in the parking lot and give to him and he said he doesn't has cash and I told him that was no necessary, and he give me a happy face☺

Laura Wintle

March 26, 202007:31 pm

My kids 10 and 12 were so excited that their teachers were doing a drive thru parade! The teachers got into their cars and drove through the neighborhood waving and some of the cars had signs in the window (we miss you, etc). Never would have thought such a little thing would have them out on the front yard smiling and waving like crazy... no candy needed. Lol.


March 26, 202006:48 pm

It may seem small but my family has always tried to being a cart in from outside. With a family of five i like to think it helps in everyday life but since this virus has hit the carts are even more chaotically placed so I will round up a couple in the back lot and push them inside.


March 26, 202006:39 pm

With 3/4 of my husbands hours being cut I haven't been able to financially help others, but I was able to share toilet paper, sanitizing wipes and soups purchased through couponing before all this happened. I have seen many people helping others with food-sharing and offering to do their shopping. It's heart-warming.

Megan A

March 26, 202006:00 pm

My girlfriend waited in line over 30 minutes for grocery to open to get that all important commodity...… TP. By the time she walked to the paper aisle it was all she was standing there talking out loud to herself "down to the last roll"- a gentleman rolled his cart by her, overheard and tossed her 1 of the 2 packs of TP he had. It has restored her faith in our fellow man for another day!

Calshondra Williams

March 26, 202005:59 pm

A couple asked me for food because they was hungry. They resided in my apts. but due to loosing their job. Lost their place to live. We live on a fixed income as well. It could have been me. Ofcourse, I gave them food as a human of compassion my heart broke for them.

Theresa DePugh

March 26, 202005:45 pm

KATIE, working inside the Kroger stores, we are stocking and cleaning . Helping customers find out of stock items. Everyone in the stores are working so hard , so that customers can shop.


March 26, 202005:41 pm

Thanks to your posts I have been able to stock up on many items recently After raising 5 kids and having a daughter and her 2 children live with us for 6 years, we are now down to the 2 of us. I had not been using coupons as much lately, but have gotten back into it more. I am thankful that I did because it allowed me to share with my children and their families and still be able to donate to our free pantries we have about town. I had extra pasta and sauce, tuna, peanut butter, cereal and even some treats for the kids. Thank you for your help and thank you to all who are doing their part to help others in this time of need.


March 26, 202005:34 pm

I try my best everyday...Im on the front lines working at Kroger..filling shelves helping customers and cleaning

Kim Tuminello

March 26, 202005:22 pm

I want to say "Thank you" to the lady in the Barksdale Blvd Kroger. My mom was recently released from the hospital and quarantined from going in public due to being high risk. She can not take care of needs like groceries and other necessities . Since i am now buying for 2 households and the limits are such a small amount, I tried to buy her the limit and on my tab add 1 of each of the popular items to my bill for my house. I was told that I could not buy over the limit even though I was splitting the bill and using 2 different loyalty cards. I asked how the older community who are now quarantined supposed to be taken care of if someone else has to buy for them and also take care of the needs of their family. I kind of went into panic mode at that moment ( no screaming or making a fool of myself just felt sick at my stomach). A sweet lady in the checkout next to mine jumped and said put the extra on my bill. I told her much I appreciated her help and I wanted to pay her for the total it would cost. I started digging to find my purse under all the items I had stacked on top and before I could turn around she paid and left the store . This lady was an angel for helping me. This COVID19 is real and small things are becoming upsetting and making some us feel we are not sure what to do to make sure our families are taken care of. I was told if you have a family member that is quarantined by a doctor that you can get a letter from the doctor verifying that they are quarantined and they will let you buy limits for their home and your home. I hope this helps someone else who is trying to help someone who can not go to public places .


March 26, 202005:20 pm

I was able to be part of the first team from our school district to hand out lunches to local families. It feels really good to be part of such a great community. I was also able to hand deliver some of the lunches to Some friends whose kids were home alone while their parents worked. They were so thankful and gave Mom piece of mind her kids were able to eat healthy while she was working.

Jill Hall

March 26, 202004:57 pm

One of the town near me are placing bears in there window, so kids can go on a bear hut. I also found a note on my door from the kids in my neighbor hood with encouraging words. I also have donate TP to people in need and other supplies they could not get, I love helping others.

Anna L Hagen

March 26, 202004:20 pm

I have a friend in Michigan who's a nurse. She's been placing boxes at the end of her driveway so people in her neighborhood can donate masks, aprons, phone chargers, and other needs for her hospital. She spreads the word on Facebook.

Jennie Swencki

March 26, 202004:20 pm

I donated food and pet supplies to a group that distributes them to the homeless


March 26, 202004:19 pm

Thanks for sharing with us.

Mary K. Sturm

March 26, 202004:18 pm

I took fresh fruits to a family I know at church. It cheers them up when we show up extra food for them.


March 26, 202004:03 pm

I saw a young veteran marine give up his place at the front of the line at the store to an elderly veteran marine on a walker. The young guy talked to him for a second about their respective time serving (from a distance, of course!), then they switched places and the young guy walked to the back of the line. It was very sweet.

Jill Harper

March 26, 202004:03 pm

I've been able to take my aunt to Drs appointments the last couple weeks since I am off work due to the mandatory shut downs. I also witnessed my boss donate PPE to a local hospital since we are unable to use them at this time.


March 26, 202004:02 pm

I donated some points on the Kelloggs Family Rewards website.

sandra fields

March 26, 202003:58 pm

this is a nice thing to do in this time of chaos...would love to win one


March 26, 202003:53 pm

I always love the pay it forwards and I do it quiet often as possible. When the outbreak started, I drove to my favorite coffee shop and ordered and then paid for the one behind me. It was nice to see the smile on their faces when I drove off.


March 26, 202003:48 pm

Since we have a good supply of toilet paper, hot dogs, canned chicken, etc. from stocking up during Kroger sales, we shared with a friend of ours who was out of town when all the panic started and has had difficulty finding what he needs since he returned. However, I think one of the best things I've heard about was Elon Musk using his connections and getting 1255 ventilators from China and donating them to US facilities.

Sheila Smith

March 26, 202003:31 pm

Gave a couple gas money that had run out of gas and it was pouring down rain!


March 26, 202003:29 pm

Throughout the school year, my church packs bags of non perishable food for students in need to take home each Friday. When the schools here in VA first closed, our coordinator reached out to the school counselors about how to proceed. One counselor offered to hand deliver the bags of food to her students each week!


March 26, 202003:26 pm

I work full-time at a hospital and everyrone has been helping each other out so much! I have been doing my part by sewing emergency masks at night when I get off.

Monique Lett

March 26, 202003:26 pm

Hello Everyone! During this time we are going through, it important to pull together as a community. Even though I am on a very tight budget, I wanted to give back. So this is what I did ... I have gone through my canned goods and given them to my neighbors who are struggling during this time. I have also donated clothes & blankets to those in need. As I

Brittany Nolder

March 26, 202003:23 pm

I went to Kroger Saturday morning at opening time to grab a few things I needed, one of them being toilet paper, of course everyone was going crazy for the toilet paper so it was gone quickly I was lucky enough to score one pack, as I was shopping through the store I noticed a elderly man calling a family member saying they had some but it was gone before he could get to the isle and he had also gotten there when doors opened as well thinking he would score some, over hearing that conversation I kindly asked the man if he would like my pack that I had been lucky enough to grab and he was so happy and filled with joy when I offered it to him and said yes! It made my day making someone else’s day!

Jennifer D Hubbard

March 26, 202002:55 pm

Since the elderly is not really able to get out i donated half my stock of laundry detergent to help..


March 26, 202002:53 pm

Someone on Instagram posted their favorite picture of me and listed quite a few reasons on why they like me. It was really positive and uplifting ♥️


March 26, 202002:48 pm

I helped organize a weekly shopping assistance for a local senior center so they don't have to go there themselves. We plan to do it until things improve.

Crystal Bergeron

March 26, 202002:21 pm

Checking up on my neighbors who are are older. Offering to get whatever they need for the next couple weeks. So they don't have to leave their house.


March 26, 202002:05 pm

I let 2 older people check out their groceries before me so they could get home quicker. I checked on my elderly neighbor to see if she needed anything.

Jen Camphuysen

March 26, 202001:56 pm

We reached out to our elderly neighbors to get groceries so that did not have to get out of their homes.

Aditi Rana

March 26, 202001:50 pm

I am so impress with how our community has stepped up from making masks to sharing supplies with others since stores were low in stock.


March 26, 202001:39 pm

I've been making store trips for my parents and neighbor, who are all high-risk for COVID-19.


March 26, 202001:23 pm

My good deed, honestly, has to be staying home away from everyone. Trying to do my lil part..


March 26, 202001:11 pm

We are stitching a masks and supply to the store for the free of cost

Danny Medley

March 26, 202001:03 pm

Kroger has always done there part for helping the community and people in need.

Teshia Jones Johnson

March 26, 202012:57 pm

I bought Panera bagels for our local Aldi store workers. They are always so helpful and happy and remain that way through all of this.

Shannon Allman

March 26, 202012:51 pm

We are taking groceries to local elderly to keeping them from having to leave there homes. Trying to keep them safe. Also sewing masks for healthcare workers.


March 26, 202012:49 pm

My Good deed was to STAY HOME!!!!!!

Julie Waterson

March 26, 202012:48 pm

I know a few elderly people in my neighborhood that just shouldn't be going out of their homes. So I have been sharing my stockpile at no cost to them. Stay safe!

Sarah C

March 26, 202012:33 pm

I donated my extra n95 masks to my local hospital, and made care packages.

Melissa Large

March 26, 202012:29 pm

I was in 1 of my local Kroger and there was an elderly lady in an electric buggy. There were a couple of people that were running around getting her groceries and bringing them back to her. Also when I was not able to find milk, my neighbor came to my rescue. There has also been so many postings on my local FB of people that will shop for elderly, just message them. We are all in this together.

Barbara Weinberg

March 26, 202012:23 pm

I reorganized my linen closet and took two large bags full to the group (New Hope) to use for the shelter they are setting up for the homeless.


March 26, 202012:09 pm

I have been checking in on elderly friends and family members daily. If I am a winner, I am going to share the gift card with my sister who is out of work due to the coronavirus.


March 26, 202012:07 pm

Purchased pizza for church function gave the ones left over to a few families that were having financial dificulties


March 26, 202011:56 am

Just want to thank you for all the hard work you do to keep this blog going. I have helped many people by getting groceries and just checking in with neighbors and friends to see if there is anything I can do to help!

Cristina Orozco

March 26, 202011:49 am

I am helping out my mother and pregnant sister by going out and shopping for their needs to keep them healthy since their are higher risk. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Prayers for everyone.

Candi Sherman

March 26, 202011:38 am

The way that I like to make people feel better is by food! While I've been telecommuting from home I like to bake some things and then take them into the office for the people who are working. A Little bit of cheer:)


March 26, 202011:19 am

With the community's help a local Pastor and his church are cooking dinner to pick up and take home for anyone who is in need. Also the school has been giving them food to give to any kids who might need help with breakfast and lunch during this time while schools are closed. We have a caring community.

Sheron Peterson

March 26, 202011:19 am

My Kroger was out of water one day and I guess a gentleman heard me comment on it. He had 2 cases in his cart and gave me one of his. I thought that was awesome.


March 26, 202011:18 am

Since we are mostly confined to our homes these days, my husband and I have been making phone calls to people we know to check on them and to ask if they are need of anything. We are in our 70’s so we understand the importance of Staying in touch with others.

Kate Aguilar

March 26, 202011:11 am

We took groceries and essentials from our couponing and delivered them an hour away to an elderly couple in need. I've been leaving post it's on people's door to reach out for free help.


March 26, 202011:10 am

Baked a cake, sliced it and took it to the nursing home. Had to leave it at the door with the nurses, but wanted the residents to know that they are loved.


March 26, 202011:08 am

Gave my friends toilet paper and chicken nuggets since they moved right before quarantine and didn’t have much.


March 26, 202011:06 am

My grandmother brought our family some paper products and foods that the kids can make themselves!


March 26, 202011:06 am

Gave away some TP that I already had a reasonable supply of. Haven't had to buy any since before the crisis started.

Tana Johnson

March 26, 202010:57 am

I answered the door yesterday, thinking it was an amazon delivery, and our sweet neighbor had left a beautiful little plant on our door step. It was her daughter's idea to leave plants for all the neighbors in this time when we have to stay home. So sweet!

Tessa S.

March 26, 202010:57 am

A few days ago, I made plans to head out one morning to pick up groceries for the meals that we had planned out for the week. The night before I headed out, I posted a message on our neighborhood page letting neighbors know that I was going out and if they needed anything. A received a few responses with their requests! I added the groceries to my list and headed out. Luckily, I was able to pick up everything that was requested. Before I headed home, I dropped off the groceries on my neighbors' porch and messaged them once it was delivered. Everyone was so thankful. If felt good to help others during a time where we are all nervous and scared to go out.

Robin Thoolen

March 26, 202010:56 am

I am babysitting for my neighbor free of charge!

Julie Broussard

March 26, 202010:53 am

Grabbed porch packages for a neighbor before someone could steal them & offered toilet paper to a friend.


March 26, 202010:51 am

A local girl is taking names of elderly people in our community who might need someone to check on them during this virus pandemic and also she is getting some food and paper products (toilet paper, paper towels etc.) to take to them. She was buying everything herself at first but then others began helping to supply items for her to take to them and also offered to help her take them to the elderly people and check on them.


March 26, 202010:43 am

We delivered a 24 pack of toilet paper to the nursing home in our little town, we were so blessed to have many many in stock


March 26, 202010:35 am

My son and I left some eggs and some non-perishables for a family that was low on groceries. We also secretly bought someone's take out dinner the other night at a local restaurant which helps the people but also helps our local businesses. We don't have much but we like to help where we can!

Dianne Watson

March 26, 202010:35 am

Recently as my brother (in his sixty's) was leaving his late night shift keeping the gas flowing for all of us, he stopped at a local restaurant drive through. A police woman was behind him so he pulled over & waved her on to go in front of him. When he got to the window, she had paid for his order. Working at a gas station as you are aware doesn't pay well so her generosity was so appreciated. #payitforward!!! Thank you for having this giveaway as so many of us are out of work. :)


March 26, 202010:31 am

Our sheriff's department just dropped off bottled water and paper towels. We are quarantined and cannot leave the house. The deputy who delivered the supplies wouldn't take payment! Life in a small town at its best.


March 26, 202010:12 am

I was at the jc gas station after shopping & the lady next to me was getting paper towels to pump her gas So I asked do you want a glove (I had extra in my Pocket). She said yes & started to pump her gas. She asked do you need toilet paper? I have extra. Which was awesome because that was the only thing on my list that I did not get.

Kathleen Holguin

March 26, 202010:05 am

My family and I volunteered with The Just One Project on Saturday. This is a local food pantry in Las Vegas, NV that does mobile pop up and give locations across our city. The line was unbelievable, we'd volunteered before but this was different. So many people in need and scared of what's to come with so many businesses closed.


March 26, 202010:02 am

I’m a mother of three and I truly believe that you lead by example, positive family, positive future for them. This mindset came after my battle with breast cancer. Just last week my husband had a coworker loose his mother to cancer and was only left with his older sister to care for him. We packed up food, laundry detergent and several cookbooks and brought them over telling them that if they ever need anything to let us know. 2.5 years ago I left my job as an office manager to move into my husbands grandmothers house to care for her. She has advanced Alzheimer’s and could no longer live alone. It’s our daily good deed to make this sweet woman smile. I also once a month have my kids go through there clothes and toys and we take unwanted items to the local battered woman’s and children center.

Brenda Haines

March 26, 202009:59 am

I started my vegetable garden as usual, but this time I started over 100 tomato and cucumber plants to help others start a garden if need be.

Stephanie Anderson

March 26, 202009:59 am

In a fast food drive through the other day and I paid for the ladies meal behind me. Come to find out it was for her 2 boys who wondered why anyone would pay for someone else’s meals. Great life lesson those boys learns! Made me feel good and helped that mom out with a little extra money in her pocket.

Vivian hooper

March 26, 202009:53 am

My nabor is on chemo and her husband ordered a new stove off lowes online. They delivered it yesterday but because of their age he couldnt chage the orpheuses and she was scared to let the lowes people in the house because of the virus and their health conditions. So I went over (we have been self quarantined because I have 5 kids and not taken any chances) installed the new stove and changed the orpheus from natural gas to propain for them. Just seeing them happy makes me happy!

Pat Zellers

March 26, 202009:53 am

I helped a boy pay for his drink at Dollar General when he didn't have enough money


March 26, 202009:51 am

I have been bringing in things from my stockpile to help others here at work


March 26, 202009:51 am

Our neighborhood is putting teddy bears in their windows so that parents can take kids on a teddy bear treasure hunt and get outside since school here is cancelled indefinitely. I love this idea so much.

Kristina Kearns

March 26, 202009:48 am

Our local school has been giving the school children free breakfast and lunch pick up so no child goes hungry during this crisis. My daughter could not pick up her children's free food because she was working. When she pulled into her driveway after work my granddaughters teacher was pulling into her driveway to drop off her food. She said I noticed you did not pick up your food and wanted to make sure Olivia did not go without. This is a teacher who goes above and beyond.


March 26, 202009:45 am

I have been looking for items that my friends and coworkers have not been able to find while I am at the grocery. I have gotten toilet paper for one friend and tomato juice for a coworker.

Mickie Cooper

March 26, 202009:34 am

I have a blind friend, Debbie Baker, who needed groceries on Monday, and even though I had quarantined myself last week because I'm 68, I braved the swarm of people at Kroger and got her some groceries! Now I'm taking my temperature twice a day cos I'm scared to death of catching Coronavirus. She doesn't really have any one to do this for her so I try to help whenever I can.

Katie Copenhaver

March 26, 202009:33 am

Where we live most of our neighbors are over 70. I told them if they needed things to please ask. So I got a big list of everything they all needed together and did a big grocery store trip for them all. I know it is really helpful for some of the people. We have to be a community during this time. Help each other and love each other.


March 26, 202009:31 am

We have great neighbors and that has not changed during this unprecedented time. We have been exchanging baked goods with one neighbor. The other is a widow and we have been taking care of household tasks for her, not for anything in return. But the other day she called and said she had dinner for us and treats for the kids.

Crystal M.

March 26, 202009:24 am

Im commenting because I am a mommy of 8 and my neighbors have regardless of me asking them to pass on the blessing to someone who may be in more need than I at this moment, pooled together and dropped off food and supplies to my family because they felt that we would need them soon considering the circumstances. I have to say that this has really been a true blessing because while we were okay at the time that they offered, when they dropped it off we were just at the bottom and it really came in handy! Showing Love is the True Way that we will get past this! It put me in remembrance of the song from a long time ago.....WE ARE THE WORLD!!!!!!!! MOMMY M8XS (Mommy of 8)

Pat Goff

March 26, 202009:18 am

I have been taking care of my neighbors and community for decades. I donate my stock piles to the food bank and elderly neighbors when they get to big. My military upbringing has taught me to always pay it forward.


March 26, 202009:11 am

On 3/23/2020, I went to Kroger in Memphis, TN at Riverdale & Shelby Dr. to buy last minute items before city shutdown. I found everything I needed except the brand of eggs I use. There were several of Kroger eggs but I use Eggland eggs. There was a guy stocking the eggs and I asked him, if they had any more Eggland eggs in the back. The guy was very nice and respectful and said let me go check. He went to check and came back to apologize and say they were out. He didn't have to go check and could have just said were are out and to try back later after a delivery truck was coming that afternoon. So I head to register to pay for other groceries and the lady in front of me was short $5.36 and started to take things off. I told the cashier I would pay for it. The customer thanked me and I said an employee was nice to me earlier so I can be nice too. A great day during this pandemic times


March 26, 202009:04 am

I made a trip to Kroger to locate a special formula for a friend's baby. They had enough on hand to last until their Amazon order was due to arrive when they received a notice that it would be delayed by 2 weeks. None of their local stores had the brand the baby required. Fortunately, our Kroger was not sold out!


March 26, 202008:59 am

By way of a NextDoor social media post, a neighbor who works as a CPA and tax practitioner provides generic and free tax advice to readers. He recently posted information about the the stimulus checks we are about to receive, i.e., how much we can expect to receive, that it will based on adjusted income from 2018 (or 2019 if you've already filed), etc. What a generous thing to do for us!

Shawn Gardner

March 26, 202008:52 am

Hello, my recent act of kindness is that paid for a elderly lady groceries when she forgot to he her purse out of her car and it would of taken maybe 15-20 minutes for her to go to her car and maybe would of caused get some back pain trying to rush while the line was getting longer. I was very ecstatic to do this act of kindness and make her day.

Judy Waters

March 26, 202008:50 am

I want to first say how much I love you lady and all you do to help us out on a daily basis to save money with Kroger. I want to stay humble and not brag about the acts of kindness I am doing but here is one. I have put my quilting on hold at the moment and started making face masks for all my nurse and first responder friends. I usually only make blankets and quilts so I am by no means perfect and fast at making them but they are able to cover their N95 (only have one left) with the masks that I make so they can have some added protection. The picture is two I made last night.

Stephanie Newsham

March 26, 202008:50 am

The teachers in our community did a "drive-by" through the neighborhoods. They honked and waved at their students from their cars. Everyone came out and stood on their porches and waved to each other. It was sweet and made several of us tear up at the thoughtfulness of the teachers.

Myra Well

March 26, 202008:42 am

New to Kroger Krazy . Love the give away. Also just learning about the new savings on buy 5 save 5.

Sarah Snell

March 26, 202008:42 am

I see neighbors helping neighbors. A friend just had a baby and we are showering them with drop off meals/delivery to make their transition easier.

Lindsey Boleyjack

March 26, 202008:41 am

I was tipped 50 for helping a client of the business I work for who is home bound due to an injury and she was missing her dogs during this time of isolation. We all know how much fur babies help during emotional times. I took that money and paid for services in advance to my hair dresser who is out work due to COVID-19.

Amy Potter

March 26, 202008:32 am

My personal act of kindness is to try my best not to get upset with my husband while we are pretty much stuck at home with each other.

Kathy Earls

March 26, 202008:27 am

I think that teachers are already stand up people that give back daily. One teacher at St I's in Cincinnati here is doing his best to inspire community and keep the students engaged with school and one another. He is a perfect example of kindness.

Addy Walker

March 26, 202008:08 am

I don’t know that this qualifies as a random act of kindness, but every Sunday, my husband drives to an elderly lady’s house and takes out her trash for her. She has lung cancer and is too weak to take it to the curb. He also feeds all of her animals and does anything else that needs to be done. He’s been doing this for over a year. He’s a very kind person.

Diana Callender

March 26, 202008:07 am

ThisTwould help with what's going on these days.

Kristi S.

March 26, 202007:53 am

I found and purchased toilet paper for my neighbor.

Kellie Miller

March 26, 202007:37 am

I order take out from small, local restaurants and give large, generous tips to help out the small businesses in my area. Also a friend’s business is giving away $25 gift certificates everyday for local restaurants to help stimulate and promote the support of those businesses.

Kellie Miller

March 26, 202007:34 am

I order take out from local restaurants and give large generous tips to help the small, local businesses in my area.

Julie Buck

March 26, 202007:33 am

Just want to put this out there...when i was at walmart i had an elderly lady walk up to me needing help to find packing boxes so i offered to take her over and show her where they are. She politely says would you just point me in the right direction so i did. A couple minutes later i went ahead and walked over she was having trouble finding them so i took her right to them which is right around the corner and took the biggest packing box out to show her but i told her these dont have handles on them. She said "oh my those wont work" then tells me " my husband passed away a little while back and i need packing boxes with handles to pack his belongings in". I told the lady " mam im sorry about your husband and the best place to get packing boxes at that i know of is Home Depo and they have handles and theyre sturdy." She then tells me " well i will just go to Home Depo then" and also tells me "thank you for taking time to help me and for listening to me." I said "mam your welcome and it was no problem helping you." MY POINT IS TAKE THE TIME TO HELP AND LEND A LISTENING EAR IT WONT HURT YOU NONE!!!

Maggie Dabbelt

March 26, 202007:31 am

A sewing group I belong to has made over 900 personal proctection masks for local hospitals and business in just 5 days and still sewing. They are an awesome group

Kelly McCall

March 26, 202007:30 am

Someone walked the neighborhood and left hand sanitizers at everyone's mailbox. Super kind!


March 26, 202007:27 am

My adult daughter is very scared right now. She lives in the city and can’t find anything she needs. I took her list and found almost everything on it and on sale too. I took it all to her and put on her porch last night. We got to see each other’s faces from a distance. It was so wonderful to visit for a few. I wish I could have hugged her and reassured her. Can’t wait until I can again.

bonnie carothers

March 26, 202007:17 am

since i can not shop i have theSchann truck to deliver my order was 30.00 but i gave him 50.00 and told him to use for someone that my need extra food but was low on cash


March 26, 202007:16 am

I have a friend and her birthday was yesterday. She’s at home with her husband and son. My friend and I decided to decorate her porch with streamers and balloons, a card, and flowers(from Kroger’s ). It would have been more fun to all hang out And celebrate but I think we brightened her day!

Mary Ragan

March 26, 202007:12 am

While in line I let 4 seniors go ahead of me, Grocery shop for several, Ran errands ....Acts of kindness I witnessed EVERY KROGER EMPLOYEE BEING HELPFUL. You could see the tired look on their faces but kept going and being helpful in any way they all pitched in helping each other as well. Everyone here seems to be donating to food banks and cooking dropping off meals helping to serve meals there is no lack of kindness. Everyone is also wearing a gentleness about them not the usual life is about me attitude but really seeing their fellow man/woman/child it is refreshing

Heather Estes

March 26, 202006:58 am

Someone bought my mom's lunch in the drive thru at McDonald's a couple weeks ago. It was much appreciated since my mom currently is without a job. Thanks for all you do!

Tonya Thompson

March 26, 202006:45 am

I have been locked in at home, so unable to do much, but my son came home last night and told me how his dad (my husband) was at a gas station this morning, and a guy was trying to buy some snack cakes, but had to leave them when he did not have any money. (his debit card declined) My husband quickly bought his stuff and took it to the young guy who was obviously having a rough time as it appeared he was homeless. My son was so choked up about how the young man struggled to hold back tears when my husband followed him down the street to give the stuff to him. I am proud of my husband setting such great examples for our kids.


March 26, 202006:37 am

I have dropped of multiple boxes of dry goods to the local food pantry and shopped for the shut in in my town. Thanks to your couponing advice it makes this super easy. Thanks.

Kathy Stocke

March 26, 202006:30 am

My brother in California needed to pay for a truck repair. I sent him the money to cover his expenses.

Peggy Buzzard

March 26, 202006:30 am

I was going shopping so I called several families who I thought might need me to pick some items up for them so they wouldn't have to get out.


March 26, 202006:12 am

Our non profit has been making masks for senior centers and hospitals, along with providing lunches for first responders during the weeks this continues.


March 26, 202006:10 am

Just wanted to let the Main Street store in Lancaster know, they have got an exceptional good working team at that store. Always have a good experience with one of them, before leaving the store. Keep up the awesome works guys!!!

JoAnn Aragon

March 26, 202005:42 am

The neighbor called to see if we needed something at the store and insisted he’d get it.?it was a minor request but he got it and won’t let us reimburse. It’s a blessing h because usually it’s us doing that for others.

Debbie Teepe

March 26, 202005:25 am

While in Kroger another customer went for same item I did, only one was left, she insisted I have it. I felt bad taking it but she said she didn’t really need it as she had 4 cans at home. A little kindness goes a long way folks

Jodi De Weerdt

March 26, 202004:51 am

While on Facebook one day I saw a post from the neighborhood page. A lady stated that her co-worker and his girlfriend lost their place to live. She was asking if anyone could help them out in this situation or knew of a place for them to contact. I sent her a PM and offered food, toothpaste, mouthwash, kleenex. We agreed that I would put the items on the front porch in bags. She would pick them up and bring it along with her to work. I left 3 bags full on my porch. I hope that it helped them out a little. :) Have a blessed day!


March 26, 202004:49 am

I've seen patience and understanding during these trying times - neighbors helping neighbors and welfare checks on the most vulnerable around us.

Robin Burgess

March 26, 202004:35 am

My husband was shopping at the Fred Meyers in the Dalles, Oregon. He had 3 gallons of milk in his cart. The checker told him that due to restrictions over hoarding because of the covid-19 virus, customers were now limited to purchasing only 2 gallons of milk per purchase. The lady in line behind him volunteered to take one of the milks for him, and then once the purchase was completed she gave it to him and would not accept any payment for the milk. Such kindness!

Chanelle Childers

March 26, 202004:05 am

In the grocery store an older gentleman needed help getting a case of water. My husband help him get it to his cart and asked if he needed and more help that he could help him

Tommye Marion

March 26, 202003:24 am

I had picked up the last 4 pack of tolite tissue left on the shelf and was continuing to shop when I walked up on a lady that was telling her little girl that the store was out of tolite paper again and this was the 4th store they had checked. I turned around and gave them my pack as I still had some at home and was only getting it to make sure I had some extra in case a neighbor or one of the kids needed it. But I gave it to her and she was very grateful.


March 26, 202003:04 am

I saw a middle aged woman stop to make sure an older gentleman had what he needed while grocery shopping at Kroger earlier this week. It was so nice to see someone trying to help instead of run them over or push them out of the way (which I've seen a shocking amount of in the past few weeks). Katie, thanks for all you do! I've followed for years and always appreciate your hard work!

Matthew Smith

March 26, 202002:43 am

Helping elderly members of my Church with grocery and medication pickup

Candus Wilson

March 26, 202002:41 am

My Son and I were at the Supermarket and a Gentleman was in line purchasing two small packs of napkins due to the store not having any toilet paper . One of workers informed the shopper he was limited to one . So I purchased the napkins and gave them to him .

Lauren Blackburn

March 26, 202002:24 am

Every single day I call every single one of my elderly neighbors to make sure there’s nothing they need for the day. I have been running errands for elderly and my friends with compromised immune systems. I am a mother of two myself so it’s not easy but I feel as if it’s my civil duty to help.

Natalie Buaquen

March 26, 202002:05 am

I am a caregiver and my patient had no money this month due to certain circumstances so I bought her a few groceries to hold her over for about two weeks.

Nancy Alford

March 26, 202001:58 am

Volunteered and took pull ups to person who was out and is running short on cash.

Leticia Ortega

March 26, 202001:57 am

I'm making breakfast tacos to show appreciation to our doctors and nurses working at my local hospitals. Just want to show them they are appreciated!

Joanna Rodriguez

March 26, 202001:56 am

Hi, I work at a grocery store I witnessed alot of good things that people do for the elderly, good and kind people we still have around us even in this time of crisis like today this lady was short 5$ and 2 ladies waiting in line paid for an elderly lady tha was also handicapped and was just trying to buy some food to eat I tell you we still have good and kind people in this world be kind to one another take care!!! :)

Jennifer Davis

March 26, 202001:48 am

On my last shopping trip there was an elderly man on a wheelchair shopping cart. He was struggling to find things especially on the top shelf(toilet paper) I was able to help him make his trip a little less stressful. It is a blessing to help those that need it.

Sabrina Fong

March 26, 202001:47 am

With the current situation, my boyfriend got temporarily laid off as he works in the hotel industry. His work ended up making some packages of food for the employees that got laid off. When we went to go pick it up, we were talking with his boss and told him we were unable to find toilet paper at the stores. His boss offered to see if the he could find some extras that he could provide us with. He went out of his way to go check and bring back an additional roll we could add to our stock to support our family. We weren’t asking for any and were just in casual conversation, but he offered on his own to try to help us out.

Kathy Owens

March 26, 202001:07 am

Watching all the nurses, aids, housekeelers,cooks, and office personal at the nursing home where I work keep coming back everyday to care for the residents that are confused that what is happening around them while everyone is stressed of the uncertain and trying to keep everyone safe and well!

Catrina H

March 26, 202012:57 am

One of my daughters is a single mom and she was laid off last week. A friend right away brought her supplies and a grocery gift card. So incredible it made us both cry.


March 26, 202012:50 am

I have been able to be a part of and witness some many acts of kindness through my church. We are not only looking out for other church members but the community as well. We pray, buy and deliver groceries to those in need, share what we have with others, encourage others, and sk much more. It is neat see so much kindness in all of this uncertainty.

Jocelyn Hammond

March 26, 202012:46 am

Love you guys!


March 26, 202012:44 am

When my mother passed away last year, one of the things left when we cleaned out her apartment was 6 of the large canisters of Clorox wipes. I've been carrying one canister in my car, and have been using them to wipe things off as I leave - the buttons on the vacuum chute at the bank drive-through, the door handle on the outside of the Post Office, nozzle at the gas pump, etc. Also use them on carts at grocery instead of using the ones in the store to help conserve them for others.

Donna Magee

March 26, 202012:39 am

I am seeing more people drop off groceries to neighbors.


March 26, 202012:34 am

Its not for me I would want the card... A friend who he and his wife are low income, but will help anyone needed. His mom recently passed, he's been helping his dad this past week for groceries/medications/working with the VA/ as he's in his late 70's, his Aunt, Uncle get their groceries/medications as well as a couple of elderly neighbors of theirs. They have done so many good deeds it needs to rewarded and I feel this would be a very good reward for them. I feel that they are the ultimate self less people regardless of their income or status. In my mind they are true heroes in life and someone to look up to ....

Sara mattingly

March 26, 202012:34 am

I am currently working 14hrs a day on the front lines

Brittany Hornsby

March 26, 202012:24 am

My friend had a sick little one. She had the flu and RSV. With the Corona virus pandemic going on my friend could not find any sanitizing products to disinfect her house so her other two kids wouldn’t catch the flu. I had an extra can of Lysol and container of Clorox wipes that I put in her mailbox so she could clean. She was so grateful!

Monica Puente

March 26, 202012:18 am

My daughter jumped over to reach the last pack of charmin for a friendly neighbor who wouldn’t have been able to get it.


March 26, 202012:13 am

My 11-year-old insisted on ordering groceries to be delivered to his cousin who is in college out of state once her campus shut down.


March 26, 202012:05 am

I went through my freezer and pantry to help my younger sister who was laid off due to covid-19. It took her two trips to the car in order to load everything. That's why I coupon. My mother and youngest sister brought over toothpaste, shampoo's and conditioners, feminine hygiene products and I texted a friend who works for Dept of Human Services. She's taking the items for kids in foster care. Donating/helping others runs in my blood.

Vickie Kerns

March 25, 202011:54 pm

I am just so overwhelmed by how kind people have been through all the tough times we are going through we are all scared an frustrated but still going out of our way from stores opening up special times for our elderly to making masks for our hospital staff because of the shortage people are really stepping up it warms my heart Thankyou everyone that is helping out ❤️❤️❤️


March 25, 202011:44 pm

I shopped for a friend who is unable to take any chances of exposure and delivered the items to her.

Joan Matthews

March 25, 202011:43 pm

My son's neighbor came over to his house yesterday to bring him toilet paper.. she had gotten some and didn't need the full pack so she gave him half.


March 25, 202011:35 pm

Donated a bunch of candy to a nursing home to bring a little joy to their lives! My cousin works there and said they loved it!

Tiff Rafferty

March 25, 202011:32 pm

Gave the last cart to the older person behind me as we were entering the store.

Samantha Walker

March 25, 202011:31 pm

My husband and I volunteered at my church today in a food and household products giveaway. It was awesome seeing so many people helping (at social distance lol) and praying for others in need!

Wendy Y

March 25, 202011:27 pm

I was at Dillons (our Kroger store) last Friday. I was grabbing some items that were on sale and when I went to the aisle the only ones left were all the way at the top and in the back. As I was trying to grab a couple of the detergents some older ladies noticed the sale and lamented they were all gone. I informed them that there was indeed 5 on the self and I'd gladly hand them some of the bottles and to let me know how many. As I 5'6" and the top shelf is over 6 foot I was on my tip toes and had grabbed a handled scrub brush to hopefully push the items closer. As I stretched, hopped, and wildly swung i was able to get all the bottles but 1 moved forward and handed off the now small line of ladies wanting a bottle. I get to the last one and I just can't quite reach it, so a wonderful lady a couple inches taller than me offered to help get the last bottle down off the shelf for me. The entire time all I could think was how a small group of ladies all helped each other out in getting a needed item that most of us couldn't reach on the shelves. I know this is a simple thing but when you're short and you need and item you can't reach its appreciated when someone is willing to help.

Karen Kilpatrick

March 25, 202011:17 pm

I reached out to our neighborhood via the facebook page (as well as contact to people whom I see outside driving by) to make sure that the older and more fragile members of our neighborhood are able to get the supplies they need. If they don't, I offer to get them when I go to the store as I make about twice weekly trips to the store due to the size of our large family (5 kids, 2 adults). It has helped get others to reach out as well and now there are quite a few of us reaching out to anyone and everyone when we go out to run errands or pick up things for our neighbors...not just the ones who can't get out.

Rhoda Stroud

March 25, 202011:13 pm

Several neighborhoods in our community have a table set up where you can take an item you need or leave an item for others. In this current crisis, many of the items were necessities that people are finding difficult to locate to purchase in stores. I thought it was the sweetest gesture.

Abbi Kelley

March 25, 202011:11 pm

I was leaving a grocery store and saw a elderly man searching for wipes to wipe his cart. I saw his worried face and pulled my Clorox wipes from my purse (I’m 33weeks pregnant so take every precaution And carry with me at all times ) and offered some to him. He was so grateful and kept telling me how wonderful I was . The next day I saw another elderly lady when I had went to pharmacy and she was looking for clorox wipes. I offered my whole bag to the lady and she was so grateful. When doing good things for others, it’s absolutly amazing the warmth your soul feels.


March 25, 202011:11 pm

I have been doing my part by trying to stay home and away from the public as much as possible. Knowing people are losing their jobs,even if for the time being I wanted to do something to make someone smile. So when I returned my 2 redbox movies I added a note and a few dollars to rent another movie or buy some snacks. My oldest daughter was with me and thought it was so cool. She is the only person who knows about it other than who recieved the movies. I just always remeber how we felt when someone paid for our meal at a drive thru once and wanted someone else to feel that way. Stay kind and always remember to pay it forward!

patti barfield

March 25, 202011:07 pm

My neighbor, a very shy young man, came to take my disabled daughter to the grocery store. She and I both have mobility issues and are on walkers. He was so kind to help us he even carried everything into the house and helped get it put away in the kitchen.


March 25, 202010:55 pm

I recently moved to a 55+ neighborhood, I have met only a few neighbors so far, but while unpacking today my next door neighbors came home and made a point to say hello and introduce themselves. They said they had been to the local grocery store and three other stores looking for gloves and toilet paper. I just so happen to ha e both in a good quanity because I am a couponer and deal finder. I purchased these things before I ever heard about a pandemic so I was happy to give my neighbors a large pack of toilet paper and a box of gloves. They were so appreciative as they were not going to have to continue looking for the products tomorrow . It felt good to help and it also felt nice to meet my neighbors in such an unusual way but one we will definitely remember. ;)


March 25, 202010:52 pm

One of my good friend found some toilet paper for my family!! They were sold out everywhere around me! lol

Renetta Johnson

March 25, 202010:52 pm

I live in a small community and have read about many kind jesters of kindness! I can’t get out of my house due to being immune system compromised. One of our localnn m pizza places made it so parents could pick up a $1 slice of pizza and can of pop for lunches while schools are shut down, during lunch for a couple hours a day, the manager or owner comes in to bleach things down and runs the register report to see someone had paid it forward to the tune of 300 lunches! Our community has pulled together to make sure none of our children miss meals! The bus drivers are even delivering and it doesn’t matter if you get free or reduced lunches, you can eat! I have seen people picking up groceries for neighbors, I myself check with elder family prior to my mom going out and she checks with older people she works for to make sure their needs are met. A local entrepreneur is setting up his eatery outside his home that he normally takes to the fair and will deliver meals if you order, although not free but allowing moms a break from cooking and some of our restaurants are shut down! We only have 4, not including pizza places. Our Pastors are doing online sermons to feed the soul! I have an amazing community and can’t tell you how many calls I personally have had due to my illness! I feel so blessed even in the troubled times!

Becky Sander

March 25, 202010:51 pm

My husband and I have turned our house into a daycare for four of our grandchildren who aren't allowed back in school while we are trying to stay safe from the Covid-19 virus. We have also provided fulltime care of Grandpa in our home for the past year, so we have had a lot of excitement over the past couple of weeks. I have going to the grocery store about every day after work to keep up on fruits and vegetables and bread, when I can find it on the shelves. I enjoy cooking for our family, but the grocery bill has doubled while caring for all the hungry birds in our nest.

Whitney Fields

March 25, 202010:51 pm

I gave a woman at Kroger all the toilet paper I had in my trunk the other day. Our store has been out for a few weeks now and she and I had struck up a conversation in the store about it all... when I came out to put my groceries in the trunk I realized we were parked next to each other and as she was loading up I asked her if she had any toilet paper at all. She said she didn’t and I knew I had 2 packs in my trunk so I just gave them to her: it made both of our days!

Krisann Kirker

March 25, 202010:47 pm

An Amish friend of mine called (by using their neighborhood phone box) to check on us and see if there was anything we needed. I thought that was very kind of her.

Kelley Geddis

March 25, 202010:40 pm

My most recent act of kindness occurred today. A neighbor whom I have never met posted on our nextdoor app made a post stating that she was in extreme need for detergent. Neighbors posted offering a few pods or some mail samples. I had plenty to spare thanks to my years of couponing. I sent her a private message telling her "I got you"...went on to ask for her address so I could drop off on her porch...all for free. Well, I boxed up probably 6 liquid bottles of good detergent and another box of household supplies that I had plenty to spare...again thanks to couponing. I dropped them off and left. She of course thanked me afterwards. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

Marilyn Cordova

March 25, 202010:39 pm

I have been following you for a couple years now, specifically the must do and mega events. Over that time I have been able to affordably build a stockpile and did not need to go out in a panic searching for TP. Just want you to know you really saved my butt I really appreciate the work you put in to help people save money on essentials. I have been so grateful to not have a shortage concern in this already stressful time. So thank you!


March 25, 202010:36 pm

Writing out post cards to students at our school. This way they all know someone is thinking of them.


March 25, 202010:35 pm

We wrote a thank you note to our favorite corrections officer


March 25, 202010:33 pm

My whole family is helping my parents this week to pack and move.

Brianne Pack

March 25, 202010:30 pm

Anytime I have to make a run to the grocery I ask neighbors and family if they need anything. They are older and it is best that they aren't out in this.

Lawanda Batie

March 25, 202010:29 pm

I paid for groceries for a senior citizen.

Christine Spica

March 25, 202010:25 pm

I baked cookies for my daughter and staff who works in healthcare

virginia newcomb

March 25, 202010:23 pm

I had a coupon for cat food but don't have a cat but got it and gave it to my neighbor who has 2 cats

Joann W

March 25, 202010:20 pm

Your Kroger finds rock! Thank you for sharing the best deals out there! ✌

Niki Maas

March 25, 202010:18 pm

I saw a neighbor going door-to-door asking if anyone needed any assistance with supplies. It was so sweet. I wish I could also do that but I am a high-risk diabetic person.


March 25, 202010:11 pm

I helped out my mother & then son, they both needed toilet paper, soap , detergent, cleaning sprays & gloves, etc. It feels good to help out your love ones when their in need❤


March 25, 202010:09 pm

My son just gave a glowing review for the pickup employees who have been working so hard to get out the many orders during this shortage. They are all doing a wonderful job and I appreciate their hard work and patience.

Carrie Scott

March 25, 202010:07 pm

We paid for 2 cars behind us in drive thru last night. I was also able to finally find toilet paper so I've shared and offered to share with several neighbors.


March 25, 202010:02 pm

Helping my neighbors

Marilyn Rose

March 25, 202010:02 pm

Making prayer blankets for people in the hospital.

Kathy McCoy

March 25, 202010:02 pm

I work in the health care industry. The wonderful group of ladies I work with and I, well we’re all having a hard time getting to the store. We started a chain letting each other know what we need so when one of us is in the store we can pick it up for them and keep everyone supplied with their basic needs. It helps all of us and our families.

Kathy Roberts

March 25, 202010:01 pm

I have an 82 year old neighbor who is in rehab for stage 4 kidney failure. So while in rehab I am cleaning her house , getting her mail, and feeding her cats. She has no family but a niece.

Tina Eddington

March 25, 202009:50 pm

I have been apart of and witnessed much kindness these last few days with the stay at home ordinances in place around our area. People are volunteering to shop for elderly and disabled or immunosuppressed people, walking pets, making meals, making face masks, preparing and/or purchasing food and delivering to our first responders ( fire, EMT, police), taking food to our local hospital for the doctors and nurses that are working overtime during this and most of all PRAYING! Praying for all the nation, our doctors, nurses, first responders, and everyone that is affected by this horrible virus here and around the world. It doesn’t take but a second to smile at someone or simply say hello, as just those small acts of kindness could very well be the highlight of someone’s day!


March 25, 202009:50 pm

A lady was going through Kroger checkout buying a lot of groceries. The young man who was bagging had a hard time keeping up and apologized for the length of time it took to bag everything. The lady smiled at him and said: "Oh no, you did amazing! Thank you for your help!" These people truly work hard and do everything they can to make our shopping experience smooth and pleasant. I feel gratitude for them because they work, so that I can feed my family.

Joy Chadwick

March 25, 202009:49 pm

My act of kindness was stocking my moms fridge and freezer and making sure she has "NO" reason to leave her house!!! She is 76 with COPD and I want to keep her safe, I dont know what I'd do if I lost her to this virus.

Angel Allran

March 25, 202009:48 pm

Long story short. I am a RN at a nursing and rehab facility and with recent lock Downs in place I see our residents miss there family. While most have phones to keep in touch a lot don't. I enjoy using my phone to allow them to speak with there family. The smile on there faces makes my day so worth it.

Tanya Rono

March 25, 202009:38 pm

Since I live in a neighborhood with a bunch of retirees, I went door to door getting their grocery lists. I then went and picked and delivered their groceries. Yes some items I had to search a couple different stores but it kept them from going out. Was so happy to help! We need to be kind to each other during these times, instead of greedy.


March 25, 202009:38 pm

Our neighbors asked us if we needed groceries and they are older than I am!!!! So last Sat. they got us milk and bananas, etc. Thanks for doing this drawing.

Valerie Perez

March 25, 202009:38 pm

We were blessed with 30 dozen of eggs and vegetables yesterday. We were able to help out my sister, cousin and aunt who are all not working during this time. A little help goes along ways for those in need.

Mary Downs

March 25, 202009:37 pm

I’ve done the coupon thing for years. Never go in Kroger that I don’t check the markdown spots. I don’t have a ton because I’ve cut back (at least tried) the past few years. Even still I was able to shareItems that were out of stock with my family.

Stacy Rodriguez

March 25, 202009:36 pm

I am a nurse and signed up to work the shift answering triage phones for the Covid hotline prior to my working shift and again working the hotline after my working shift everyday because not enough nurses are covering. I have put in more hours than I want to admit trying to keep our patients calm and educated.

Brenda Forker

March 25, 202009:33 pm

Snacks for hospital employees who usually get called away during lunch breaks....respiratory therapists.

Tamanisha W.

March 25, 202009:31 pm

I work with families in the care of Child Protective Services. Last week a newborn was transported by ambulance from 1 city ro mine. I got the call parent needed someone to sit with the baby bc she has younger kids who can't go to the hospital bc of ncov-19. I'd finished an 8 hr day of visits as a CPS contractor. I agreed to shower, shallow my food whole & get there. My shift scheduled was 12 hours max, I stayed 20. Mom had no support to keep the kids. I shares info with cps to give to daycare to let others come so she could see her baby. Done. Then the hospital said no visit bc she brought her 14 yr old. I was exhausted. I offered to stay when she got there, keep the 14 yr old so mom could see baby, talk to drs. Get MRI results etc. We got it done! Baby is on antibiotics. It wasn't corona and mom got to take care of all her babies. we moves that baby 2x. Hospitals are screening at the entry with guards. It was worth it.

Joan McKenzie

March 25, 202009:31 pm

Before the virus started, when I go to a drive through I like to pay for the person behind me. But because of trying to be safe I have not been in over 2 weeks. I would love to win the card and give to a senior citizen or even challenge people to add to kid and get several. bags to give to seniors. They need our help, I am one of those seniors but feel blessed by my family.

Beth Bain

March 25, 202009:30 pm

My neighbor went above and beyond today to help my son complete a project he was making for his friend. 2 acts of kindness in one instance. It made my night!

Renay J Isermann

March 25, 202009:25 pm

I bought a gift card for a restaurant carry out for a nephew who just had a new baby!

Cindy Johnson

March 25, 202009:24 pm

A woman in my community mentioned that she has a heart condition so she couldn't drive all over trying to find eggs for her children. She was concerned about them having enough protein. I checked 3 different store in a neighboring town, but did not find eggs. I told her and offered to give her cans of beans.


March 25, 202009:23 pm

The last time I went to Kroger, there were two locked buggies available, so I went outside to find one. I was looking around, and there was a man coming with a fairly big group of buggies. I recognized he didn't look like he worked there.. I asked him if he worked there, he said I called him a"Good Samaritan"!!

Teresa Beschman

March 25, 202009:19 pm

I usually bake cookies and treats for my coworkers...but we're all working from home bow. So I bakes a bunch of cookies and will be shipping small batches to everyone instead to hopefully brighten their days!

Tiffany Bero

March 25, 202009:19 pm

My group of friends have been checking on each other, especially when we head to King Soopers. They have gotten me things and I in turn have picked up things for them too! It’s nice to know I have friends to depend on!


March 25, 202009:18 pm

I was in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru the other day and the car in front of me paid for our fries and a drink. This was something I needed after experiencing a difficult day with my high school girl struggling with her mental health.

Caroline Kalita

March 25, 202009:17 pm

My husband who is an ex police officer and I were in a drive thru, behind was an officer probably on his lunch. When we pulled to the payment window we paid for his food. My husband said he can remember trying to get a bite of food in before another call. This isnt the first time we have done this., but we felt with all the officers losing their lives it was the least we could do because they protect us everyday.


March 25, 202009:14 pm

I dropped off a milk and eggs to an elderly couple and I call and check on them each day to see what they need.


March 25, 202009:14 pm

I’m a cancer patient getting ready to do chemo again. I’m raising my three grandchildren and two are special needs. I haven’t left my house in 9 days but need to leave tomorrow for groceries. I’m extremely worried with my cancer and heart problems of catching it. I mentioned this and a kind soul make me a cotton mask. It will help some and give me a bit of piece of mind. I’m forever grateful

Simone Ramsawh

March 25, 202009:13 pm

I actually think you are very kind for doing this during a time of uncertainty for many. We had a neighbor who asked if we had toilet paper, and we gave her some rolls. Glad we had them to share. Thanks!

Brenna Serby

March 25, 202009:13 pm

I would pay the gift card forward to a wonderful community member and friend of my moms who while schooling and keeping 2 little ones safe at home has made and donated over 75 reusable masks to a local hospital and nursing home and has even started a movement in our community and others have joined it. She is a wonderful selfless person and definitely would be greatful to receive this! She even made the front page of our local paper for her efforts!


March 25, 202009:12 pm

My sweet niece who is paralyzed from ALS and talks with her eyes into her computer was helping me locate soft pretzels for my Autistic son who is ill.

Kimberly DeMasellis

March 25, 202009:10 pm

I went to multiple stores looking for margarine. I went to my local Kroger and saw a lady reaching for the last 2 margarines. She saw me looking and asked if I could use one. She gave me one. We talked for a minute and I told her how I was going to have my teenagers do some baking. She said. "Here take another. I am just doing a dump cake. Enjoy your kids!" She was such a blessing

Joy Trent

March 25, 202009:08 pm

I have been helping a group in our community feed the kids lunch while they have been out of school. It is nice because I still get to see a couple of the students from the school I work at.


March 25, 202009:06 pm

I met a really kind lady recently at a food bank. She had walked there & couldn’t carry everything back to her house. I offered her a box that had handles & she was so grateful. However when I saw she was still picking what to take home, I asked if I could give her a ride home. She started crying & was telling me her husband just got out of the hospital. It made my soul happy that I could help. Thank you for being so positive, it’s what we really need right now.

Krista Cordova

March 25, 202009:02 pm

My daughter was thinking about others when she grabbed some Diapers n wipes for her best friend who has a little one because plp were clearing the shelves in panic mode and she knew there wasn't going to be any left for her friend I've taught my baby girl well to think of others and if you can n are able to help then do it we are all in this together!!


March 25, 202009:00 pm

With all of this madness going on I've helped in as many ways as I've financially been able to.. whether it was just keeping in contact with everyone and finding what they were in need of and keeping an eye out for those items when I was out and about (because a lot of items were out of stock when they went to the store) to telling people a known location to purchase meat. I gave a gentleman half of my order at Kroger because his card was declined. He had a little boy with him. I wish I could have been able to purchase his tab for him but I wasn't able to do so financially. I've also picked up breakfasts and lunches from school and taken them to a family that didn't have a vehicle. There's another family I took 2 gallons of milk, bread, oatmeal, and cereal to bc they didn't have any breakfast for their children. I don't have a lot but try to do what I can in any way possible for others. This is a really neat idea that you're doing. It's a great feeling helping others in need and it typically goes without notice. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all


March 25, 202008:58 pm

We put stuffed animals up in our windows for neighbors to enjoy on their walks.

Heather Lucas

March 25, 202008:56 pm

Thank you for the positivity!


March 25, 202008:56 pm

We distributed green and pink cards with a note to put the green card in a front window and if you need something and can't or are scared to get out put the pink one in the window with a note of what you need and someone will drop it on your porch for you. Now we drive around town checking everyones cards to make sure everyone has what they need. There are several elderly and health compromised residents in town so we are making sure they are safe and have what they need.

William Winn

March 25, 202008:51 pm

My previous comment disappeared, so posting again. I was my way to my car, leaving my local Sam's Club, when I noticed an elderly woman trying to load her car. She had several heavy itemsin her cart including a case of Coke, water, etc... I stopped and asked her if I could help her, she said yes, and I proceeded to load her car. I then took her cart to cart storage. This is something my wife and I do often.

Emi Fields

March 25, 202008:51 pm

I am a single mom going through a divorce, first generation immigrant, and work full-time. I have two small boys who are 9 and 6. I live in Illinois and my town is currently under an order for the residents to stay at home. I dont have my family for support. I am least educated to homeschool my children. They don't speak my native language. We have always spoken English at home. My co-worker/good friend stays with me during the day to help me homeschool my children while doing the regular daytime work from my home. He helped me with the home project I have been unable to complete because of my busy schedule and lack of knowledge. He has been a blessing and it truely shows especially during a hardship like this.

Sue Damron

March 25, 202008:50 pm

We made a recent donation to our local church of over $300 worth of items which I purchased most of this with coupons but they we do happy to receive this to give out to the homeless in the area. I can’t wait to donate again. I love couponing & I actually donate more than I keep.

Vicki Bonagofski

March 25, 202008:50 pm

I am so proud of my daughter, she made soup and shared with her neighbors and put together bags with emergency items (toilet paper, diapers, wipes & more) to give to neighbors that didn't have enough.

Tammie Riggs

March 25, 202008:45 pm

A elderly couple in front of me at krogers didnt have enough money for their groceries so I paid for their grocercies


March 25, 202008:43 pm

I gave the last of my lysol and some packs of toilet paper to my elderly neighbor because she couldn’t find anything in stores. Now I just do her shopping with mine. :)


March 25, 202008:43 pm

We have a lady in our town who owns a restaurant and she is packing lunches everyday and giving them out to people who need them from noon to one pm everyday. She says she will do this as long as she can. This restaurant owner is not a wealthy person, just a great cook and a giving person.

Lori Radabaugh

March 25, 202008:42 pm

I stood in line for 3 hours to get my sisters family, my dad, my 27 year old son and us meat at a meat market. My boyfriend and I each got the max of each meat and distributed it between the family. I should have stayed home because I am high risk but I did what my mom would have done. My dad has bad copd so he didn’t need to go out and my sister was self quarantined after traveling. All of us are good for a month.

Matthew Coates

March 25, 202008:42 pm

I shop on behalf of my compromised parents. While out one day last week, I was in a store and there was grocery cart shortage - I had to wait for an available cart. While I was waiting, a young mom came in with her toddler, you could tell she was wary of people judging her for having her child out in this climate and she most likely wanted to just grab a few things and go. I ended up scouting the parking lot for someone returning a cart and I took it back inside to her. She needed it more than me! I didn’t have a little one in a carrier to try to lug around. She was very appreciative and I got my own cart soon after. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, but sometimes doing something nice is the way to go.

Jenna Richey

March 25, 202008:41 pm

My neighbor delivered pizza to me yesterday. I have a lot of health issues and no family. She always helps me and I make her little crafts and try to reciprocate her kindness. The end of the month is difficult financially... and not being able to get out and about, well, it’s a struggle but my neighbor, Jasna, we keep each other’s spirits up. I love this site, Kroger Krazy, it’s helpful and informative. ❤️


March 25, 202008:41 pm

Made 200 masks for area elderly and donated $500 in food to feed the homeless here

Alice Arthur

March 25, 202008:39 pm

One of the baggers carried my groceries pout to the car in the pouring rain g ave me his umbrella to use to get to my car

Kaz Fitness

March 25, 202008:36 pm

I have shared great NON-GMO veggie snacks and drinks from Krogers among my colleagues working at AMAZON distribution center. They all love it and want more during this time of hysteria and restaurants shutting down. We will RISE ABOVE this CRISIS!!! Rise to Your Health! KAZ24

Amy Norman

March 25, 202008:35 pm

I picked up medications from Walgreens for my in-laws due to the COVID-19 scare. The drive-through line had an 30 minute wait. It was worth it to ensure that they are protected from this virus.

Candice Crow

March 25, 202008:34 pm

We are helping our parents with their grocery shopping so that they dont have to get out.


March 25, 202008:34 pm

Helping my elderly in-laws with errands and groceries so they don't have to go out.

Olga Fernandez

March 25, 202008:33 pm

We are becoming a better community helping each other .From giving goods to family and elderly in need . I have been giving people canned goods and toilet people to help out people that are not working .And making the kids happy with candy I have purchased with cupons and krogers speacials.

Crissi Diebold

March 25, 202008:32 pm

This is my Daughter, Josie. She has a salon. I couldn’t figure out how to load the entire story. She gave a homeless man she had never met before, a new do at no charge. It’s a great story. Her name is Josie Kennedy and her salon is The Beauty Loft.


March 25, 202008:26 pm

My 70 year old neighbor's 3 pound Yorkipoo was lost 2 days ago. She could not come outside due to being high-risk for the corona vurus. My neighbor was distraught. I decided to drive around our neighborhood and a nearby neighborhood to look for him. I looked for over 3 hours and put up flyers. Two days later, someone called and said he had found the dog but really wanted to keep him. I told him about the neighbor and how she considers the dog as a son. The man in the phone reconsidered and said I could come back him up. When I returned the dog to my neighbor, her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

Kathy Gornick

March 25, 202008:26 pm

Love your videos. Thank you for all that you do ❤


March 25, 202008:25 pm

I experienced how Kroger worker helped me out at checkout.


March 25, 202008:28 pm

I commented on the RaffleKopter form

Tifaney L Moses

March 25, 202008:25 pm

I have been sending all of your deals to my family. I have also been volunteering to cook for a couple. One of them is working full time and the other just had surgery on her goot and can't get around because she is restricted to no pressure on the foot as of yet.

Dominic Crowder

March 25, 202008:24 pm

Good evening I just wanted to leave my act of kindness on this blog post I have actually for the last week and a half been dealing with my girlfriend getting diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome and if any of you know what that is it's an autoimmune illness that eats away at your nervous system and the things that I've had to do for her a lot of you would not do for others like help her walk help her eat help her use the restroom help her clean herself and much more this has been a trying time but it's built the character in me to the next level of my personal Being. I've learned that you don't run away from things when you love people you run towards them so hopefully this can bring awareness for Guillain-Barre syndrome to other people because it is a very scary ordeal to have to go through thank you for your time

William Winn

March 25, 202008:24 pm

I was leaving my local Sam's Club, on my way to my car. I noticed an elderly woman loading her car and noticed she had some heavy items (cases of coke, water, etc...). So I went over and asked her if I could give her a hand, and proceeded to load her car and then took her cart to the cart storage for her.


March 25, 202008:24 pm

I have smiled at everyone at work and even enjoyed the day with fellow workers that usually don't get along with.


March 25, 202008:24 pm

I donated food to the local food pantry

Debbie Schultz

March 25, 202008:23 pm

There was an elderly gentleman in line in front of me... before the lockdown. He had to packs of TP in his cart. They told him he could only have one. I knew, as a Nurse, it probably took all he had to come out & get the few supplies he needed. Since I didn’t need any, I bought the 2nd pack & gave it to him . He was very sweet & appreciative. Small gesture to try & keep him safe!

Chastity Hedges

March 25, 202008:23 pm

My husbands barber just recently got married (they saved and paid for this), she had also been working extra hard to get her own shop up and running. When we learned that non essential business were going to close here in VA, we reached out and sent her $$ to help her get through. And we’ve shared what we could with a couple of our neighbors. We didn’t do it for recognition but it is truly disheartening to see good, kind, hardworking people lose their livelihood. It’s also a good time to teach my teenagers a strong lesson in helping others and how a little kindness can go a long way.

Dawn Rawlings

March 25, 202008:23 pm

Today I took to our nextdoor app. I found a person in need of toilet paper, I was able to leave them 4 rolls on my porch for a pickup. Then I found a mother looking for activities for her preschooler, and I luckily had 3 workbooks. My kiddos also took to our bike path and shared inspiring messages for all to enjoy. Spreading cheer is so important these days!

Hannah Denley

March 25, 202008:22 pm

Random act of kindness... that’s a hard one. I think in general everyone I have run into has given a piece of themselves or been given kindness. From the lady at the grocery store that needed the last loaf of bread for her ill husband and all the customers (including me) helped to make sure she got what she needed, to the floods of our small town going to the local bakery in hopes to keep them in business during this hard time. All in all I think the pandemic has made everyone stop and think, be thankful for what we have and what we can give.

KIMBERLY Gallemore

March 25, 202008:22 pm

Recently I was at Walgreens and there was an elderly lady at the pharmacy. She didn't have enough for all her prescriptions. I offered to pay for those that she did not have the money to pay for. We need to take care of our elderly! They once was responsible for us.

Jen Rapien

March 25, 202008:21 pm

Thank you! I dropped off paper towels to a friend who was out and couldn’t find any.


March 25, 202008:21 pm

I love my Kroger coupon deals!!!


March 25, 202008:22 pm

I get to share and educate my family about the specials!!


March 25, 202008:21 pm

Paid way over 20% tip to a delivery person bringing me and coworkers lunch !

Angelica Reyes

March 25, 202008:20 pm

I gave family and friends tiolet paper, hygiene products, and laundry products due to being unemployed due to surgery and the coronavirus pandemic.

Melissa Diemer

March 25, 202008:20 pm

Thanks for sharing! I picked up drinks for all the coworkers just a token of my appreciation!


March 25, 202008:19 pm

There was a “pay it forward” line at our local starbucks that lasted ALL DAY they said!


March 25, 202008:19 pm

Love Kroger krazy

Karen Lange

March 25, 202008:19 pm

Personally, I've been making sure my mother in law has what she needs during this challenging time. Also have sent cards to those I know cannot get out, and would like to send some cards to the local nursing homes. I've seen people preparing meals for others, as well as gathering supplies (and even toilet paper!) to hand out to neighbors as well as strangers. As hard as this stretch may seem, many people are coming together to help and support our community. Thanks for offering the giveaway! :)

Heather Harphant

March 25, 202008:17 pm

I have dog food and cat food to people in need last week and this week. (Side note, I do this often).

Tricia Langston

March 25, 202008:17 pm

I donated money to help others get groceries

Marcy Cox

March 25, 202008:16 pm

I want to thank the employees at all local stores for giving 1000% to make our shopping experiences better in this crazy world. Please people, don’t take your frustrations out on them, they are doing everything they can! Try saying a kind word or smiling instead. Bless all you workers for putting yourself and your families at tisk


March 25, 202008:15 pm

I guy put his cell phone on charge at a local lunch spot while eating last week. As I was throwing my trash away, I noticed his phone & remembered him & his co-workers had just got into a truck. I ran out into the parking lot to flag them down so the guy could get his phone back.

Missy Mcrae

March 25, 202008:15 pm

I have tried to make sure that I reach out to others during this time especially with our social distancing. Every day I try to touch five people with an encouraging word, a text with my daily devotional, or may a song that gave me some positive vibes. I’m a happy person and not being able to be with other and talk in sociology setting has taken some getting use to, so not only do I think this helps my friends and colleagues (I work in state gov and we are still in contact with our families everyday ensure our children are safe) I think it also gives me hope for mankind.


March 25, 202008:14 pm

I donated sanitary goods to a local charity.

Donna Smith

March 25, 202008:11 pm

Bake for the neighbors & include a Card with a "Prayer," & My Phone # should they need anything!


March 25, 202008:10 pm

Just trying to be kind to others and help in any way I can.

Cindy Pendlum

March 25, 202008:08 pm

I gave a family toilet paper, paper towels and other essential items to help them.

Danielle Phillips

March 25, 202008:08 pm

I have been giving away lots of things like non perishables I have couponer for. Including *gasp* some toilet paper and paper towels! I have also been on the receiving end of 2nd grade workbooks for my son and a point and click thermometer. People in my community are really rallying around one another here.

Wendy Forbes

March 25, 202008:07 pm

I have witnessed people purchasing groceries for the elderly.


March 25, 202008:07 pm

My community has been putting bears in their windows or on their porches, and families are driving around and having fun counting the bears! I have a big yellow stuffed smiley face I put in the window to participate. It's just something fun to keep kids minds off of what all is going on!

Tina Williams

March 25, 202008:07 pm

I have been making sandwiches and donating them for Roseville community schools for kids lunches

Kim V

March 25, 202008:07 pm

At this time, I’m just so happy to see people who are being kind to others because people are so anxious and angry right now. I try to smile and be kind to others but I’m making an extra effort right now.


March 25, 202008:06 pm

Picked up some items at the store for an elderly neighbor.


March 25, 202008:06 pm

I volunteered to delivery groceries to local healthcare professionals.

Patty Frayser

March 25, 202008:05 pm

I am making masks to donate to local facilities in need.


March 25, 202008:04 pm

I have been remotely loving on my friends and strangers on Twitter that seemed down. Some of my friends suffer from depression and this situation hasn't been helping. I am also a cup overflow kind of gal, and some are annoyed by that. I just have so much love I feel the need to help remotely where I can. Thanks for your blog and your positive posts.


March 25, 202008:04 pm

On Monday while checking out at Fry's the line's were 30 minutes long. The lady in front of my husband realized she didn't have her wallet. She said she could call her husband but it would take him a few minutes to get there. People behind my husband were grumbling. My husband paid for her 52.00 bill. By the time he checked out her husband's was there and repaid my husband. Poor lady I can just imagine her having to wait in a 30 minute line again.


March 25, 202008:02 pm

I don't have a lot of money but I do pray for the nation

Stacylynn Kramp

March 25, 202008:02 pm

I have been sending out birthday cards to children in my sons school who has a birthday during our lock in. My son turned 2 during this and he won’t remember but these kids will. I also saw a post on Facebook who said their son wanted a specific book so I went on amazon and bought it for him and shipped it to him. Anything to make the kids happy during this time.

Erin Sellers

March 25, 202008:01 pm

I saw my community immediately rally together to make sure the elderly residents had food and the items they needed❤️

Sarah T

March 25, 202008:01 pm

I have delivered several items to elderly neighbors so they don’t need to get out.


March 25, 202008:00 pm

A act of kindness that I recently did was bought diapers for a mother that was asking for help on Facebook.

Melissa Pryse

March 25, 202008:00 pm

Recently I paid it forward by purchasing the food for the car behind me in the drive thru. I love doing that when I can.


March 25, 202007:59 pm

gave out pies on pie day - one person i had not seen in 30+ years.

April Streets

March 25, 202007:59 pm

We paid for the car behind us at the drive thru for dinner tonight.

Vanessa McNeely

March 25, 202007:52 pm

My kids are making cards of encouragement for those in assisted living and can not have visitors. I also took a lady grocery shopping who does not have a car.


March 25, 202007:51 pm

I purchased extra disinfection spray and left it in the laundry room of our park for anyone that needed it. Thank you for this giveaway.

Claudia G

March 25, 202007:50 pm

As a teacher I was concerned about little ones at home without food or school materials. My husband and family were super supportive of me putting together some school supply kits to help kids and families at home! We also distributed food bundles to those with littles at home! It was definitely an invigorating feeling to help those who need it right now!

Sarah M.

March 25, 202007:40 pm

I’ve volunteered for several years for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Jamee LaFleur

March 25, 202007:33 pm

About two months I was in Krogers just picking up a few random things I needed for dinner and grabbed a gallon on milk. I was checking out and was short on cash and an older gentlemen behind me offered to pau for the milk I was putting back. I told that man thank you and that he definitely had a blessing coming his way. I was grateful when i got home because my son just finished off the rest of our milk. People can be a blessing in so many ways.

Lilyanna Marquez

March 25, 202007:21 pm

People being genuine kind and actually talking to other human beings and just staring at their devices lol. Kudos to people buying in proportion

Erin meadows

March 25, 202007:18 pm

Houston huts 4 mutts is a non profit that helps stray and neglected dogs. They were asking for donations to buy pet food to hand out to unemployed people during the coronavirus crisis so I donated $60. That was my act of kindness.

Sharen Fitzgerald- alias Roxie Valentine

March 25, 202007:17 pm

We check on our two elderly neighbors everyday and go shopping for them and do errands. Gave away 2 bottles of bleach to daycare, and have given away 6 rolls of toilet paper. Started a street facebook page. We have 43 members now. We can give and ask for things and just be there for each other.

Melissa Hall

March 25, 202007:14 pm

I always help unload others cart items if they need help and I let others go in line before me. I try and share a funny joke and a smile


March 25, 202007:12 pm

I took a large box of household items and toiletries to some family members who both lost their jobs unexpectedly a few days ago due to closures from COVID-19.

Cindy Underwood

March 25, 202007:08 pm

I’ve been very lucky at finding toilet paper and have been able to make sure that my family, church members and coworkers who can’t find any, anywhere have some. It sounds like a dumb thing to TP for your friends but it seems to make folks super happy!

Kellie p

March 25, 202007:02 pm

I work for a pharmacy and knew one if my customers could not afford her medication this month bc she lost her job. I paid for her prescription anonymously and had it delivered to her house.

Rebecca Snodgrass

March 25, 202006:56 pm

I went and got groceries for my dad.

Stefanie Oliver

March 25, 202006:52 pm

I have been picking up items for my neighbor that he needs. He is elderly and on oxygen, with no local

Michelle white

March 25, 202006:48 pm

My husband recently bought some groceries for our elderly diabetic neighbors. They are considered high risk so they can't get out to the stores.

Kim MacDonald

March 25, 202006:45 pm

My husband had to have heart surgery one week ago. The nurses in the hospital here are the kindest, most caring people I have ever witnesses. They are putting themselves in harms way everyday, but you would never know it! They were more concerned that I had food, hot tea and coffee. I wasn't even the patient! I witnessed many acts of kindness in the last two weeks❤

Lori Boehm

March 25, 202006:35 pm

A guy I know, his father is in ICU with the Corona Virus. He is in a ventilator and not sure if he will make it. Today is his 70th birthday and all his nurses decorated his room and to make him feel loved as he is not able to have anyone there with him. Thankful for all the nurses and Drs taking care of everyone and putting their lives on the line for everyone.

Debbie Main

March 25, 202006:32 pm

2 weeks ago I went to Starbucks to get a coffee and a scone. When I got to the drive-thru window...the girl told me that the car in front of me had paid for my order....and said to "Have a blessed day"! I couldn't believe it! I will definitely pay it forward! ♥


March 25, 202006:31 pm

When things happen like what we're going thru now, many of us want to help. I am 65, so I can't do it all anymore, but I was able to snag some toilet paper for a friend the other day when she couldn't find it anywhere in town. I found some at Aldi's. Then I signed up at my church to be a helper to the elderly that call in with needs. And just today I sewed masks to give to health care workers. I love helping! I feel like it is what I was made to do.

Ann barta

March 25, 202006:31 pm

Thanks for all you do! Love Kroger

Mr Coupon

March 25, 202006:30 pm

Helped my 44 year sister who has struggled with health issues and unable to work, get and fix her 1st vehicle.

Teresa Harvey

March 25, 202006:26 pm

My elderly mom lives with me, in effort to keep her safe and healthy we're on week 2 of isolation. Yesterday my sis bought me few perishables and picked up subs for us. We did safe contact, I put basket on porch where she put groceries and lunch then talked through glass door.

Kim Kenny

March 25, 202006:22 pm

Since the hoarding went into full swing, we had been unable to buy any toilet paper. We went to store after store after store. On the 9th day of searching I made a Facebook post about our frustrations, not only about not being able to find essentials that we need but also about our loss of income due to our jobs shutting down. Within just a few minutes, several of our friends sent messages offering to give us some of their toilet paper & other essential items. In times like this, that really means a lot! We have some really great friends!

Gina Rutherford

March 25, 202006:14 pm


Erika Glasco

March 25, 202006:14 pm

I am a school food service worker. We have been making breakfast and lunches to pass out to kids in the district. A parent came back and brought us got chocolate on the coolest day we had. It was a great random act of kindness!


March 25, 202006:11 pm

My mother in law bought us a few groceries even though we were going to pay. It helped tremendously this month.

Belinda Eldridge

March 25, 202006:09 pm

I gave money to a local business to make cookies for a local nursing home. The nursing homes do not allow visitors due to COVID-19. The cookies are to brighten the residents day!


March 25, 202006:03 pm

I have a family member that recently had surgery I have been trying to make sure he has what he needs and check in often so he doesn’t get to lonely.


March 25, 202006:00 pm

great giveaway. Thanks a lot


March 25, 202005:59 pm

My step daughter and I made hand scrubs for employees at the hospital where I work. Trying to spread some happiness during this crazy time.

D. North

March 25, 202005:56 pm

My adopted grandmother donated far more money than I anticipated to one of our local animal rescue groups, in lieu of payment for a painting that I did for her. In these times animal shelters/rescues need all the help they can get! Thanks for all the hard work you ladies do, contrary to what a few sourpusses may say, people need sites like this more than ever!

Sandra Reed

March 25, 202005:53 pm

In my neighborhood, there has been many to reach out to offer help to others during this trying time. I have pretty great neighbors!

Kim Whaley

March 25, 202005:53 pm

What a great giveaway! Thank you !

Faith Stiteler

March 25, 202005:50 pm

I work at a Kroger and yesterday a customer gave the USCAN attendant a $100 gift card

Jenny Tapia

March 25, 202005:49 pm

My daughter and I have been sending cards and letters to our friends and family to cheer them up!

Michelle Devney

March 25, 202005:47 pm

Love Kroger Krazy updates. Love saving money!


March 25, 202005:43 pm

Mu husband works in the outpatient Pharmacy in the hospital, I pray every day he doesnt bring home any viruses. And I do love your website

Andy Sigman

March 25, 202005:43 pm

My Dad used my truck to haul food to the local food pantry. More food was needed due to the increased demand and shelter at home order.

Carolyn Springer

March 25, 202005:38 pm

Terry Burton, giving away free hand sanitizer to the public. He

Katrina Wadsworth

March 25, 202005:38 pm

I bought 2 packs of toilet paper( The limit here) And Gave them to my Neighbor as she is elderly and had mentioned that everytime she goes to the store they are out.

Susan Ling

March 25, 202005:35 pm

I do my elderly neighbors grocery shopping for her, love her like my own grandmother!

Kaycee Strong

March 25, 202005:30 pm

I recently purchased extra paper towels for a complete stranger I met in line due to limit of 3 single roll paper towels. She was main shopper for her elderly relative and her self.

Christie Elam

March 25, 202005:29 pm

I was at the grocery store and there was barely anything on the shelves. My kids are out of school because of the COVID-19. A little elderly lady was shopping as well. We started talking about how crazy everything was and I told her to help herself to anything that was in my basket. She did and we both smiling. I didn’t have much in my cart but I felt better by offering her what I had.

E Baker

March 25, 202005:29 pm

I spent last Friday (payday!!!) going to several local shops and restaurants, buying food and other items just to show support to those businesses. These recent events have shown me the importance and power of buying local! The thought of losing any of these dear local businesses breaks my heart. Hopefully I’ve helped a few out! You can do the same in your community, if you are able to pay it forward right now!


March 25, 202005:28 pm

I went to a local organization and helped pack food boxes for people in need! I also went with the same organization and danced around the city of Sandusky Sunday night dressed in a tutu to pass out goodie bags to kids! It was a blast!

Rebecca Rodgers Johnson

March 25, 202005:26 pm

With this pandemic going on I have been picking things up from the grocery store for those that need them, are at a higher risk and shouldn’t be out or just can’t find these items.

K Coleman

March 25, 202005:17 pm

During this pandemic; while @ the local CVS. Ayoung mom had her baby within a carrying swing across her; after making her purchase of goodies. After doing my CVS return; while exiting the parking lot. I notice the young mom was walking within uniform & sadly the baby wasn't covered up for this COVID-19 airborne virus. I was a SINGLE YOUNG MOM, MYSELF...w/ 2 girl's ( 21yrs. & 23yrs.) I must state it wasn't easy; during my "FIGURE IT OUT DAYS" back when. But always made a way... So, I pulled my vehicle over and gabe the single mom a ride to her destination. Plus, some kind advice about wrapping up her baby for protection healtwise. A sentimental moment while being kind @ the same time. -Mrs.KC @ Savannah,Ga.

Maria Hernandez

March 25, 202005:16 pm

I been in selfquarentine, but when I go out to pick Groceries I pick some extras to share with my elderly neighbors with not cost to them.


March 25, 202005:12 pm

Was not able to leave comment on giveaway?


March 25, 202005:10 pm

Yesterday while I was at Bakers an older gentleman with a cane was approaching the store. Some lady walked up to him and asked what he was after. Well he was looking for toilet paper and my store had some. So she had him wait by the doors and ran in for him. He was so grateful.


March 25, 202005:10 pm

Commenting for the entry!!! Love love your site!!!

Lori Gallimore

March 25, 202005:09 pm

I just recently went to Kroger to grab a couple of items we needed and they were out of sanitizer wipes at the time. I had some hand sanitizer in my purse so I grabbed a paper towel and as I was using it a mother who had a small child came in and saw there was no sanitizer for her to use in the cart. I offered her some of mine and an older gentleman asked if he could use some as well. It’s the little things that make a big impact

Lori Gallimore

March 25, 202005:06 pm

Thanks so much for the opportunity

Gayla Smith

March 25, 202005:06 pm

Love this blog about all the great deals at Kroger’s ❤️

Christy Roberts

March 25, 202005:04 pm

Kroger is the only store in my small town

Amber Carr

March 25, 202005:01 pm

Kroger is my favorite store!!!

Bonnie Manion

March 25, 202004:59 pm

Donated groceries to a good cause..

Kim smith

March 25, 202004:59 pm

I am a rn working in the hospital and as you have all heard we are running out of masks quickly to the point they told us to not wear one unless a patient is positive or being swabbed. My coworkers with their sewing talent have started making masks for our unit to help keep us safe. We are all in this together.

Debi Krogh-Michna

March 25, 202004:58 pm

My cousin stayed up all night making protective face masks for nurses that I know. She shipped them fed x and I am going to get them to nurses tomorrow. She is my hero!


March 25, 202004:58 pm

I carried toilet paper to an older lady and her husband with stage 4 cancer. Thank goodness I coupon or I would not have any to help.


March 25, 202004:58 pm

My 14 year old daughter helped an elderly lady load here groceries into her car at Kroger. Her cart was starting to roll down the hill so we jumped in to help.


March 25, 202004:47 pm

My husband works in manufacturing and he has a co-worker who has been here from Arizona for several months. While, the co-worker works nearly 60 hours a week to provide for for his family back in Arizona, he did not have time to buy groceries. He was finally able to get to the grocery store come to find out that the shelves were empty due to all the panic buying. Because we believe in helping others, we didn’t hesitate to go through our freezer and cupboards to give him food.

Metrice Calderon

March 25, 202004:46 pm

When all of the nursing homes began to announce that they would either limit visitations or cancel them all together, due to the coronavirus, my heart broke. I've worked in a nursing home and many of the elderly do either do not receive visitors or it's very limited. So, my boys (11 & 8) and I went into action. I contacted 3 nursing homes, in our area, and asked them if we could send mail. Once they confirmed that we could, we cut out hearts, wrote letters, decorated American flags and put messages of hope in the cards. It was such a blessing for us and we found out the residents loved them.

Sonia Hall

March 25, 202004:44 pm

I recently witnessed my sister sign title of her van over to our cousin for no money because they desperately need transportation.

Adrienne Herbek

March 25, 202004:44 pm

I’ve been grocery shopping for the elderly. Trying to find them the items they need. Kroger is my go-to store.

Sonia Hall

March 25, 202004:42 pm

I most recently witnessed my sist

Chantell Citizen

March 25, 202004:42 pm

As we know it's unsafe for the elderly to leave home, so I always check in with my neighbor to see if she needs anything from the store every few days. We always send her food when we cook cause loves our food.

Andrea Moore

March 25, 202004:33 pm

My son and I are going to make some goodie bags and put them on neighbors porches.. hope to make some people smile.

Wanda Wolford

March 25, 202004:31 pm

Yes please!! Love Kroger and your posts are so helpful!!

Laura Shepherd

March 25, 202004:30 pm

I’ve seen or heard of so many acts of kindness recently. Our family had our breakfast paid for in Chick-fil-A drive-thru by a stranger! A friend was in line and needed two packages: one toilet paper & one paper towels. The checkout clerk said she could only have one or the other, I think she was confused but she would not give in. So the gentleman behind her said if you need it I will buy it for you. She went to pay him for the paper towels and he would not take the money. He helped her out when she really needed it!

Kacey Cole

March 25, 202004:30 pm

Help deliver meals to seniors who are home bound! ❤️❤️


March 25, 202004:30 pm

When my daughter and I go to Aldi we leave the quarter in the cart for someone else!

Chris Rhodes

March 25, 202004:29 pm

I work on a military base which is closed right now for retirees. One of our patrons ( library) had requested a book but could not get on base to get it. He was really needing this book! I agreed to meet him at the main gate of the base so he could have it. He was overjoyed!


March 25, 202004:28 pm

Helping out family and friends who haven't been able to find things they need right now more than I've ever had to before

Tracy Bryant

March 25, 202004:27 pm

This is my bff and I. She is currently doing isolation as she is over 60 . I have been getting her stuff and leaving outside for her . I would do anything for this lady .

Sara p

March 25, 202004:26 pm

My Mom made a pasta dish for a family member in need and brought them dog food.

Joy Hardin

March 25, 202004:25 pm

My husband and I are lucky enough to work in jobs in which we are still being paid (even though, I'm not currently going to work). I am a terrible cook anyway, so we have been getting carry-out 2-3 times a week and tipping at least 50% when we pick up the food.


March 25, 202004:24 pm

My kiddos and I filled two grocery bags with food and toiletries and drove it to our church Blessing Box today.

Jennifer M Bunker

March 25, 202004:24 pm

Checking in on neighbors, small group members and church members. Also trying to provide additional resources for kids ministry at home.

Teasha F.

March 25, 202004:23 pm

Donated to a young mom who was struggling to provide for her children while the schools are closed.

Angela Ash

March 25, 202004:19 pm

I have been sharing my stock pile with my elderly neighbors since they have not been able to purchase cleaning supplies. Here is a picture of my helper helping out because it’s the right thing to do!!

Linda Larson

March 25, 202004:16 pm

Love reading your blog and watching you on facebook live for the new deals!


March 25, 202004:16 pm

The best thing that happened, at least for me, is seeing so many families out in our neighborhood. We’ve recently moved into this neighborhood and had no idea there were so many families! I see them all outside- walking, riding bikes, playing together. Warms my heart seeing them make the best of this situation ❤️


March 25, 202004:16 pm

My husband went to our local coffee shop the last day they were open because of COVID-19. He left a $20 tip for the barista.

Perlita Mata

March 25, 202004:10 pm

recently i helped an elderly customer load her groceries into her cart at Kroger. it warmed my heart to see her appreciation reflected on her big smile.

Laurie Day

March 25, 202004:08 pm

There have been so many acts and truly a blessing to witness. Local friends are sewing face mask for workers at a local hospital. A very close friend of mine is fostering two puppies from a local shelter due to them running low on foster due to the virus. My daughter's teacher left a really sweet gift in the mailbox for my daughter. It's a picture of them together at school. She misses her teacher so much. I recently donated to help a local couponer raise money for her family in the Philippines. They are stuck in their homes and if they did not have money to buy food. She was able to raise over $1200. That was enough to feed her family and other families in the village. Not just for the next month but for the next 3 months. Lots of love coming out of all this craziness.

Katherine Randall

March 25, 202004:07 pm

Daughter is due to have a baby ANY day! Scary times!! Been making freezer meals for her family!


March 25, 202004:06 pm

Making cards with the kids and delivering them around the neighborhood. Also staying home and keeping things as normal as we can for the kids, walks, activities, and crafts.

Amanda Kelsoe

March 25, 202004:05 pm

My aunt and I are taking turns doing grocery pickup for our family members. We live out in a rural area so the nearest stores are 20-30 minutes away. This lowers exposure for the 3 high risk members of our family.


March 25, 202004:04 pm

I have to someone in need baby wipes toilet paper and paper towels stores have been out

Larisa McPeters

March 25, 202003:59 pm

My parents stopped by with some meat from their freezer and snacks for the kiddos.


March 25, 202003:59 pm

We are at home and trying to keep life as normal as possible for our children. We have been taking a walk every evening down our country road. The kids asked if they could pick up all the trash along our road. So we take bags every evening and pick up trash for our neighbors.

Katrina Hicks

March 25, 202003:58 pm

Volunteered to pump gas for elderly lady SSI she didn't have to get out if her car when it was bitterly cold last week.

Chelsea Condra

March 25, 202003:56 pm

We recently received a Ton of rain and live on a lake. Today turned out to be a beautiful day and while sitting out on the dock I noticed a ton of trash from the recent flood. I was able to pick up a ton that had washed up from other peoples yards :) Thanks for the opportunity for this amazing giveaway! Chelsea Condra


March 25, 202003:55 pm

Bueno habia rollo pero estaba muy atras y una señora de avansada edad no podia agarrarlo y no habia nadie quien ayudara asi que mi niño se subio al carrito y lo alcanso para ella nos quedamos sin comprar rollo pero todavia tenia unos pocos en la casa en la mirada de mi niño el se veia como si hubiera salvado al mundo ☺.


March 25, 202003:53 pm

I have been working from home for about a week now and during my free time I have sewing up face masks for a local hospital that is experiencing a shortage!


March 25, 202003:53 pm

Sending cards to family and friends to keep in touch. Something to smile when one gets the mail.

Matthew Kramp

March 25, 202003:53 pm

We are sending Birthday cards to all of the children at our kids school who are unable to celebrate due to covid19 and stay at home.

Melissa Ramseyer

March 25, 202003:52 pm

While doing our grocery shopping my husband and I helped every elderly person we saw trying to find items and helped load their groceries on the belt at checkout. We also made sure our parents had everything they needed and gave my mother in law some of our toilet paper because she wasn’t able to find any. #dogoodforothersandgoodwillcomebacktoyou

Gwen Riggs

March 25, 202003:52 pm

We are high risk - over 70 years old, husband also has asthma and multiple sclerosis, so we are quarantined indefinitely. Our foster son came to Texas from Montana to keep our business open and keep us going.

Melanie Clark

March 25, 202003:50 pm

I checked on my older neighbors asking if they needed anything and told them to please call me if they did.

Hannah Davidson

March 25, 202003:48 pm

My neighbor is undergoing chemo treatments and is immunocompromised so I am doing all of her shopping and errands for her! We must look out for not only ourselves but our community as well!

Kris Wallace Jackson

March 25, 202003:47 pm

I recently gave a co-worker with 6 kids $200.00 so she could buy groceries to feed her kids while they were all home.

Julie Pawlacyk

March 25, 202003:46 pm

Only got absolutely what I NEEDED from the grocery store.

April Martin

March 25, 202003:45 pm

We are trying to figure out what to do for my sons senior class Incase they don’t have graduation. A bunch of parent a getting together so they can say their goodbyes.

Monica S

March 25, 202003:44 pm

Went shopping for the 4 elderly couples in our cul-du-sac. It took all day but it felt good to know they had the groceries and necessities they needed before we went on lock down in Houston.

Katie Tumbling

March 25, 202003:44 pm

I was at Kroger getting groceries and toilet paper! I noticed an elderly couple looking for some toilet paper and offered to give them the one I found. I was headed to my car and it was pouring outside and noticed the same couple, they had gotten a cart full and didn’t have a bag for the toilet paper which had fallen out the cart! I made sure they were able to get everything to their car and not have wet toilet paper before they had gotten home! I might not have gotten toilet paper at the store but I’m glad the elderly couple were able to get some!

Gwen Riggs

March 25, 202003:44 pm

We are hiring and offering our construction company's subcontractors to subsidize wages for any helpers they hire from a list of unemployed rugby players submitted by Dallas Harlequin Rugby Club. All are very fit, healthy 20 - 30 year olds.

Kristina Kowolonek

March 25, 202003:43 pm

I witnessed someone in line paying for the person behind them groceries and giving there left over change to that customer also

Brittainy Radosti

March 25, 202003:41 pm

My oldest helping her little sister with her schoolwork ❤


March 25, 202003:41 pm

I mailed a friend something she needed!

Karen Smith

March 25, 202003:41 pm

I’m mailing encouragement cards every day to people near and far and baking goodies for my neighbors. I’ve also raided my pantry (which is full thanks to couponing tips from this site, thank you!) and donated to our local food pantry. Helping each other is critical and I love seeing these stories!

Shannon Drake

March 25, 202003:41 pm

I’m donating six trash bags full of clothes and household items to a local church this week.

Shelly A Belanger

March 25, 202003:40 pm

I donate to a animal shelter an a place that helps families in hard times.. I love to pay it forward when I can .Thank you so much for all you do for all of us..Sharing all the deals is a Job

Tami Davila

March 25, 202003:40 pm

I would love to get out and help who I can but I have been quarantined for 2 weeks, bronchitis last week and high risk with asthma.. I do call or text family and neighbors to see if they need anything. My husband is going to the stores for us since I can’t get out.


March 25, 202003:40 pm

I haven’t been out burn have seen people share money or food on Facebook with friends and family. I have done it as well.

Jennifer Hill

March 25, 202003:40 pm

Hello, this is a trying time during this Coronavirus Pandemic. I am an Alumna of the Fort Valley State University. Today, I witness one of our Alums raising money for the displaced students at our university. Some of our students don't have family or a place to go since our college campus closing indefinitely. She orchestrated in having a Virtual Party and the proceeds will go towards finding the displaced students a place to stay. A party with a purpose. We Wildcats always have each other backs and I can't wait to donate to the cause. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter this contest.

Alexandra Hovestadt

March 25, 202003:40 pm

our church is still handing out food sat it was great to get the boxies ready to hand out in topeka maranatha baptist fellowship


March 25, 202003:39 pm

Hubby was getting gas and for some reason his card wouldn't go through and when he went in to pay, some kind person had paid it. There still is kind people around us

Amber Epperley

March 25, 202003:38 pm

My 14 year old daughter walked across the street and went out of her way to check on our elderly neighbor. She did this totally on her own and unprompted! She has a huge heart and just wanted to make sure our neighbor had everything she needed (since she lives alone). So proud to call her my daughter! ❤

Rebecca Mills

March 25, 202003:37 pm

I recently called an elderly church member to see if they needed anything. I do not think of this as a special act of kindness. I see it as a way we all should live.

Tori Holtzclaw

March 25, 202003:37 pm

Giving a confused homeless woman a free meal from our restaurant.


March 25, 202003:36 pm

My husband and I painted his elderly aunts kitchen over the weekend. And we’re pairing her living room this weekend.


March 25, 202003:36 pm

One of my friends I sewing masks and donating to her local hospital. Since I do not have those skills, I asked her to make me a couple (I’m in the group who should be extra careful...asthma) so I’ll be paying her for mine so she can use that money to buy more supplies for her local hospital.


March 25, 202003:34 pm

I have been sending cards to elderly members of my church who shouldn't be out. It's been such a gift to do this for them!


March 25, 202003:33 pm

I've been limiting how much I'm shopping at the moment, but I always check with my parents to see if they need anything and deliver it to them. I've offered to help my older neighbors with groceries, if they need them too. I'm hoping to limit how much they have to go to the stores for food and necessities.


March 25, 202003:33 pm

We have been picking up groceries and other supplies for family who cant or shouldn't go out. Any little thing we can do to help is such a blessing to other.

Ryan Palacios

March 25, 202003:33 pm

I donated groceries to the food bank.

Jeanette Karr

March 25, 202003:31 pm

Thanks for always posting the deals Katie -- even during these Krazy times.

Barbara Bruce

March 25, 202003:31 pm

The person ahead of me paid for my food in the drive through line.

Christyne Davis

March 25, 202003:31 pm

We always help my neighbor who is widowed


March 25, 202003:30 pm

We made dinner for the neighbor across the street who wasn’t feeling well! My kids are so excited to keep serving others.


March 25, 202003:30 pm

My neighbor brought me hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and toilet paper!

Cindy stevens

March 25, 202003:29 pm

I saw a lady posted that she had baby wipes and was giving them away free to any k e who needed them.


March 25, 202003:29 pm

My town was hit by a tornado recently. I can't express all the goodness and kindness I saw being done for each other. People were helping, donating and all around just being amazing! I wish it would be like that always.

Brittany gumbert

March 25, 202003:28 pm

Leaving snacks and letters out for our garbage men and women. <3


March 25, 202002:58 pm

At my catholic church, the young and healthy professionals we immediately started an initiative to buy food and supplies for those who are high rish, immunocompromised or otherwise vulnerable and are in homes or shelters. My heart is melting with how much generosity this coronavirus pandemic is brining. It's essentially bringing the best in people.

Dorie Nash

March 25, 202002:30 pm

Me and 9 other school employees have volunteered to make breakfast and lunches for the children in the school district. So many parents have said that the kids look forward to receiving their meals.


March 25, 202002:28 pm

I saw a sweet woman come in and deliver two boxes of Duncan donuts to the staff of our local Kroger as an encouragement and a thank you! Super cool!


March 25, 202002:19 pm

As a healthcare provider, I am spending more time talking to people as they are very lonely and need to have that one on one communication.


March 25, 202001:56 pm

The kids made pictures to shows the nursing home residents through the widow and played and danced around for them to watch!

Bonnie Meisner

March 25, 202012:22 pm

I know we have heard so much about the nurses and doctors on the front lines, but today a lady that just wanted to help donated mask to our department in the hospital. It was for the Nutritional Department at the Hospital. We too are working hard to keep everyone fed safely and keep ourselves safe and it was much appreciated by all of us!

Allison Carbajal

March 25, 202009:49 am

I am a healthcare worker who works in the hospital, we have a sign up sheet in the breakroom of items we need/can't find at the stores. We all take a picture of it so if we are out we can grab those items for each other if we see them. We have helped each other a ton by doing this.

Elizabeth Rutherford

March 25, 202001:38 am

Today I found ground beef, and quickly texted my older neighbors to see if they wanted some. They did and some vegetables too. Delivered to their door.

Megan P

March 25, 202001:07 am

The kids and I made cards for residents at nursing home to make them smile during this time of life!


March 25, 202012:27 am

Offered to shop for elderly neighbor and shared coupons with Kroger employees


March 25, 202012:19 am

I helped an elderly lady with her groceries and gave her some toilet paper since she couldn't find any

Julia Dartt

March 24, 202011:28 pm

I offered to go to the store for my elderly neighbors and I have my son get their mail so they don't have to leave the house.

Heather Campbell

March 24, 202011:04 pm

I really don't like telling people about my acts of kindness so I will instead tell you how my community has decided to come together and help the elderly. Our police department has a drop off where they take donations and people are offering to shop for them which is awesome in itself. I only commenting to show others there is hope even in the darkest hours. Please give this gift card to someone who works in the frontlines as they deserve it more than any of us ever could.


March 24, 202010:32 pm

I’ve been finding my favorite Kroger employees to make sure they know that I appreciate them. Some of these people are the most friendly happy go lucky employees and I have seen the best down in their face. They are working long hours and people are mean to them over things they can’t control. A simple thank you goes a long way.


March 24, 202010:26 pm

Did a tax return for a client through their car window. They were elderly and were afraid to be out. Did the whole thing without them ever getting out of their car. They were so grateful.


March 24, 202009:50 pm

I have been asking friends & neighbors if they need any TP from my couponing stockpile.

Lisa Oyerly

March 24, 202008:29 pm

I am currently collecting to buy gift cards for our local fire stations.


March 24, 202007:42 pm

My family decided to make no sew fleece blankets and cheers notes for nursing home residents at a facility where my mother in law was before she passed last year. They were so appreciative and it gave us all a great feeling to be able to put smiles on their faces!


March 24, 202006:28 pm

Someone took my cart into the store while I put my child in her car seat. It was raining and I was battling with a toddler so they just said they would take it back for me!

Jennifer Johnson

March 24, 202004:20 pm

I was in a DG store the other day on my lunch break. My mother in law needed some otc meds. I overheard the check out lady say she was the only one that came in that day and she needed to go to the bathroom. I offered to stand at the register while she took a quick break. She took me up on it. I was glad to do it for all they are doing for us.

Gary Barnett

March 24, 202002:51 pm

I’ve given out most of my stockpile of household goods to those in need.

Carrie Seybt

March 24, 202002:47 pm

Today was my friends birthday. She is the only person for her mom(to get groceries or meds or anything she needs) so she can’t do much for her birthday. We made a cake and brought it to her porch so she could still celebrate.

Michell Smith

March 24, 202001:38 pm

I work at a school. I volunteered to hand out Chromebooks to families that showed up so the students could continue schooling. Smiled at and air hugged students that showed up.

Carla Compton Blevins

March 24, 202001:35 pm

I offered to do all the shopping for both my grandmothers during this difficult time. They mean the world to me and I don’t want them to risk going out catching anything. I’ve witnessed many acts of kindness of people letting the elderly citizens get what they need first

Rebecca Williams

March 24, 202001:25 pm

My husband and I helped work a local Mobile Food Pantry! It was great to be able to help out families who more than ever need the help!


March 24, 202011:49 am

It wasnt much but I gave my grocery cart to an elderly person because my store had none left and it was the only one available.

Gail Marie Trent

March 24, 202011:21 am

I have mailed a card to a friend everyday just to let them know I’m thinking of them.


March 24, 202010:24 am

I gave my co-worker a huge bar of chocolate so that she would have a supply in case if the company closed

Sarah Allen

March 24, 202009:22 am

My daughter is coloring and making cards to bring to a nursing home ❤️ it's so cute how serious she's taking and how excited she was when I asked if you would do that ❤️


March 24, 202009:01 am

I’m paying it forward by grocery shopping for my neighbor.

Jamie Tanner

March 24, 202008:17 am

I can't think of a particular experience, however, I have tried to smile at every passing person I see. I know how much a smile can brighten my day, and it's the least I can do! And can even be done from 6 feet away! :)

Rita Risner

March 24, 202001:12 am

I am paying it forward by sewing face masks and donating them to those in need during Covid 19.

Paula Cunningham

March 24, 202001:10 am

A couple days ago my daughter was stressing over food and stuff for her kids and us. I made a post in a group for milk and toilet paper. The next thing I know a kind couple was dropping of $60 worth of groceries and kid friendly foods.. she wouldn't accept anything at all.

Selena cervantes

March 24, 202012:51 am

Hi, my experience at my local Kroger was that I was walking down the aisle of toilet paper and my kroger just restocked that’s morning and paper towel and there was a old lady walking very slowly with her cane and she came up to me and asked me what was the price of the toilet paper and I told her I asked her if she wanted one I’ll put one in her cart and she did , maybe it wasn’t the greatest thing to do but I did feel good myself at the end that I was able to help her out especially cause there was chaos


March 24, 202012:46 am

My local fire department did a delivery of groceries to those in need and it drew a lot of donations from the community. It was an awesome thing to behold! So many people coming together to take care of one another. Most of the recipients are either disabled or elderly.

Harley Donnelly

March 23, 202011:13 pm

I’m a Gordmans employee. Before we closed down due to all the crazy going on currently, my manager made sure that all of us employees had everything that we needed to last us the next 2 weeks we are closed. She then insisted that we all take a roll of toilet paper home with us to hold us over, since local stores are struggling to keep TP stocked. She went out of her way to make sure that we were going to be okay, and her actions didn’t go unnoticed!

Stephanie F

March 23, 202010:44 pm

I have a couple older Neighbors I've been doing their running for them and anything they may need to keep them home safe and stocked with the supplies they need. Picking up their prescriptions, they are so grateful and the sweetest. I wished everyone would look out for their neighbors. Pay it Forward <3


March 23, 202009:55 pm

Bringing some toilet paper to one of my patients who is home bound.

April a

March 23, 202009:30 pm

Our Soccer coach started need help/give help page to share info on who needs or has what. Page has been sharing information on what stores has, didn't have etc. So she got to doing laundry and realized she had no laundry detergent and posted she was in need of the one thing i had extra. She offered to pay but she had already helped so many with her page of info. Also been helping working parents get the food delivery from our local school. Working together will help us all till this rough time is over.

Nicki M

March 23, 202009:29 pm

I’ve been using my small stockpile to help those around me with what they can no longer find in stores. I live in a complex that has a lot of older people and it makes me happy to be able to help with what I can.

Stacey Enzor

March 23, 202009:20 pm

Even though my family had enough supplies to last us a few weeks, my 87 year old neighbor did not. She was recovering from pneumonia, so I went to the grocery store specifically for her. I waited in line for over an hour to check out. I was able to get everything on her list, so it was worth it.

Lisa Hayes

March 23, 202009:01 pm

An elderly lady told me she had ordered her groceries but they had no sugar at the store so I took her I pounds of sugar and made sure she had plenty of other stuff. She's very sweet :)

Amy S

March 23, 202008:53 pm

A baker friend has been sharing her sourdough starter with people who want to try this type of baking during our time at home. I fortunately had grabbed a couple extra bags of flour at Kroger before the panic set in for most folks, so I took her up on her offer. She could have asked for money but she did not.


March 23, 202008:42 pm

A couple of days ago I arrived at Kroger right when they opened at 7am. I lined up with the numerous others outside. An elderly lady, probably around 90 years old, was standing next to me. She was sweet as could be and very slow moving. As the doors opened, people rushed passed her as if she weren’t there. Even though I have a big cast on my leg due to 2 fractures, I offered to pick up what she needed for her. I didn’t think twice about helping her and was sickened by the others who just flew by her, offering zero help. I hope we can all be kind to one another during this time, and day you may be that elderly, slow moving person who could use some help.

Sarah Hinton

March 23, 202007:10 pm

I shopped for groceries for the elderly. I have also been on the receiving end of kindness. We went to Kroger to shop for my mom’s groceries. They didn’t have any frozen chicken. My mom was worried because she hadn’t seen any in the frozen or canned meat area either. Another customer gave us their package of frozen chicken and said they had plenty at home! It was wonderful to see people sharing.

Lesa Bishop

March 23, 202005:01 pm

What I want to say is I am grateful Kroger is now offering senior hours. 7am-8am certain days if the week. We are 62 and 64. Not too old but still afraid of contacting the virus. I am in the process of cooking things for my parents that live a half hour away that are 85 and 87. They need to stay home. I don’t even go near them. They tried the Kroger pickup Saturday and said it went really well for them I am glad to say. This virus has allowed them to see another way of shopping they can use.

Jill Cook

March 23, 202004:57 pm

I ran to Kroger to purchase a few necessities yesterday and was blessed enough to have even been able to purchase toilet paper for my family. (Yes, we needed it. Lol) While in my car reviewing my receipt a couple approached me after seeing the toilet paper and asked if there was any more, I told them I believe that all of it had been grabbed already. So I shared what I had. They asked to pay me, but instead, I asked them to pay it forward.

Madelyn Taylor

March 23, 202003:34 pm

People have paid forward for hospital worker/first responders to get free takeout/coffee. It is supporting the smaller local businesses and its supporting those working during these hard times.


March 23, 202002:19 pm

In my community people are leaving money at fast food and carry out restaurants to cover meals of essential workers. People can then nominate others for the free meals.

Tabitha Overbay

March 23, 202002:02 pm

Even during these turbulent times, I coordinated a monetary donation for a young coworker who just had a baby. We were able to collect a lot of money which will help them during this time.

Brittany Nice

March 23, 202001:43 pm

A random act of kindness I have done is buy a big pack of baby wipes for my sister who has two toddlers at home & cannot find baby wipes anywhere. I am mailing them to her this afternoon.


March 23, 202001:25 pm

I was at Costco waiting in line for toilet paper. I was towards the front so I was able to get what I needed. On my way back I saw a mom hand toilet paper to an older couple who was at the end of the line. She tells them here I wasn't sure if you were going to be able to get any. I don't need it. The couple was grateful. I was touched by her act of unselfishness.


March 23, 202001:25 pm

My youngest daughter who is 8 helped a older lady get disinfectant off of a high shelf that she could not reach. She climbed up the self to get it.


March 23, 202001:13 pm

I have given away multiple items I was going to buy to others. I witnessed someone else give a single mom $100 because he noticed her calculating her groceries to make sure she had enough money.


March 23, 202001:06 pm

wow this is awesome giveaway during hard times in the countr thanks for chance to win.


March 23, 202001:05 pm

I am helping to my nephew,with his homework because my sister has to work,she is a single mother.


March 23, 202012:57 pm

We're getting ready some fun activity bags, for the kids we've met at church to help them in this weeks without regular meetings at church and no school.


March 23, 202012:53 pm

A lady in front of me in a line at kroger was having trouble paying for her groceries so i decided to pay it for her and she gave me a hug .

Spencer Thurman

March 23, 202012:49 pm

Our kind neighbors saw that our kids were using some old bikes that were a bit small for them and gave us their kids’ old bikes!

Taylor Gagneaux

March 23, 202012:47 pm

I was able to go and purchase groceries for my elderly neighbor!


March 23, 202012:24 pm

I picked up some groceries for an elderly friend/neighbor of mine.


March 23, 202011:56 am

Since I have coupons for the last 15 years I’ve been able to have ample amounts of cleaning products and paper products. My family decided to send out a mass text to the neighborhood committee and let anyone know if they were struggling to find stuff to just come over to our porch where we have a large basket of lots of our extras.

Maureen Heath

March 23, 202011:52 am

My husband spent 15 hours over the weekend building a play structure for our three kids (5, 3, 1) so we can get outside more during the week while our state is under a “stay home” order. Soooo much appreciation for all of his hard work.


March 23, 202011:46 am

I offered my hand sanitizer to several people in the store the other day.

Jessica Miller

March 23, 202011:46 am

Gave one of my 2 t.p packs to another shopper

Michelle Pugh

March 23, 202011:41 am

I recently was actually in a Kroger's a witnessed a older gentleman trying to get an item from the top shelf while he was on a motorized scooter, he had a cane and couldn't reach , many passed him, I told my son to watch the buggy for a minute and let me help this man. He wanted 3 of the item because it was hard for him to get Everytime, so sad people ignore others .


March 23, 202011:39 am

I’ve given a lot of my cleaning and body wash stockpile to elderly or the single parents I’ve seen Asking for help on Facebook. In my state there’s no where to buy those things without it being a Black Friday brawl or super expensive that not everyone can afford especially now with our jobs laying us off.

Terrell Rush

March 23, 202011:35 am

I work at a senior and disabled high-rise building and my job as the service coordinator is to make sure my residents have services and resources in place to continue living independently. During this pandemic I have been working daily to help my seniors as well as others. Going out picking up donations of food and supplies. Contacting community resources and agencies for necessitates that our seniors are having trouble finding as well as keeping them safe.


March 22, 202005:08 pm

Keep being positive! I went to Walmart yesterday and EVERYONE was being so kind and patient with each other. The youth in our church are making phone calls to the elderly each day offering to run errands for them.

Robbin Freeman

March 22, 202004:32 pm

I have been shopping for several people so they don't have to get out to go to the store. My number 1 place to shop is Krogers. Love following KrogerKrazy so I can know what deals there is. Thank you for all you do.

Carmen Ferguson

March 22, 202011:21 am

Hi! Thank you for continuing to share awesome deals, coupons, and ad previews. I love your positivity! We certainly need this now more than ever. I recently received an act of kindness. I was in search of toilet paper because I heard that our local Kroger had some. When I got to the aisle, someone pointed me to the last few packs. She was a fellow shopper who was so kind to help hand them out. I picked up one pack leaving the other pack for someone else. In the U-Scan aisle, the cashier was so kind as well. I only had that one pack of tp to purchase so she brought me right up to where she was and rang me up. It was an all around experience of kindness.

michelle cromer

March 22, 202010:30 am

I work for a health system so I see acts of kindness every day. Even in the way we treat each other. I see it in my kids who are not having fun being home but handling it with grace.


March 21, 202010:22 pm

Thank you for sharing all the positivity during this tough time of social distancing! It inspired me to buy a restricted quantity item (eggs) for another family. It aches me to see the elderly were in masks with cart full of groceries.

Tina Sampson

March 21, 202006:31 pm

Trying to find food and meat for my elderly parents. I know this is over but thank you for the positivity!

Ashleigh Hack

March 21, 202009:50 am

I let an older gentleman go in front of me in line because he only had a few groceries.

Nicole McIntosh

March 20, 202006:51 pm

With schools being closed here in Utah and then the biggest earthquake we can remember in recent history I have witnessed alot of kindness. Each of my daughters' teachers have emailed or text us (and I am sure all their student's families) daily to make sure we are doing all right.

Marianne Gonzalez

March 20, 202003:15 pm

I witnessed a neighbor offer to buy another elderly neighbor their groceries for them. It was sweet of her to offer!


March 20, 202003:00 pm

I made food for a sick neighbor.


March 20, 202011:13 am

I bought groceries to the area where a local shelter is so that the people who typically go there could have a meal.


March 20, 202008:33 am

I have had a hard few months and out of the blue my sister sent me tulips. It really brightened my day and week. Looking at something full of life and beauty helped take me out of me blue time.

Nancy Campbell

March 20, 202008:09 am

I let an elderly couple go in front of me.

Brenda Sánchez

March 20, 202007:37 am

Every time I go shopping, I call my elderly neighbor to see what she needs. Especially if I am getting good deals so that we get the most savings. And she gives me her weekly coupons too.

Brandi Wilcox Brack

March 19, 202011:18 pm

I have an elderly neighbor whose husband was recently placed in a nursing home and with all that is going on she is not allowed to visit anymore. She is 78 and he is 82. She is barely able to even speak to him on the phone. She was going to buy a phone w a cord so she could call him. He is lucid sometimes and understands what is happening but not all the time. I didn't think she should be out and about so I went to our Nextdoor App and asked if anyone had an extra phone they were not using. Someone did and I picked it up and will give it to her so she does not have to go to the store nor pay for it. She will have to take it to the Home but they will not let her inside but then she can call him whenever she wants. I also went to 3 stores for her looking for toilet paper, a roast and potatoes. I found all of the items and brought them to her.


March 19, 202010:29 pm

I invite my grandma up for dinner on her day off work. I know she gets lonely after pap passed away.

Cindy C

March 19, 202009:52 pm

Went to fill my car with gas at local Kroger where I had enough points to get it for only 10 cents per gallon. I did not use all my allotted 40 gallons, so I pulled up and gave the rest to the couple behind me in a big truck. I think I saved them about $40! Just told them to fill up and pay it forward!

Cindy Gilbert

March 19, 202008:55 pm

My husband was having lunch right before all the restaurants had to close their doors and overheard one of the waitresses talking about how she couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere and she had 5 boys at home. My husband went back to his apartment and picked up 8 of the 9 rolls he had and took them back and gave to waitress. Thank you for all the deals that allowed me to have extra toilet paper in my household to share.


March 19, 202008:23 pm

There is an elderly couple that lives on my street. Before I ran to Smith's, I texted to see what I could pick up for them so they won't have to go out to the store! It is snowy, and I don't want them risking getting sick.

Monica Jones

March 19, 202007:20 pm

Giving toilet paper & personal hygiene to elders that was sick and shut in

Robin Stineman

March 19, 202006:29 pm

Checking in with my coworkers to make sure they have basic supplies and share extra supplies we may have at home.

Donna Perry

March 19, 202006:10 pm

Kroger has been a lifesaver for my husband and I


March 19, 202002:03 pm

I've been doing all my parents' grocery shopping, using your site to try and save them money. THANK YOU!

megan Adams

March 19, 202012:51 pm

I have made it a goal the last few years to try and do at least one act of kindness daily- even something as little as bringing in a grocery shopping cart for someone can make their day. It’s important to spread kindness especially when everyone is in such a surreal world right now.

Mary Juszynski

March 19, 202010:59 am

Our local King Soopers has been absolutely amazing as people stocked up and cleaned the shelves bare. Many of them worked through the night and come back as soon as possible to continue stocking so those in need can get essentials. I wrote a letter to the Manager telling them that they were all my hero's and how much I appreciated them and left special buttons telling them how great they were! One of the workers in the florist department knew that we are in a high risk group and as I was walking out she gave me flowers...moved me to tears. Thank you for all you do...this is one of my favorite sites.

Cathy Hewlett

March 19, 202010:41 am

When I did my grocery shopping at Kroger this week I bought a big package of cookies from the deli and left them with the cashier to share with all of the employees in the break room as a way to thank them for all they do. I also took extra boxes of cereal and soup cups to help fill a giving box we have in the center of our town.

Rita Tichenor

March 19, 202010:40 am

I seen a lady drop her cash at the store and told her ;)

Sarah Gardner

March 19, 202010:37 am

I took someone’s cart to the cart return for them


March 19, 202009:56 am

I bought my employees lunch.

Karen Foster

March 19, 202009:54 am

I've checked and double checked on all of my neighbors (all over 60), grabbed a few extra items for them. I know they would do the same for my family

Karen Owens

March 19, 202009:18 am

At the grocery store yesterday I helped a man who didnt have quite enough money. And the people behind me were shopping for an elderly neighbor.

Alison Jones

March 19, 202009:12 am

I volunteered to pass out grab and go meals provided to students in need in the school district. This will feed kids while they are out of school.


March 19, 202008:56 am

I saw a couple of homeless men in the garage at my work and I gave each of them a bottle of water to help them out. No one knows I did it, until now.

pat greene

March 19, 202007:48 am

I checked on my elderly friends.

Kathleen Farley

March 19, 202007:28 am

I was at a gas station and a man and his young daughter probably about 7 or 8 years old she wanted a coke and her dad told her he didn’t have enough money so I bought the little girl a coke and a candy bar. She was very very appreciative.. It just melted my heart with the smile she had.

Kathleen Farley

March 19, 202007:22 am

I really love you sharing all of the deals at Kroger’s. Thank you

Laura Bentrup

March 19, 202006:48 am

I commented- I work in a low income nursing home and the CNAs are always taking their personal money to buy the residents things they need since most have been left and forgot about


March 19, 202006:43 am

I'm not made of money for sure but every little bit counts. Although I went and stocked up on essentials for the kids to be home from school and social distancing, while putting away the groceries we went through all the cabinets and pulled out food we would not eat that just kept getting pushed aside. Donated to those who would find more uee in this troubling time.


March 19, 202006:07 am

Although I believe all acts of kindness should be done all the time and don't necessarily need to be shared. A couple of other ladies and I talked to the manager at Smart and final to let the Senior citizens first. He did, just horrible that other patrons that showed up way after just barged in without waiting for their turn. Now many stores are giving the first opening hour to senior citizens

Kim V

March 19, 202002:58 am

It’s not an act of kindness really but during all of the chaos of late, it made feel better. While waiting in a LONG line at Kroger lately, the lady in front of me turned around and started talking. We talked about all of this craziness and how scary it was. By the time it was her turn to check out, we had shared several laughs and felt a bit of normalcy in this nightmare. It was so nice to have a break in the worry!

Sue C.

March 19, 202001:47 am

With all the hoarding going on and general increase of people buying groceries and supplies, we are experiencing empty shelves in all of our stores and with talking to others, you realize that your not alone in this struggle to find what store(s), has what you need. So, my family came up with the idea and started a Facebook Corona Virus Support page for our family members, friends, and friends of friends. This way we all have one place to let each other know of family needs pertaining to food and household supplies. Then when anyone goes shopping, they are on the lookout for what people are in need of, posting what stores have what , and sometimes just picking up what others need, as we find things available and taking it to them. It has really touched me to see just how much we've all come together and are making sure that everyone has got even the basic necessities.

Tanya Edwards

March 19, 202001:43 am

Because of this site and you hard working ladies I have a pretty nice stockpile. I heard from a friend of a friend that a young lady with three babies under the age of 3 had no baby wipes and other essentials. I was able to bring her a large bag of items to get her by. My kids , husband and I all carry angel soft in our cars to give to those who can not find any TP. In the last few weeks I have seen the horrible side of humanity ( one of my kids' friend - a single dad - was held at knife point outside Dillons for his Tp), And I have seen the best in people. Our local chatter FB page has asked those without to let people know what they need so whoever can help, does. It is heartwarming. Thank you for all you do Kroger Krazy!

Dana L

March 19, 202012:41 am

I donated several bags of groceries and toiletries to TN tornado relief. A lot of the items were from my stockpile from couponing and using your blog

Krissie Daniels

March 18, 202011:48 pm

I’ve not witnessed a single act of kindness, but a community of kindness. Since the social distancing, in my community I’ve seen people pull resources together to feed children, exchange information about stores carrying needed products, and just being kinder. What started out as something that could’ve broken a community apart, we chose to stick together and stand strong :)

Valeria Garza

March 18, 202011:30 pm

I went to the Michoacana Mexican Meat market to buy 3 tacos!! There was a very long line due to alot of restaurants being closed. So as l am leaving man in a wheelchair approached me and asked me for a taco l sai the line is sooooooo long and l gave him 1 of my tacos. So l guess it was an act of kindness!

Kathi M Brown

March 18, 202011:04 pm

I've seen and heard sooo many acts of kindness recently. I baked cheesecake bars and took them to a family who can't afford many treats.

Kathie Hughes

March 18, 202010:54 pm

A local Pizza Hut offered 100 slices of pizza a day to kids who are missing out on lunch from school. The lady who runs it has 9 people in her family too, and is still paying out of her pocket to do this for our community.

Kali Winward

March 18, 202010:40 pm

I have been following you for years and I have a great stock pile. I was able to give packages of coveted toilet paper to my neighbors who were out and my parents. I was also able to help my friend with diapers when she was out and couldn't find any at the stores. Thank you for teaching me how to save money when shopping. I feel because of all your deals you have shared, I can help people get through these tough times. I'm hoping I can help more people.


March 18, 202010:39 pm

In light of empty shelves across our city I decided to share my wealth!! I have 18 chickens and they lay an average of 10-12 eggs a day! I was able to bless 3 families with a dozen eggs each! ♥️


March 18, 202010:24 pm

I gave up the last package of toilet paper from the shelf to a lady almost in tears that had been unsuccessfully looking for some for almost 2 weeks.


March 18, 202010:13 pm

My husband and I buy in bulk through the year for our family. Since all the stores have been out of toilet paper around here, we drove to an elderly community and handed out toilet paper to all who needed it.

Sharon Horton

March 18, 202010:08 pm

We have a neighborhood Facebook page. A neighbor posted about a single mom with 4 kids who had just gotten out of a women’s shelter. She was struggling to feed her kids since school closed. she doesn’t have a car and can’t get to the school lunch drop off points. Since I coupon I had plenty. Sent her 8 bags of groceries and personal care products. I can’t imagine being in that situation. My heart just went out to her. I’m truly blessed.

Della St.Johns

March 18, 202010:01 pm


Lindsey Lance

March 18, 202010:00 pm

There was a woman with her toddler that walked past a homeless man today that was sitting on the bench near the grocery store. She asked him if he needed anything and he said something to drink would be nice. She offered him her leftover Chick-fil-A and he said he would gladly take that. Then she went to buy two cokes for him and his wife, who was at their tent in the woods. It did my heart good to see that because that little baby is learning to love each and every person no matter what their situation is.


March 18, 202010:00 pm

I have an over abundance of fenmine hygenie from couponing (thanks to this website) I have donated to people who have not been able to find them in stores.

Amanda Stafford

March 18, 202009:52 pm

I honestly dint remember the last time I did something out of the ordinary. I help those who I can help on a daily basis but if won the Kroger gift card i would gift it to my mom.

Caroline Sanders

March 18, 202008:57 pm

We made green cookies yesterday for St Patrick's day and shared them with our neighbors. My children loved delivering them!

Tara Adkins

March 18, 202008:42 pm

I have been helping with my elderly uncle, who has stage 4 lung cancer by going to all of his appointments and also spending a lot more time with all of my family and helping them do things around their house that they can't get done themselves.

Katie Harris

March 18, 202007:59 pm

I have been emailing and calling my elderly neighbor.


March 18, 202006:57 pm

Let elderly people go in front of us at Costco. Lines are crazy and it was cold.

Elaine McDowall

March 18, 202006:57 pm

This past Friday, I was in a mostly empty produce department at Kroger. I overhead the produce manager encouraging the produce associate that he was doing a great job, thanked him for his work, and they would all get through this as a team. The associate looked like he had just been given a big hug. That has really stuck with me all week.

Dianne Parchman

March 18, 202006:49 pm

That is awesome.


March 18, 202005:57 pm

I found toilet paper and bottled water. Limit of 2 per person so I bought 2 of each. One to share with my mom so she can stay home and not exposed


March 18, 202004:48 pm

I try to coupon the best that I can and I donate items to those that may need them. My husband is also a pretty good handy man and volunteers to help people out with their cars/houses etc. Especially in this time of need we all need to stick together to conquer. Have a great day!


March 18, 202004:14 pm

As a former elementary school teacher I’m homeschooling my 7 yr. old grandson!

Patty Acevedo

March 18, 202004:01 pm

I went to the grocery store last weekend to try to get just the basic necessities for my family of 5. I was unable to find hamburger meat, milk and lunch meat. I winded up posting on Facebook and asking my friends if they knew of a store that had those items. Instead of directing me to a store, one of my friends brought me those groceries from her own groceries. What a blessing! So I have carried that forward and I am now giving some of my friends eggs from my chickens.


March 18, 202003:47 pm

My daughter is helping family and close friends with thier lil ones school assignments to stay on track during this time of quarantine and I am providing the meals for them.

Amy Crawford

March 18, 202003:38 pm

Hmmm...I don't recall any acts of kindness lately but we try to spread as much kindness as we can every time we go out.

Christina Fields

March 18, 202003:14 pm

This was my 15 yr old daughters idea that I backed up. We decided that when we used the mobile app for Chick fla, we would use my points that I normally save for Christmas, to buy food for a homeless boy. We brought it back to him and he was gone, so we found a homeless vet and gave it to him. Over the years I have told both my kids, just give if you can if you get a feeling it could help, it is not our job to know where the money goes and make judgements, someone else has that job.


March 18, 202003:07 pm

I found several $20 bills at the self checkout & turned it in. Hopefully whoever left it came back to get it!

Mandy Andrews

March 18, 202003:06 pm

Talked to a teenage boy who was grocery shopping for his grandmother so she did not have to get out

Jennifer Spencer

March 18, 202003:05 pm

my neighbor picked up a bunch of eggs and then sold them (at cost) to all the neighbors who didn't want to go to the store.


March 18, 202002:21 pm

I try to take a cart into the store with me every time I shop.


March 18, 202002:19 pm

I have been making sure the elderly in my family have toiletry


March 18, 202001:34 pm

Our school has a free food pantry outside that anyone can give/take from. I was given the opportunity to check on it each day and reach out for donations as needed. This has given my kids and I something to look forward to each day and we’ve enjoyed seeing so many people eager to help keep it stocked. We’ve also seen the need is real in our community as the items get used quickly.


March 18, 202012:39 pm

I like to make baskets with households and groceries for the people in need. I take care of the elderly make sure they are drinking water and eating well.

Paula Pearson

March 18, 202012:16 pm

I've been checking on my neighbors and sharing my stock pile.


March 18, 202012:11 pm

I went and bought diapers for a mom who couldn't get out.

Jayne S.

March 18, 202012:07 pm

I just want to say that I really appreciate the time you put into all of this. Even though I already know how to coupon and am always looking out for deals, your all inclusive lists have helped me better plan for feeding my family. We should share more positivity no matter what!! I am currently unemployed but have what I need, despite shelves being empty and my little goes a long way. With everything going on, I have been able to share w. my community group, friends and family. I am not selling it. We just need to help each other!


March 18, 202011:51 am

We were at la madeline’s restaurant last week and my girls paid for a veterans lunch. He was a single man and was happy the girls would do such a nice thing for him. They also invited him to join us for our meal

Nancy Blair

March 18, 202011:40 am

I witnessed a young man helping an elderly person load their groceries.


March 18, 202011:30 am

I donate all the free items I get throught couponing that I don't use to a local women or men shelter.


March 18, 202011:20 am

I saw this touching story on Fox. An elderly couple sat on parking lot of grocery calling out to people. One girl went over to see what they wanted. They were frightened to go into the store. She went for them. They gave their list and $100 to a perfect stranger. She loaded their groceries and gave them their change but didn't think to get their name to help in future. This still brings tears to my eyes.

Amber G.

March 18, 202011:12 am

Thanks to weekly savings from Kroger Krazy before recent events, I was able to fill my car with food, toiletries, hand sanitizer, LYSOL, and other items to help a family without transportation and who is adjusting to their special needs children being out of school (eating extra meals at home). Thanks, Kroger Krazy!

Nancy ONeal

March 18, 202011:02 am

Went grocery shopping for 3 elderly people who live in the same complex as some friends of ours. And have been sharing my stock of toilet paper with people who can not get any. Thanks to you for telling me of deals, I had enough in my stock pile.

Mykayla Story

March 18, 202011:01 am

I work at Kroger and one time last week a lady did not have enough to pay for her groceries, I didn’t have any cash on me but I had a save 1.25$ coupon and a save 3.00$ coupon (on any purchase) that I was able to give her to use.

Andrea Holloman

March 18, 202010:59 am

Started an email thread in our community for food needs, grocery store runs, etc. No questions asked. We will do what we can to help our neighbors!

Camara J

March 18, 202010:55 am

I checked on a friend over the age of 60 and asked if she needed me to go to the store or the pharmacy for her. At the time she said she didn't anything but putting together small baskets of the essentials are in the works.

Amy Collins

March 18, 202010:54 am

I went grocery shopping for my mom since she is 70 years old with a heart condition. I didn't want her to be exposed and have to be out for so long struggling to find what she needs for basic living needs.

Steve Elige Baker Jr

March 18, 202010:42 am

I work in a multi housing community ,and do maintenance , I have been opening doors and bring older folks their mail , and disinfecting their packages with Lysol at their front doors and disinfecting their door handles and common areas to try to keep them a little safer , thank you , Steve


March 18, 202010:39 am

It was sweet. My mom is handicapped. She needs certain things for certain needs. Whith the whole virus going on and people emptying stores my mom wasn't able to get her gloves. She has to use a certain brand otherwise she'd get infections. They don't have much money to just go out and buy what they need when all this happened. So my mom posted online saying she needs help and needs a certain brand gloves and if anyone has it to please inform her as she desperately needs them. A sweet lady went above and beyond. She went all over town to make sure my mom was able to have her gloves. She picked them up and dropped them off for my mom. She said at no charge too. Everyone went above and donated the gloves they had.

Sheena H.

March 18, 202010:33 am

An elderly man, who just so happens to be a former neighbor of mine, came to my office yesterday. During his time in the office he had mentioned the whole town was out of milk. I offered to get him a gallon from the nearest town 30 miles away because I was going anyway. I even delivered it to him as soon as I got back to town.

Jo A Short

March 18, 202010:30 am

I went to Kroger( I retired from there) this morning at 7:OOAM. Unbelievable, not opened yet, but the line outside was very very long. Remember I am retired. I can do this. The lady in front of me was also retired. But the young gentleman behind us was very nervous. he had to be at work and was thinking of leaving. He said he only needed a few items for the family. We told him to go ahead of us, which he did. We all need to perform small acts of kindness.

Gina Travers

March 18, 202010:23 am

First off i wanna say thank you to you for still posting deals because yes we all need to still save money. And thank you for doing this giveaway because let's face it we all ñeed some help right now and gift card can sure buy some needed food for our kids and thank you for your act of kindness now online I have seen many acts of kindness but I have to mention one my hubby of 25 years did because let's face it he becoming a grumpy man the older we get. Just kidding. But we went to Walmart and as people were going crazy over toilet paper and items throughout the whole store. He only grabbed 2 packs of toilet paper. And said I will only take 2 so other will have some. Now it may seem small but for him that's progress as normally he would take 10 carts full while screaming at everyone to get away from his toilet paper. Just kidding he isn't that bad. But I found it sweet and wished more would think of other. One that i saw was a guy saw a women struggling her cart full of toilet paper and kept falling on floor he got out of his car and helped her to her car unloaded her whole cart of toilet paper and took her empty cart back up to store. Really sweet small acts of kindness but that's what we gotta do. What was crazy is toilet paper is normally $6for named brand now we had to pay $15 for store brand at walmart. Broke my heart to spend $35 on just 2 packs of toilet paper lol. Stay safe everyone

Pam G

March 18, 202010:21 am

Stay safe everyone, this is a group effort! Take care of one another.

Brandi B.

March 18, 202010:08 am

Our small community has really pulled together through all of this! We have been working on securing food for families that are going to need it and using our buses from school to deliver this food to not only our children, but their parents as well. So many community partners have made an effort to donate and help out.


March 18, 202010:06 am

I know a dog walking customer that, although working from home now and doesn't need her dog taken care of during the day, is continuing to pay her dog walker!! I think this is the most generous random act of kindness I have seen in the midst of all the corona virus craziness!! Please continue to be kind!


March 18, 202009:54 am

The clerk at a liquor store my husband frequents :) was fretting over not having any toilet paper. Plus he had a new baby at home and didnt have any hand sanitizer. My husband told me this when he got home. I gave him a large pk of tp, little remedies(from kroger) baby wipes and a 1/2 bottle of hand sanitizer from my car (we only had 1 ourselves at home) to bring to the clerk. He was so grateful that he cried.

Constance Stewart

March 18, 202009:51 am

I helped a customer that couldn't reach something on the top shelf when all other shelves were empty.

Susan isgrigg

March 18, 202009:46 am

I was in a Kroger at the pharmacy and a older lady was hysterical over her price of medicine. I told the tech to give it to her and I would pay for it

Valerie Henry

March 18, 202009:42 am

My local Ralph's was crowded and people were complaining about the wait to check out. I passed out several reusable plastic bags to the last 3 people in each line (I have a zillion at home because I either forget to take them or don't take enough.). The mood changed and conversations started up. I even forgot about the wait. Made my day and put us all in a much better mood.

Virginia Ebert

March 18, 202009:39 am

I'm taking Care of 6 children daily due to schools being closed! I need cereal and Calgon! Lol!

Tarita Conway

March 18, 202009:38 am

My kids and I made survival kits with sanitizer, soap, snacks, tissue, etc and handed it out to the homeless. Such a great experience. They loved it & we enjoyed doing it!


March 18, 202009:37 am

i didn't think about offering to go to the store for elderly family until i saw someone post about it. That would be worry some. I have offered to go for some elderly people.

Jennifer Angel

March 18, 202009:36 am

I am a nurse, currently working hard to help triage patients for testing for COVID19 as needed. My husband works for Kroger & doing overtime to try to help keep shelves stocked. Meanwhile, our son is working hard at Amazon to keep up with all the online orders. We are all doing our part to help our community, including buying groceries for those less fortunate and unable to physically get out to get them.


March 18, 202009:29 am

Kroger employees are really busy now, with extra cleaning and frantic restocking. Take note of their names and when you get those receipt surveys, give these people a pat on the back! Recognize them by name! Don't just recognize those who help you personally. Observe and record those who toil in the background. Their pay raises depend greatly upon these surveys, and recognizing their efforts in these worrisome times will help them so much! ♥ I love my Kroger's! ♥♥♥♥♥ And I REALLY love the Plymouth, Indiana, Clicklist team! ♥♥♥♥♥

Patricia Hedrick

March 18, 202009:28 am

Help out a friend with sick husband

Amy Knox

March 18, 202009:25 am

Recently on a grocery trip I had my son climb up on the shelves to get water for an elderly lady. She was so grateful for him doing that she tried paying him & I absolutely refused but thanked her for offering.

Sonja Banks

March 18, 202009:16 am

On the Next Door app, someone started a post about who is looking for certain items and then others can either pick it up or tell people where they saw it. I needed toilet paper- a random person got an extra pack for me and once they messaged me for my address, even brought it to my house and wouldn’t take my money. I found baby wipes and remember someone needed some so I messaged that person and got them to her... there’s been countless other people doing this, all through 1 person starting a post about it. A great way for a community to help each other!


March 18, 202009:14 am

My cousin has been posting a gratitude question each day to help people stay positive and connected through this.


March 18, 202009:13 am

Checking on my neighbors and friends, young and old, and sharing toilet paper and gluten free cereal from my pantry for my elderly friend with celiac disease. Also, lots of prayers for all affected.

Terri Myers

March 18, 202009:12 am

I shopped for people that were still working since I was not,also took canned goods and extra things I had to an elderly neighbor.

Mary Kilpatrick

March 18, 202009:12 am

I commented but can't find the raffle copter to say that I commented!

Tonya Workman

March 18, 202009:12 am

A friend of mine made several goodie bags for the elderly. They made them each a cleaning/sanitizing bag and a food bag. It’s something I would have liked to have done, but I am still working so my days are packed.

Lisa Dean

March 18, 202009:12 am

My grandsons and I recently made cards and delivered gift bags of items to elderly members of our community that needed them. I am lucky I follow your site and coupon, so I have plenty in my stockpile to share. I did this has I wanted to show my grandsons that everyone needs to come together and help. I explained the elderly cant shop like we can as they may get sick from the virus and stay need to stay home so my youngest one thought he would make a I love you card for each bag.

Mary Kilpatrick

March 18, 202009:08 am

I am a hairdresser. My client called to cancel her hair appointment because she lost her job. I told her to come in and I highlighted her hair and cut it for free. She needed to find another job and I wanted her to look and feel good. She lit up and was so happy. She got a job!

Yukia G

March 18, 202009:07 am

I picked up groceries for my elderly neighbor who can not go out right now.

Necresiana Mcclendon

March 18, 202008:58 am

Hi my coworker father has cancer and during this time she can’t find any toilet paper. So I got up early before I went to work and stood in line at the grocery store so I can get them so toilet paper. She was so happy that I though of them and did something so nice for her and her father. My act of kindness.

Kimberly Ring

March 18, 202008:44 am

I went over yesterday to check on the little elderly couple that lives behind us, just to see if they needed anything! Made me feel good that she was thankful & appreciated me checking on them! ;)

Michelle Collins

March 18, 202008:43 am

At my Kroger on 3/16/2020, I was shopping and the employees that were working were so nice to customers while the supply of items were out of stock due to the COVID-19. I saw one employee assisting a customer that was in an electronic shopper unable to get something off the shelf with their cane. Another employee was helping a customer with picking some veggies that had a handicap. It's good to know there are still a some good people willing to help others. This made my day. Thanks Michelle Collins

Carole Bibb

March 18, 202008:35 am

At an intersection in town where there’s a light but no lighted arrow for vehicles wanting to turn, normally they sit there til someone stops while on green and lets them turn!!!! I have been that one to stop recently and let the vehicles go. It only takes a moment!!! Be that 1 ❤️


March 18, 202008:28 am

I sent amazon gifts to strangers as random of kindnesses brighten their day in the Facebook group gifting for women.

Cathy Dorsel

March 18, 202008:20 am

Went out to dinner last night (Tennessee’s restaurants are still fully open) and struck up a conversation with our waiter, who was already laid off from Dollyworld. My husband and I left him a big tip on our meal. Hope it helps him out some.


March 18, 202008:20 am

A pastor at a local church called a hospital emergency room and asked how many healthcare workers were there at the time. He ordered pizza to be delivered for the 25-30 emergency room employees.


March 18, 202008:20 am

Checking on my elderly neighbors and offering to go to the store for anything they may need so they can avoid the risk of it.

Doreen Ellis

March 18, 202008:16 am

I work for my County Board of Education. My county has cancelled school for the kids, employees still working, during this virus. We live in a very rural area and a lot of kids only get fed when they are at school. My school system has stepped up and is preparing meals and the bus drivers are delivering the meals on their routes to the kids. The kids are waiting at their bus stops at a certain time and the bus driver pulls up and gives them a bag lunch/breakfast. On the days that the employees are off churches like mine are stepping up and making the runs and delivering food. We are all donating food so that kids who would normally only get meals at school are getting meals at home. It is a good feeling knowing that kids are being fed and not going hungry during this time and also using coupons to help others.

September Cardiff

March 18, 202008:16 am

My brother passed away Sunday, and with the corona virus we cant have a funeral for a while. Everyone has been so supportive with such kind words and uplifting thoughts!


March 18, 202008:15 am

We took to opportunity to go through my daughters clothes in her closet and gifted a huge trash bag of clothes to a family in need rather than taking it to the thrift store for donation!


March 18, 202008:10 am

My daughter was at the Kroger gas station recently, and the card reader on the pump wouldn't work. She and another lady walked up to the cashier, and the other lady said she would pay for my daughter's gas! She and her husband are both not working because of the virus, so this was an awesome blessing to them.


March 18, 202008:07 am


Alyssa Runyan

March 18, 202007:58 am

I have helped many people that were not able to go into stores this week, doing porch drop off for most of them b/c they are immunosuppressed and online shopping at walmart and other stores has stopped. Thank you so much for this!


March 18, 202007:57 am

I've not told anyone about this but this is the only way to enter the raffle. A couple of months ago, I was behind a woman who had a small order, and kept putting some things off to the side as her order was rung up. When she was done, I gestured to the cashier to charge me for those items and give them to her. Since then, I've paid for other orders, either in front or behind me in line. Random acts of kindness. I'm not certain who gets the better feeling.

Donna Magee

March 18, 202007:53 am

I gave away some toilet paper when no one could find any in the stores last week!


March 18, 202007:50 am

I am offering to do essential grocery shopping do all of the elderly family members here locally. I also may have to fly down to Florida from Pittsburgh, PA to Tampa, FL to pick up my 80 year old grandmother with COPD and drive her the 17 hours back home so she does not have to get on a plane. Thank you for everything that you do! I’ve learned so much from your couponing strategies!

Carrie Robertson

March 18, 202007:27 am

Thank you for keeping us updated with sales from Kroger! Especially with all the craziness these days!


March 18, 202007:26 am

i had a lot of coupons a nd i knew it would take a little time to check out the man behind me had two items so i put it on my order so he could go and did not have to wait on me


March 18, 202007:24 am

Your blog is the best! Honestly! You save me so much money and share so much positivity!

Marleise Cook

March 18, 202007:24 am

I will have say, as we are all in a state of flux with our kids facing a lost semester of school and panicked people emptying shelves at the grocery store; the teachers!!!!! The teachers, retired teachers and future teachers, who are helping their own children at home, sending messages out and offering help, tutoring ,teaching supplies and resources for parents and just offering to lend an ear! That is a true act of kindness!


March 18, 202007:18 am

There were 4 small packs of toilet paper left on the shelf at my store. They were pushed way in the back where they could not be seen. My purpose for shopping was toilet paper. Instead of buying them, I climbed up and pushed them forward for someone else. I usually don’t tell my good deeds but hopefully others will start doing this too and think of our elderly and those that can’t fight these crowds. Praying this all gets better soon!!❤️

CAROL Pennington

March 18, 202007:18 am

People (, including me) are actively thinking of who might be alone and checking on them by phone

Lauren Pelton

March 18, 202007:14 am

I was able to pray with one of my patients and it helped him feel more at peace with something he was dealing with.

Melanie Dunbar

March 18, 202007:06 am

My husband accidentally bought thermometer covers for a thermometer only doctors and professionals use. Found out a local nursing home needed them and gave them the entire box.


March 18, 202007:02 am

Helping out with childcare for a family working from home.


March 18, 202006:34 am

I paid for the person’s food behind me at McDonald’s.

Sharon Smith

March 18, 202006:19 am

Worked a drive through food pantry so elderly could get their items without getting out of their car.

Amy Mooney

March 18, 202006:14 am

Took Donations To Our Food Pantry & Recently Purchased The Persons Breakfast Behind Me In Drive Through :)

Laurie Dearing

March 18, 202006:12 am

There is an elderly person that is my neighbor. I do random acts of kindness for him. Sometimes I pick up his favorite food, drink, groceries, medicine, or take him to the grocery or doctor. He lost his wife five years ago and recently he hasn’t been getting around good. I actually feel like I am gaining more from this friendship than he is. He has so much wisdom and so many old stories. I truly enjoy his company. I wish more people could see how rewarding the elderly can be. I am not submitting this for recognition. I just want to challenge others to help the elderly! They need us!


March 18, 202006:11 am

A friend and I run a non profit organization called Pay it Forward Jefferson County. We've been blessed to help our community for over 6 years. We supply non food items to families who come to our local Food Bank - The Giving Cupboard. We coupon for items (nearly all at Smith's) and then distribute these items 2x a month.

Marcy Little

March 18, 202006:01 am

In our community in the last week there have been numerous acts of kindness. People immediately started food drives for the school kids, and volunteers for child care and senior services popped up. A local coffee shop is carrying paper towels and toilet paper for sale. Personally my husband and I are both at risk and 3 different people have offered to shop for us. It is truly inspiring!

Dorothy Powell

March 18, 202005:55 am

So we have a local cattle farmer that sets up and sells barbecue and sides. Yesterday he had over 85 pounds of pulled pork hotdogs and sides that he gave away to anyone in the community that could not afford to buy dinner due to the hardship that people have encountered due to the virus. There were so many people that came out to support him for what he was doing for the community. Great to see in this crazy time we are living in.

Jacqueline Reimer

March 18, 202005:49 am

The owner of our local donuts shop bought a case of toilet paper for anybody that needs a roll! Kudos to to the owners, who are the kindest people I know!

Rachael Rice

March 18, 202005:22 am

My husband recently fractured a bone in his arm. On our way home from a doctor's appointment, we stopped at a local steak house to eat. Noticing my husband's right arm was in a sling, our waiter cut his meat for him before bringing it to the table. This act of kindness went above and beyond the call of duty and spoke well of his sensitivity to the needs of his customers.

Sylvia D

March 18, 202005:18 am

Our local grocery store workers are always amazing!!! One of the lovsl cancer foundations we support here took donations and gave them out to Kroger workers. It was so wonderful to help! We are all in this together.


March 18, 202004:30 am

I bought tissues and disinfectants to bring to work for the people in our little cubicle/office. I work in the hospital and supplies are to be used sparingly. Just a little something to help out the department and the people I work with!

Patricia Collins

March 18, 202004:24 am

I am a couponeer and have been sharing with all of my family members. I have also been doing shopping for my disabled sister and others. I also check in on elderly neighbors.

Tammie Riggs

March 18, 202003:00 am

I gave a pack of Cottonelle toilet paper to a couple that looked like they was 75 years old

Kenzie Edwards

March 18, 202002:42 am

In our small town, most like others their kroger and other stores have gone completely out of stock in almost everything. We have a Facebook group that focuses on giving away items to other families that are in need. We post what we have or what we are looking for and we as a community help each other. My fiance and I, live across from our town soup kitchen that is run by the same sweet lady who founded it so many years ago, and we give gift cards (to her request) to kroger to support the others in the community who are unable to support themselves. At this time, this is what this gift card will go to while my fiance and I are stable at the moment.

Christa Rosales

March 18, 202002:28 am

My friend was having trouble finding toilet paper for her family of 6. We ended up giving her a pack out of ours and even found some later at a store and bought it for her family!

Ellen Hayes

March 18, 202002:10 am

I've been making hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes for those in need in our area

Kim Hanners

March 18, 202001:47 am

An older lady was short om cash checking out and was going to put back an item and I offered to pay the difference. He was very appreciative and I was happy to help her.

Cecil Groomes

March 18, 202001:34 am

Provide food donations to homebound neighbors on biweekly basis

Brittney W.

March 18, 202001:34 am

My mom and I were in Walmart last week, and an elderly woman struck up a conversation with my mom. She couldn't believe that she was able to find 2 small bottles of hand sanitizer in the store, very likely the last ones in the store. Still, she offered one to my mom, which I thought was very kind. My mom declined it, letting her know we had some at home and thanking her for her generosity.


March 18, 202001:19 am

Help us all right now We are all a family ❤


March 18, 202001:17 am

Bought toilet paper for our elderly neighbors and parents and helped a coworker, transitioning to work at home on a day's notice bc of the pandemic, carry stuff to her car.

Carrie Walker

March 18, 202001:11 am

Hello, I have done a few things: getting an item off the higher shelves (with being tall) for other shoppers, give away my coupons, and help with motorized shopping carts by bringing them back in the store to be recharged. Thank you for doing this. :)


March 18, 202001:05 am

During a recent Wal-Mart shopping trip, I assisted Michael, a Wal-Mart self checkout employee who was extremely busy prior to early closing, by retreiving an item another customer was purchasing as it did not have a tag to scan. Michael was slammed providing assistance to other customers and could not leave the area. I had just completed my purchase and offered to lend a helping hand to him and the other customer. A small act of kindness goes a long way!

Crystal L McCown

March 18, 202012:45 am

Thanks for everything!

Emily M.

March 18, 202012:37 am

Yesterday the city/county shut down restaurants/bars effective today (3/17) For the next 15 days. so we decided to have one last dine in dinner and tipped the waiter higher than the recommended amount to help relieve some of the burden that is to come from the shut down.


March 18, 202012:30 am

I would say the most kindness I have experienced and witnessed are customers shopping at grocery stores. Recently at two stores, I only had a fews items to checkout and both times a person in front of me let me go ahead because they had more items. I have made sure to smile and say nice things to store employees because they are been through the wringer this past week. I have also seen other customers doing the same. As you say, let's be the positivity that someone else needs.

Hilaria Martinez

March 18, 202012:21 am

My daughter in laws mother lives in a senior apartment by herself. She has rheumatoid arthritis and doesn't or can't go out much. My daughter and I decided to take her out to eat where ever she wanted. She decided on Mexican food and we told her to get whatever she wanted and to get something to go for dinner, but she said she probably wouldn't eat everything so that would be her dinner. She was so excited to get out and talk to someone and mostly people watch. More than likely I would give the card to my daughter in law to buy her groceries, especially in this times. Thanking you in advance should I be one of the lucky people.

Melinda Zamora

March 18, 202012:15 am

I've seen kindness this past week in different ways. Helping someone get something from the back of the shelf because it's the last of that item in the store. Store employees help wiping down carts as customers walk in. Giving up an item to someone else who needs it.


March 18, 202012:07 am

An older lady wanted something that I had and the one she wanted was back ordered for 12 weeks so I gave her mine and I ordered it again and I’ll wait the 12 weeks cause she needed it in a week to give to her sister.


March 17, 202011:58 pm

I helped make and serve school lunches to kids in need while schools are closed. If I win, I will pay it forward and donate card to a family in need

Brittainy Radosti

March 17, 202011:55 pm

My amazing daughter made cards for her 5 siblings today saying she was so lucky to have them in her life ❤❤

heidi maxwell

March 17, 202011:53 pm

My single mother neighbor couldnt find many of the food items her small children would eat- in our area people are hoarding and the shelves are bare. I gave her the cereal and boxed mac & cheese I had on hand for my grandkids and she offered to go to the store for me since I am in quarantine.

Tina M Rauen

March 17, 202011:51 pm

I bought a brand new child seat with 5 point harness for a low wage clerk that couldn't afford it, and had it sent to her via Amazon.


March 17, 202011:46 pm

I gave away 4 of the 6 antibacterial wipes I just bought to an elderly couple here in Florida. I also gave them some gloves since they were on their way to vote. This made their day.

Molly Franks

March 17, 202011:38 pm

I've been helping my parents both who are elderly. My dad has COPD so he's been staying in. I've been taking my mom and my brother who's visually impaired to do anything they need. Don't want any of them getting sick. Stay safe everyone.


March 17, 202011:33 pm

We helped elderly neighbors get food and are helping them pack up to leave and go to their daughter's.

Terry Miller

March 17, 202011:32 pm

I went to Kroger on Sunday. I chatted with 2 of the fellas stocking shelves in the canned veggis. They looked so tired, but were in good spirits. I told them I appreciated them and hoped they had a good evening !


March 17, 202011:31 pm

My husband and I live paycheck to paycheck and like everyone else it’s even harder to get by but while he was at Kroger buying a few necessary items he noticed a elderly woman on every isle ; she didn’t ask for anything but his heart was telling him she needed help when he checked out she was in the same line behind him and he noticed she seemed to be trying to get the total cost of her food items when he quietly told the cashier to take his money and pay her bill . As he was getting in his car she saw him at his car and thanked him with tears in her eyes . I was so proud of my husbands act of kindness and wish everyone to do the same


March 17, 202011:30 pm

I'm not sure if this would be considered paying it forward but when I hear of a family losing everything in a fire, flood, etc. I ask what sizes the woman is & if I happen to be the same size, I will donate clothes for work. Most people give sweats, shorts, t-shirts.. but I know if it were me, I would want something that I could wear to work. Plus, it helps me out by cleaning out my closet..


March 17, 202011:29 pm

I had a wonderful, elderly neighbor whose family lives out of town. I cooked a meal for her yesterday (and will do it again tomorrow). I'm making her favorite.


March 17, 202011:28 pm

Today I drove all around town trying to find toilet paper for my kids.. the last store I went to one of the employees returned the toilet paper she bought so I could buy it for my kids. If I win, I’m taking this giftcard straight to her.

Jena McCoy

March 17, 202011:27 pm

Gave out personal hygiene items stock piled to friends and family members as needed.

Kristine Christian

March 17, 202011:24 pm

Checked on my elderly neighbors. Gave them my phone number and told them to call me if they need anything. I'll find it for them.

Karen Smith

March 17, 202011:24 pm

I put together two bags of pantry staples - one for our church box and one for a Local family in need.

Mary Parker

March 17, 202011:22 pm

In the mist of the Coronavirus crisis, my ex-husband,whom I don’t have the best relationship with contacted me this morning saying he was completely out of bathroom tissue and asked if i could help him find some or if I had a pack to spare. Out of the kindness of my heart, I offered him 3 jumbo packs from my own supply.

Brandi B

March 17, 202011:20 pm

I drive alot of seniors around to appointments, errands and airports usually but with the state of the world no one is going anywhere. So, i contacted all of them to check on them and ask if they needed anything. I offered to shop for them so they do not have to get out and risk getting infected. I also have a small store in my house of my stockpile from couponing that i offered to let them virtually shop and i would sell items at my cost and no charge for delivery.

Patricia Smith

March 17, 202011:18 pm

My 13 year old daughter and I were at a bag your own market. When we came out, an elderly lady was parked beside us. She was starting to bag her groceries. My daughter ask her if she needed help. The lady said yes. My daughter felt honored to help her. I thought that was very thoughtful for my daughter to ask, given the way a lot of teenagers are today. I'm proud of her.

Amanda Rose

March 17, 202011:16 pm

I had a church friend pass two days ago, and while meal trains for the family is such a blessing, I thought about her animals. She loved her fur babies and I donated dog food. I try to "fill in the gaps" when helping people. Some smaller things are missed when helping others, and I know what it's like to go through difficult times. I remember going to the food bank but wondering how to feed my own dog.

Dana M Lynch

March 17, 202011:06 pm

I donated several bags of groceries and toiletries to TN tornado relief efforts. Most of it was items that I've stockpiled though couponing and the help of your site


March 17, 202011:06 pm

I was on a run and I passed a cute elderly couple on a bike ride at the beginning of my run. On my way home, I passed them again and the gentlemen raised his hand high in the air and yelled, "Hey! How are ya doing!?" I laighed. Totally made my day! I love it!

Stephen Sobottka

March 17, 202011:03 pm

My wife and I made 50 sandwiches for our local mens shelter. We made them actual meat and cheese sandwiches as opposed to the usual PB and J and they were super grateful. We were happy to try and make them happy!

Amanda Rose

March 17, 202011:20 pm

Thank you for this, more ppl are allergic to nuts than ppl realize!

Vandy Prescott

March 17, 202011:02 pm

I took my grandmother to get her hair fixed and I went and bought her groceries. I also asked my neighbor if she needed anything.

Adaria Johnson

March 17, 202010:59 pm

Gave my Senior Neighbor 2 boxes of food


March 17, 202010:57 pm

I delivered a trunk full of supplies to our local shelter today.

Roni Shye

March 17, 202010:55 pm

I sent $50 to my yoga studio so that the teachers could still get paid

Phyllis Spell

March 17, 202010:55 pm

I deliver meals to the elderly, disabled, and shut-ins on a daily basis. Always helping them when i can. Taking their trash to the curb. Phone calls. Today i ran to Kroger and picked up the soda that that the home help aide didn't bring with the rest of the shopping order.


March 17, 202010:53 pm

I picked up an extra lunch for a child whose parent is homebound with no transportation. I also reached out to my elderly neighbor to see if she needed any toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc. She knows that she can contact me if she needs anything.

Lisa Gilley

March 17, 202010:53 pm

We went through a drive-thru and used coupons for our purchase and the cashier was so kind and gave them back to us to use again on our next visit


March 17, 202010:50 pm

I work in a nursing home and have been using video calling on my cell phone to help the residents see their families during this time that visitors aren't allowed.


March 17, 202010:46 pm

While visiting my son whose in the Airforce I saw more people react with gratefulness to my son for his service by thankighim, shaking his hand and giving huge discounts while shopping

Julia Hillis

March 17, 202010:45 pm

I have been calling and assisting with errands for elderly and infirm ones that I know.


March 17, 202010:44 pm

My Mother passed away last week. We were blessed with many acts of kindness. Prayers, food, etc. ❤️

Alicia Franklin

March 17, 202010:41 pm

I helped someone in the grocery store during all of this covid19 madness

Mary Garcia

March 17, 202010:35 pm

I helped my mother, buy making her a basket with food & household items that she so needed, she didn't have money to buy everything she needed. When you help people out you get blessed


March 17, 202010:32 pm

What an uplifting idea. I try to do or say something nice everyday. Today I helped an elderly woman load her groceries (from Kroger, of course, into her car. Not a big deal, but the act made me feel good.


March 17, 202010:19 pm

My grandson and daughter set up this homemade pantry outside their home. Individuals can just drive by and take the items they need. This is just one of their many good deeds they've done


March 17, 202010:19 pm

Yesterday, while at Costco, I witnessed two women give their large box of baby wipes to a mom-to-be. Costco had already run out and the mom-to-be is due next month and had three littles with her. I’ve also seen so much kindness in my Frys these past couple weeks! If I win one of the gift cards I plan to purchase what I can and donate it to a small town in my state that doesn’t have the plethora of stores available to them that I do.

Ashley S

March 17, 202010:18 pm

I let quite a few people who only had an item or two go in front of me in line when checking out the other day. I had a cart full and did not want them to have to wait. I try to do this whenever I can, especially with what is going on right now.

Jamie Bridwell

March 17, 202010:17 pm

I have a bunch of free food coupons and I gave them to others in need during this difficult times.

Jamie Bridwell

March 17, 202010:19 pm


Mazie Moreland

March 17, 202010:16 pm

I have elderly neighbors who are no longer able to get out to buy groceries. From time to time I take them meals and have asked her to write out a grocery list so I can pick up groceries for them. Recently I fixed a meal for them and then prepared a basket of snacks, soup, crackers and fixings for sandwiches for them to use later. I told them it was for a picnic.

Taylor Adams

March 17, 202010:16 pm

I recently paid for the next three cars behind me in McDonalds drive thru while getting breakfast. I hope I made someones morning a little better.


March 17, 202010:13 pm

I am an assistant principal. Yesterday we received the call that we were to close. It was the 2nd most hectic day I have ever experienced in my career with 9/11 being the 1st. The teachers were told not to return for a month. I have to work the rest of the week. One of my teachers texted today and offered to bring me lunch after seeing what a tough day yesterday was to go through. It meant so much to know someone cared!


March 17, 202010:11 pm

I did my neighbors shopping because they are older/elderly and are afraid to go out unless they absolutely have to go. Besides it isn’t as easy for them to lift cases of water.


March 17, 202010:06 pm

My family and I have given gift cards to some families in need who can't work now. My kids decided to create word puzzles to send to other children cooped up at home. They are mailing them out to bring some joy!

Melissa Snider

March 17, 202010:05 pm

On Saturdays, i get groceries for an 86 year old shutin with heart failure and cancer. I also pick up groceries for my 88 year old mom when she does not feel like going to the store. I had to go to 3 different stores to find milk and sour cream. I called Krogers Marketplace in Conroe before i drove there and spoke to Jeff the Dairy Manager. He said they had some not a lot but some were still available. I went to Krogers and was able to fill their lists . I will be doing this for the time being to keep them safe.

C vermeulen

March 17, 202010:03 pm

Had several packs of bath tissue and paper towels given to us. Gave several to a friend who ran low. Also to missionary boys who always need help with tem Also gave cereal boxes to those who needed some. Always buy when cheap with rebates. So many times we share with those who need help.

Alicia Taylor

March 17, 202010:02 pm

I took care packages to my elderly neighbors. Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and Lysol spray, toilet paper.

Joann Valentine

March 17, 202010:01 pm

Was waiting for husband who went into grocery store on Monday when a woman walk out. She pulled her keys from her pocket and some money fell out at the same time. Having seen what happened I went and picked up the money and gave it back to her. I got a big smile and a thank you from her.

Nancy Estep

March 17, 202010:01 pm

I clip extra paper coupons each week (friends give me their coupons). So, whenever I’m at Kroger, I glance inside other people’s carts to see if I have a coupon for 1 or more of their items so I can give them a coupon for that item. I gave out several coupons on Sat., Mar. 14 to different shoppers. (As I do almost every Saturday.) People are (usually) very appreciate & thankful for the coupon(s) I give them. It always makes me feel so good to share coupons with others.

Cynthia Gillett

March 17, 202010:00 pm

I volunteered at the local food bank. Helping with fundraising efforts, and annual inventory. I also donated $800 to them. Arizona state will reimburse you $400 single /$800 married in your taxes.


March 17, 202009:57 pm

i have watched many people who have personally gone out of there way to be kind and help them


March 17, 202009:57 pm

Picked up groceries for my mother.

Amanda Knapp

March 17, 202009:52 pm

My mom told me she wasn’t able to get food or toilet paper due to her husband being out of work. I took her to Walmart today bought her a weeks worth of groceries lucked out on a toilet paper delivery and paid for needed medications for her and my step dad. They are raising my sisterS two kids and thought they were going to have to ration and struggle feeding them. If I win the gift card I will be using it to make sure she haS enough food for her And my niece and nephew.

Sarah H

March 17, 202009:47 pm

Thanks to all whom have showed kindness! Much love to each of you. I work in the healthcare system and trying to keep each patient positive with all this negativity one day at a time. It's amazing how a kind word, sweet smile or Just a simple 'it's going to be ok' goes a long way! We all need to stay positive and love thy neighbor. As far as giving I have helped my family with their nessicities each day whether it's food, toilet paper and paper towels thanks to my Kroger coupon shopping and woohoo deals! Thanks KrogerKrazy for posting the great deals. The one major act of kindness that sticks out the most is just socializing with the Residents at the nursing home on my breaks. (My past time job)They have been quarantined to their rooms with no visitors for at least 2 weeks. Just seeing them laugh at me and cut up with me made my heart smile. Hearing them say they love me and miss me.... priceless! Kindness costs nothing.


March 17, 202009:46 pm

I work in a courthouse that usually people are unhappy to come into. I try to be as helpful and friendly to all so at least a part of their day is of sunshine. I loved reading all the helpful things people have done. Please keep it up.

Amanda Flowers

March 17, 202009:46 pm

I went shopping for my older parents (like I should) and also helped a senior at the store with helping locate items so he didn't have to walk around as much.

Natalie Conrad

March 17, 202009:43 pm

The most generous thing I did at Kroger this week was not buy anything that we did not need in the next two weeks including TP and cleaners!

Amy M.

March 17, 202009:40 pm

My son held the door for an officer today whose arms were full of supplies. Proud Mom moment

Nikki W

March 17, 202009:37 pm

I’m part of a local FB giving group and have been able to help many people from my couponing stockpile. Couponing is my hobby and it feels so good to bless others! Kroger Krazy has helped me tremendously, thank you!!


March 17, 202009:37 pm

Shared needed supplies with family and friends


March 17, 202009:37 pm

In line tonight at Kroger, a state trooper was buying his groceries. The scale wouldn’t weigh his produce so he says just forget because he didn’t want to hold up the line. The customer behind him offer to pay for the troopers things. The trooper accepted and thanked him. The trooper then handed the cashier $10 for the next person. I was fourth in line and was offered the $10. I was only purchasing items for a rebate so I passed. I wonder how long that $10 was passed along to get to the person that really needed it.

Cat Johnson

March 17, 202009:37 pm

Today my neighbor (who has 5 foster children she just adopted AND her newly married son/wife (who were visiting from Texas where they live on the Army base (so 8 all together in her tiny house) asked if I knew what "Turmeric toilet paper" was. I said turmeric is a spice but I've NEVER heard it in toilet paper. She said that's all that was left on Amazon to buy and it won't be delivered for a month. So I texted another neighbor and she and I secretly put packages of tp on my neighbor's porch.


March 17, 202009:34 pm

Today I helped hand out sack lunches to families in the community. It felt great to help.

Jessica Seitz

March 17, 202009:34 pm

I donated my extra goods to the free store in town that has many elderly clients.


March 17, 202009:32 pm

I dropped off some items to the blessing box in our small town.


March 17, 202009:31 pm

I loved seeing a Kroger employee helping an elderly woman wipe down her cart methodically before she went shopping. Going above and beyond!

Crystal Thomas

March 17, 202009:29 pm

I supplied hand sanitizer to my husband police unit of about 30 officers ! ❤️❤️ I love my Blue Family

Tammy Taylor

March 17, 202009:24 pm

In my area there is no TP anywhere. People went crazy buying it all up. The store stocks it in the morning but I can't go because I have two grands, ages 6 and 7 staying home from school with me and I'm afraid to go out due to my asthma....can't risk me and my grands getting sick. By the time My husband gets home at 4:00pm the TP is gone. This evening my husband called a friend to check on him and he said that he works at the store and would go in the early morning and get us a couple packs of toilet paper for us. Thank goodness there are good people in the world.


March 17, 202009:23 pm

Right now is a great time to pay it forward. I coupon regularly and have been regularly giving away products to those in need. I’m always well stocked on cleaning products and paper products, so I can make good use of my stockpile right now ! I can always get more.


March 17, 202009:18 pm

As many know who work in retail it can be stressful, with all that people are preparing for even more right now. My husband works at a grocery store and was complimented by a customer who recognized his pleasant nature, kindness and willingness to help while still trying to keep the shelves stocked. He helped the customer a few days prior and that same customer saw him help others in the same manner. It means a lot when those we help take the time to personally say I recognize you and the great job you are doing , Keep it up. When those we work for may not take the time to say it.

Ally Wetnight

March 17, 202009:14 pm

Donated 5 cases of huggies to a new mom who can't work due to shutdown


March 17, 202009:14 pm

My kids and I are decorating paper bags that are used for delivering meals to senior citizens. We will also be making cards to send to a local retirement home.

Christine Shaffer

March 17, 202009:13 pm

Made cards for those in the local nursing home since they can’t have visitors.,


March 17, 202009:12 pm

Recently, I was contacted my a company to have items donated to my hospital unit as a thank you gift during this difficult time. As a “pay it forward” act, I then paid that company to “gift” 2 sets of those same items to another hospital as a gift of thanks.


March 17, 202009:11 pm

My mom and I are keeping our daycare open as long as possible for our parents who still have to work.


March 17, 202009:08 pm

My husband and I volunteer to do grocery shopping for several elderly people in our church every other week. We have reassured them we will continue to do this for them and even more often as needed to keep them from feeling the need to have to get out of the house. It's a small thing we feel we can do to help keep them safe.

melissa jones

March 17, 202009:06 pm

I recently have been giving my co workers lysol, toilet paper, and clorox from my stock pile because all the stores are sold out here in GA.

Katrina K Hicks

March 17, 202009:03 pm

Cleaning out my closets and cabinets. Donating everything to various local organizations. Example Recovering addicts, churches, food pantries, homeless.


March 17, 202009:02 pm

I use my coupons and get things like cleaning supplies, toothpaste, shampoo etc. to give to my church and the local women's shelter.


March 17, 202009:02 pm

When the county I live in no longer allowed the kids to come to school, it left a lot of kids hungry. The teachers were especially concerned because they knew there were kids in which the school breakfasts and lunches were their only meals they receive. After learning about this, local restaurants offered free meals to kids. It's amazing how a community comes together.


March 17, 202009:01 pm

My daughter and I did some grocery and supply shopping for high risk (of becoming ill) people in our community.

Diane Fountain

March 17, 202009:00 pm

I commented,didn’t see a special box to check!

Sarah B

March 17, 202009:00 pm

I have a friend who has been trying to get back on her feet after having two babies and moving. All the items that i have gotten from couponing i gave to her family, and my fiance and i are working towards being able to donate goods ive couponed for to a rescue mission in our area.

Tammy Mauk

March 17, 202008:58 pm

I saw someone purchase diapers at Sams for a young man that was not a member. He needed them for his baby.


March 17, 202008:58 pm

I was at Walmart yesterday and the family in line in front of me was checking out. I put my items on the counter and the woman told the cashier to add my items to her total. Luckily I was able to talk her out of it, but I thought that was super sweet!


March 17, 202008:57 pm

I helped someone in a wheelchair reach a box of crackers in the grocery store.

Diane Fountain

March 17, 202008:56 pm

I shopped at Kroger yesterday and yes there were many empty shelves throughout the store but anyone that was working were putting out stock and trying to get items back on the shelves,people were courteous and helpful to everyone !

Margarita Abarca

March 17, 202008:54 pm

I was able to give some necessities from my pantry and the store to an elderly couple in my neighborhood.


March 17, 202008:53 pm

Scooped snow off neighbors sidewalk and brought them their mail.

Lynn Gann

March 17, 202008:51 pm

Yesterday my oldest daughter was kind enough to go buy me a few food items & some dog food for my dog at my local Kroger so I would not have to get out right now. I am so grateful for her kindness & thoughtfulness <3


March 17, 202008:48 pm

I had some extra items that I gave to my son after the pandemic started as he was down to 1 roll of toilet paper and everyone was out so I offered several items I had extra of to help him get by since he lives paycheck to paycheck.

Tiffini Blaisdell

March 17, 202008:48 pm

A friend said he needed toilet paper, sugar and paper towels. I offered him some of what I had :)

Amy Powell

March 17, 202008:46 pm



March 17, 202008:46 pm

Only because you asked, Katie, will I share this. My neighbor was involved in a car accident on Friday of last week, in which her vehicle was totaled. She called me from the car rental office in a panic because the associates were very insensitive and for other reasons she was unable to get her rental car. She left the office walking much to my discouraging advice. My kids and I ended up picking her up on a road leading back to her home. Instead of taking her home, we decided to take her around to do the things she so badly wanted to get done. I was a small sacrifice but we were happy that she felt better to get her errands in order. I know what it's like to not be able to get around.


March 17, 202008:45 pm

Right now everything is so uncertain. I have reached out to my coworkers and family to offer food and prayers. My mom is in the hospital she had to have emergency surgery it's been so hard not being able to be with her. I'm so grateful for all the nurses and doctors that have been there . They have no idea how they have been a blessing for my family .

Miriam Powers

March 17, 202008:44 pm

My husband was at the doctors office waiting to check in,an elder lady was told she had to pay her copay of $40.00,she found a 20 and was trying to find enough more.She was counting all her change,my husband gave the receptionist a $20,00 & had the girl give the lady back her leftover money.Paying it forward,even if we are over 70.

Lisa Weiss

March 17, 202008:43 pm

A fellow Marine MoM is running low on diapers and for her grandson. He has allergies and can only wear one brand of diapers. The shelves in California are bare. I checked our local stores in Ohio today and found 4 packs of the diapers. I packaged them up and they're on the way. She'll have them Friday. She was so relieved and thankfully. She offered to send me the money but I refused. Her response to me was "Well then, I'll share some with someone else that's in need". Made my heart happy.


March 17, 202008:43 pm

I was in Kroger and has just got 2 cases of water. An older lady came up to me and said she had looked everywhere and couldn't find any. I took her to the display and put her 3 cases in her shopping cart.


March 17, 202008:43 pm

Checking in on my grandma and elderly neighbor before running to the store so they didn’t have to get out of their house during this difficult time

Bonnie Witte

March 17, 202008:43 pm

I am watching my neighbors child so they can go to work since there's no daycare.

Marta Hernandez

March 17, 202008:42 pm

Hi, just yesterday I decided to take my kids to the library in case they closed. On the way we stopped at a school to get food for them. There wasnt any parks nearby so I let them eat it in the car and parked the car by a washateria. I noticed a lady coming our way and asked me if I had jumper cables since her car battery was dead. When I got them out of the car I let her know that we had just stopped there out of casualty.


March 17, 202008:42 pm

I purchased a baby registry item today for a young woman in need I did not know.


March 17, 202008:39 pm

I’ve been shopping at Kroger’s about two or three times a week lady month. I love Kroger’s


March 17, 202008:41 pm

I find deals & share them with every body.

Lynnette Sackman

March 17, 202008:39 pm

The other day I finally came across two packages of anti bacterial wipes. I only took one leaving the other for someone else who may need them

stephanie helton

March 17, 202008:39 pm

I have witnessed more offering to give to others. I have a stash of wipes and someone local was asking about where to get some and I told her I had some for her if she was still in need! I love the kindness everyone is showing

Beth Hatcher

March 17, 202008:39 pm

I have a large stock pile from Kroger deals. My stock pile is open to anyone in need right now. I have paid it forward with toilet paper, deodorant, laundry soap, and cereal. Keep paying it forward everyone

renee fredrick

March 17, 202008:38 pm

Respecting the elderly and making sure they have the necessities they need. Checking on family and friends daily to see how they are and what they need. Also thanking every cashier in the grocery store during this trying time. We all need to work together, we are in this together.


March 17, 202008:38 pm

I seen where some one needed premie diapers on a local site. I met them at a store and bought them two bags. I love helping people by paying it forward.


March 17, 202008:38 pm

While out shopping me and my mom spotted an elderly couple. This was during the panicked rush of people clearing shelves. They were barely getting around being elderly. We saw them enter, shop, and leave empty handed. My mom stopped to ask them what they were searching for. It was the nowhere to be found toilet paper. The husband had mentioned he and his wife with alzheimers were trying to just get toilet paper. We had just spent $2 per roll to buy what we had found just the store before. No way were we going to let them continue because they had a struggle to get through the small store we were at. We gave them 8 rolls to help get by. The husband offered to pay but nope wasn't having it. Was just trying to help look out for them during this time. Glad we were able to help. That's all that mattered to us as was the highlight throughout this ordeal. Pass along the blessings we have no matter how small.


March 17, 202008:38 pm

I witnessed my sweet son give a tip to our grocery bagger the last time we were at the store together as a family. He asked first if he could, and I said sure. He was prepared with his wallet and went into his allowance. Proud momma bear here. (He’s 8 :)) Thank you for all the ways to save, save, save here!


March 17, 202008:37 pm

I had a large handful of grocery items and was standing in a very long line to check out. The person behind me offered to let me put my items in his basket until I could check out.

Amanda B Crow

March 17, 202008:37 pm

I brought toilet paper and water to my husbands grandma cause she isn’t allowed to leave her home

Amy Fuerst

March 17, 202008:36 pm

I shared a pack of toilet paper to a neighbor who really needed it!

Doreena G Pelaez

March 17, 202008:36 pm

I shared toilet paper with my elderly neighbor, she was so excited. The little things are pretty awesome.


March 17, 202008:36 pm

I helped my friend with groceries and personal items that I collected as he was unemployed and now I feel good specially during this difficult time

Macie Watson

March 17, 202008:35 pm

I will be giving away items to people in need this weekend!

Kimmerly Brown

March 17, 202008:34 pm

Handed out some of my stockpile from months ago to neighbors that couldn’t get any toilet paper. Plus I had found a case of baby wipes that I gave to friends with babies that were running low


March 17, 202008:33 pm

I purchased someone’s coffee behind me in line yesterday. It was small, but we are all in this craziness together.


March 17, 202008:33 pm

I was at Walmart in Mount Pleasant, Mi on 3-16. I let an elderly man go in front of me which is no big deal but when I seen the man that was in front of him start paying for his groceries, wow the best thing ever!!!!

Pamela Frady

March 17, 202008:31 pm

I saw a friend of mine take groceries to her elderly neighbors. She is a wonderful person !


March 17, 202008:31 pm

Helping stock our local schools “pack a snack” program!

Lyndsay Withey

March 17, 202008:31 pm

My daughter is immune compromised and a good friend of mine went and got us a whole box of her favorites so we didn’t have to worry about going out.


March 17, 202008:30 pm

Giving my neighbor that has twins a stockpile of diapers and wipes.

April s Hearl

March 17, 202008:29 pm

This past Friday when everyone started wiping out the stores my husband went to the store to see what he could get on such short notice. I work first shift he work 3 shift so he was hoping to get everting we needed to get us though a couple of weeks we he did good but we we knew our daughter & son in-law with a 7 kids total between them (both on 2 nd marriage) knew they could not get a lot like a lot of others out there they live pay check to pay check. We could make sure they had a few things they would need & will help them as much as we can. Kroger had spaghetti sauce & spaghetti noodles on sale we got the a full diner for a few days I know it don’t sound like much but my son in-law lost his job 2 weeks before this so every penny counts. It takes a village to raise your children but when you are raising a team it takes a very tight village to keep them going. This is what a village does when times a crazy. 1 meal for 9 people with left overs was under $8.00. What a blessing to be able to help out on a few dinners.


March 17, 202008:29 pm

I am more in awe of seeing what others are doing than anything I myself have done. I am a cancer patient so I am self quarantined but am donating financially to local food collection efforts to feed the kids in our school district while schools are closed. So many wonderful people doing wonderful things. And yes, we are better together!


March 17, 202008:28 pm

I know a lady who is getting up everyday and cooking breakfast and lunch for multiple families who are having a hard time feeding their children during our school closures. She then goes to each house and delivers the food, leaving it on their porches.

tabbi m

March 17, 202008:28 pm

Husband was at the store and people before him were being super rude and taking it out on the cashier and manager. He paid for our stuff and got cash out, gave it to them and said that he hopes their night gets better and that he's sorry that they were treated like that.

Debbie Girrens

March 17, 202008:27 pm

I asked my elderly neighbors if they needed anything from the grocery store and they were really happy that I would do this for them! Heck I would do it fir anyone in need! Please check on your neighbors & see if they need help at this time of need. Thanks


March 17, 202008:27 pm

I helped an elderly woman reach the frozen vegetables she wanted from the top shelf.

Megan King

March 17, 202008:27 pm

I've tried to make sure my kids teachers have the hand sanitizer and lysol wipes they need. Their with our babies so much we have to look out for them. My mom also works at a school where two teachers were having a really hard time finding lysol. So saturday we went to so many places but finally found them what they needed.

Kim Johnson

March 17, 202008:27 pm

With the schools being closed indefinitely, everyone in our community is volunteering and donating food items to kids that are food insecure.

Johnnie Grimshel

March 17, 202008:26 pm

I love Keoger coupons in the Kroger app. Easy to clip an use . Also getting gas points. But wish that the points would roll over from month to month. Johnnie Grimshel


March 17, 202008:26 pm

Thanking my baggers a couple of weeks ago. I wish I had a survey so i could honor them by name!

Linda Montgomery

March 17, 202008:24 pm

My friend sherri helped an elderly man find toilet paper today the town we live in had none she rallied people and made it happen shes a hero

Kate Aguilar

March 17, 202008:24 pm

We've been checking on all the elderly around our neighborhood. I have a rare disease but I am still doing all I can to help others including my family who all lost their jobs in the past 3 days.

Debbie Sack

March 17, 202008:22 pm

My husband has been calling elderly people he knows asking if they are needing anything like z ride to the doctors office or for him to go get groceries for them

Cindy Johnson

March 17, 202008:20 pm

Just saw in a local Facebook selling group someone offer diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc. free to those that need them. I didn't recognize her name, but she must be a couponer.


March 17, 202008:20 pm

I help a lady that had a big buggy of grocery. She was trying to push the cart and hold the baby. So I took it upon myself to get the cart and unload for. Carrying a sleeping baby and pushing a cart isn’t a good thing. That’s my good deed for this day

Diane Barrett

March 17, 202008:20 pm

Our town has a neighborhood website. Someone posted that she had lots of toilet paper and offered to give some to people who were in need. I was really impressed with the selfless attitude.


March 17, 202008:19 pm

My DIL was worried about the children who won't have lunch because of schools being closed, so she is making up some boxes of groceries to donate.

Krisann kirker

March 17, 202008:19 pm

I love the Krogerkrazy website, so much useful info on your best deals at Kroger!

Billie Campbell

March 17, 202008:19 pm

Senn a man give a crying older lady money to buy toilet tissue, she only had a few dollars to buy a small pack with were all gone! He asked could he help her and her response was that she only wished she had money to buy toilet tissue, so he gave her a big pack and $15.99!!

Mark Bowers

March 17, 202008:17 pm

Today our church started a food drive. I went thru my stockpile and donated both food and cleaning supplies. Also my wife is our church secretary and she said she got a call from a retired pastor that that is a member of our church. He said they had 80 dollars to spend on groceries. He was unloading his groceries and the man in front of him paid for them. Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

Sherri DeWitt

March 17, 202008:17 pm

Please check with your neighbors on each side of you and see how they are doing or if they need anything. Do this via phone or a note taped to the door. If we all do this we will all be taken care of


March 17, 202008:17 pm

I picked up groceries for an elderly family friend so she doesn't have to go to a grocery store.

Merissa Hastings

March 17, 202008:15 pm

Will the world going crazy I am still couponing and helping out senior family members who are not able to make it to the store

Marybeth Nix

March 17, 202008:15 pm

My husband and I are publicly posting on Facebook that we are available to feed kids/ families that may need help during this time. It's the least we can do.


March 17, 202008:15 pm

I helped an older lady find soup this morning at Kroger. She looked so distressed and it seemed to ease her mind a little!

Kali Pitzer

March 17, 202008:15 pm

My husband does construction. The neighbors were having issues with their roof leaking. The neighbors are elderly and on oxygen. He went and fixed there roof with left over material he had.


March 17, 202008:13 pm

A local BBQ food truck is donating free lunches to students while they are out of school

Kathy Stevens

March 17, 202008:13 pm

Act of kindness everyday with the non-profit that I work with. Moms helping moms get the basic of necessities including diapers, wipes and feminine hygiene products

Sadie B.

March 17, 202008:12 pm

We have taken extra eggs to a neighbor.

Dana Akers

March 17, 202008:12 pm

A young mother was in line in front of me at the store and for some reason her card wasn’t working and she had food for her baby and I told her that I would purchase it for her. She was very grateful and got very emotional. Being friendly is free!

Jamie brooks

March 17, 202008:12 pm

Right now kindness can go a long way. A smile or a roll of toilet paper, anything! I've tried to let elderly go ahead of me in the stores right now. It's important they can get in and out as quickly as possible.

Helen Smith

March 17, 202008:11 pm

I work at a nursing home the residents are on lockdown I know several residents family visit every day but with the lockdown that’s not possible so I went to my residents with my cell phone and ask if I could call they family or connect with a family member on Facebook for them

Ne Ne

March 17, 202008:11 pm

I am currently helping the elderly with essential items that I can from my stockpile. Financially assisted those less fortunate and helping the elderly in the grocery find their items and help them to get to checkout safely

Margie Fay

March 17, 202008:11 pm

I picked up my groceries and started a conversation with the young lady who brought them out. We were talking about the virus and the shortages of TP and wipes. She has a small child and was out of wipes and diapers. We had wipes in the car so we gave them to her. She was so happy.


March 17, 202008:11 pm

My husband was in a car accident and a neighbor brought us dinner, which I was so grateful for.


March 17, 202008:10 pm

I teach high school math. It is a subject that lots of kids struggle with and with e-learning it is even harder for those who do because their teacher isn’t always there to Gide them and show them what to do in a problem. I have made my home office into tutor central for our complex. Not only am I doing all my regular work but I posted all over the neighborhood where to come for help. Today I had kids from middle through high school dropping in to ask for help, no charge just helping them through.

Cathy Perkins

March 17, 202008:10 pm

I took food items to our little pantry that we have in our community

Kerri manos

March 17, 202008:09 pm

My 3 teenage kids went to the grocery store before school so their parents, with health issues, wouldn’t have too.


March 17, 202008:09 pm

I talked to my friend on the phone during a mental health crisis.


March 17, 202008:08 pm

I paid for the persons meal behind me at McDonald’s drive thru.

Kim Ramsey

March 17, 202008:08 pm

I commented.

Melissa Baker

March 17, 202008:07 pm

I helped out a neighbor with errands while she was sick

Mary K. Sturm

March 17, 202008:07 pm

I delivered fresh fruit and other food items to a family in need.

Kim D

March 17, 202008:06 pm

Recently an elderly lady was looking for toilet paper at another store while I was shopping. I was looking also. The store had 4 packs left. I put 2 in ny cart then climbed on the shelf (im really short lol) and grabbed the other 2 for her instead of purchasing all of them.

Elisa Garcia

March 17, 202008:05 pm

Shared my stockpile with those not having luck finding needs in store. Couponing has blessed me and able to bless others.

Kim Ramsey

March 17, 202008:05 pm

I was recently laid off from my job and I was going through my teenage sons outgrown clothes to sell. My husband convinced me we should give the clothes to some friends from church, as they have 2 young boys. She came to pick them up yesterday and I felt so awesome! She was thrilled! It’s always nice to help someone else!


March 17, 202008:05 pm

Helped someone financially

Christie Scholl

March 17, 202008:05 pm

Added a few items to my order for a neighbor!

Joanna Benton

March 17, 202008:04 pm

I gave a woman with 3 children my 2 gallons of milk, because they were out by the time she got there

Jane St John

March 17, 202008:03 pm

I got groceries for an elderly women on Monday.


March 17, 202008:03 pm

My kids and I have been leaving thank you cards and packages for our mail lady and delivery people. Thank you for the chance.


March 17, 202007:31 pm

I'm a teacher and, like so many others, found out we're not going back to school any time soon from Spring Break. Today we were allowed into the building to get essential items. When I went in, I realized that people had left food in the department refrigerator. Even though I don't use it, I cleaned it out, tossed out the perishable food, and washed the reusable containers so my colleagues wouldn't eventually return to anything stinky and/or moldy.

Donna N

March 17, 202007:30 pm

I’m in the Buy Nothing group on Facebook for my neighbors around me. One of the requests on this group recently was asking for help with food and snacks for her three children. I ended up giving her 4 bags of goodies, including personal hygiene items like hair care products, toothpastes and toothbrushes, hand soaps, plus more. It felt good to be able to help out the people around me who needed a lending hand.

Kayla Hickman

March 17, 202007:26 pm

I am a nurse in a pediatric hospital in Columbus. It has been great to see my unit picking up shifts to help care for our patients. We are also doing a drive through testing center which many of us have volunterred to work.

Alyssa Hibbard

March 17, 202007:07 pm

I've done a few things to help out during this tough time in our community but I do not want recognition. The real hero's in my community are the schools. Our school has been cancelled until April and our schools came together, not only before the end of the day on the last day by providing bags and bags of food for children, but they are also having a drive thru service at many different areas in our town for children to pick up lunch and a breakfast for the next day. It really makes me tear up and I'm so blessed to be a part of such a loving community.


March 17, 202007:05 pm

I have been giving food to people in need through Facebook Albuquerque free group. I also have been helping people when I see they need it when I'm out. Opening doors for elderly, helping people reach things and offering people to go before me. Started a Facebook post on where to find food etc in Albuquerque.

Mr Earley

March 17, 202007:03 pm

On Sunday, I assisted a disabled lady get laundry detergent from the shelf that she wasn't able to reach herself. In addition, I allowed her to use my Kroger card and she didn't have one and the cashier wouldn't give her a store card. She was very thankful and kept thanking me as I left the checkout area.

Sherry james

March 17, 202006:49 pm

I was in Kroger checking out when a man walked up holding tissues and medicine with a small child. I told him he could go ahead of me because I had a cart full. He thanked me many times.

Shellie Wooley

March 17, 202006:47 pm

Today I posted that I was going to venture out because I needed bread and milk and if anybody needed anything. My friend asked if I could buy her some bread and my neighbor asked if I could find hamburger meat I ventured out to three stores which I could not find any hamburger meat I did find the bread I drove it to my friends house free of charge and when my neighbor came home I gave him meat out of my own freezer because that's the right thing to do.

Melissa G

March 17, 202006:42 pm

My friend went to the store to get toilet paper. There was none on the shelf, but she saw someone with two packs in her cart. The lady was nice enough to give my friend a pack, so in-turn, my friend paid for that lady's toilet paper too.

Antoinette Hooper

March 17, 202006:32 pm

I'm not doing all the great things like i have read that were posted. I did buy 10 boxes of cereal, Bread, pb&j. Mac and cheese, jello, pudding, apples, oranges, a case of soup. We live in a small farming town. We have amazing people coming together to help..

Anna Kidwell

March 17, 202006:32 pm

I would like to pay it forward to Ronald McDonald House Kentuckian since they are not allowing us in to make dinners.

Erica Walton

March 17, 202006:32 pm

In my home state of West Virginia, schools have been shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Realizing so many children rely on the school system for basic nutrition, staff in schools across the state are working everyday to prepare these meals for the students like any other day and bus drivers are driving there usual routes, stopping at their normal stops and dropping off meals to these children. I think this is a brilliant idea and shows the compassion for your neighbor West Virginians have!

Amanda H

March 17, 202006:31 pm

The cashier at McDonald’s thanked my husband for his Military service today.

Connie Voodre

March 17, 202006:21 pm

On Friday the 13th I went to pick up some groceries at my local krogers and the lady in front of me saw that I had saltines in my cart and she realized that she did not pick them up and she needed them I told her to go ahead and get then and I would keep her place in line she has etait it I had to tell her maybe 3 × 2 go get the saltines and I would hold her place in line she went and got the crackers and she came back to her place in line

Sheila Laurence

March 17, 202006:18 pm

I'm sorry some have been grumpy to you guys. I appreciate this site so much! I've seen a lot of kindness over the last few days and have tried to be part of it. My favorite act today was a friend posted an offer to go get groceries for anyone who lives in her area and doesn't want to get out. I love that.

Victoria Valmain

March 17, 202006:09 pm

I was able to schedule a Kroger Pickup for Sunday at 8-9 am for an order that I placed Friday night. I knew that the store staff had likely been overworked. I was so happy that both the other customer picking up and I got out of our vehicles and help our orders. I love Kroger and was so happy that everyone was kind and helpful.

Liz Blunt

March 17, 202006:09 pm

Several neighbors on the NextDoor app are offering to grocery-shop or run errands for the elderly in my neighborhood! Kindness abounds!


March 17, 202006:00 pm

Im a uber driver and I gave a waitress a free ride because she was losing her tips because the restaurants are closing

Tamyra Ramsey

March 17, 202005:55 pm

I was in DC for a conference and encountered a stray cat on New Jersey Ave, near Union Station. Even though I had flown there, I made rrangements to drive him home with me to Atlanta, GA. His name is now Holden and he proved to be a great traveler.


March 17, 202005:55 pm

Went grocery shopping Sunday night .. of course everyone in a frenzy . Told the cashier to keep scanning the elderly woman’s order behind me. The lady said man that’s mine not here . I turned and simply said .. in times like these everyone needs a little kindness.. she hugged me so tight .. for something so little .

Pamela Gifford

March 17, 202005:50 pm

Went to Kroger on weekend picking up items during the chaos. I got in line 15 deep and watching as everyone was being polite despite the wait. People having nice conversations with the person in front or behind them. It was best thing I had seen o compared with how my niece went earlier in day and she was ridiculed for buying diapers by some rude women. Thanks though for sharing.

Kim Bulgrien

March 17, 202005:46 pm

Our neighbor's mother is in a nursing home, and it was recently locked down to keep the residents well. She is lonely now that her husband and children can't visit daily, so my neighbor started a pen-pal sort of thing to keep her mother's spirits up. So, my children and I are writing to her even though we haven't met her.

Erica Hall

March 17, 202005:44 pm

We had to have Comcast out for a TV box that wasn't working. My son and I had been doing a cooking day and had lots of chili so I invited our tech to stay for lunch and he accepted! My daughter is recovering from having her wisdom teeth out and he told us the story about how he just had his out last month. It was nice getting to know someone new and it's a treat to have our TV working again ;)


March 17, 202005:41 pm

I called my Mother and Mother in law to see what they needed. My Mother lives in a senior housing and it's not easy for her to get out. I usually always have a little extra supplies from using coupons,so what I couldn't find in stores I took my extra to them. We all need to help one another at this time!

Debra svarnas

March 17, 202005:36 pm

I love going through drive thru and paying for the person behind me.


March 17, 202005:36 pm

My adult life has been blessed beyond what I could ever have imagined. So when a family at school started having some serious health issues right around Christmas my daughter and I gathered some information and provided gifts for the three kids and the parents. The parents are both public school employees...not the highly paid ones, so it was our pleasure to help out.

Yessica Guerrero-Vazquez

March 17, 202005:29 pm

I bought wipes and diapers for my brother shower before all this started happening. I decided my brother baby can wait and won't need them right. Offer items to others that couldn't find these iteams at the store now.


March 17, 202005:27 pm

My neighbor was in a car accident last year she is older and scared to drive now. When she needs to pick up her medicine or get her dog to the vet or even groceries she calls and I'm more than happy to take her. She has become a second mom to me.


March 17, 202005:24 pm

Today I witnessed a local food vendor give food away to those who can’t pay or to give what they can. People were paying more so that he himself wouldn’t suffer either. Sure warmed my heart. Shout out to Cattleman’s Q.


March 17, 202005:18 pm

I picked up some groceries fo people who were not able to make it to the store. *Please be patient if you use click list! My nieces work our local clicklist and they are working hard to keep up with demand!

Joey Bragg

March 17, 202005:11 pm

I was behind a little old lady who was having the cashier put things back and take them off the count until she was under the cash she had in her hands. She was so embarrassed and kept apologizing over and over. I myself am on a low fixed income so I very much understood. Then all of a sudden I was "prompted" (we know what that means" to tell the cashier to add her items back on the ticket! I paid for the items as I felt she needed everything she had brought to the counter. Of course she kept saying "You don't have to do this". I said, "I know, that is what make it wonderful to get to do it". Then she tried to give me what little she had in her wallet, I said NO... Then she tried to give it to the cashier, she said NO.... I am beyond grateful to be able to help someone in need. I know what it feels like.

Julie Joseph

March 17, 202005:11 pm

My random act of kindness was paying for the car behind me bill at the drive thru.

Theresa Moeggenberg

March 17, 202005:09 pm

There are so many acts of kindness that I am seeing in my community! Our schools are making sure the kids are getting lunch and breakfast. Myself, I have personally offered to help my neighbor who has stage 4 COPV get his groceries so that he does not have to compromise himself to any germs. I know other people are helping the elderly and other people who are immuno-compromised. A local Cincinnati restaurant, The Yard House has offered free dinner to our local first responders. The list just goes on and on. I think it is so important during this time to focus on the positive because it always outweighs the negative! Also if you know any nurses, doctors, first responders etc who are in the core of all of this, Saffron Road on their facebook page is offering to send them care packages.


March 17, 202005:08 pm

My friend's family owns couple restaurants. Since restaurants are shut down in our state, their's are not open. My friend let me know that they are considering to pay employees per their work schedule regardless the shut down, since most of them live on paycheck by paycheck. I think that's a right thing to do and I admire their kindness.

Cathy Gibson

March 17, 202005:07 pm

I saw an elderly couple from our church behind me in a drive thru line (DQ). I told the cashier I wanted to take care of their bill. That particular couple are some of the most giving people I know and I wanted to give something even though it was just a small gesture.


March 17, 202005:07 pm

My kids and I are decorating our street facing window to help spead cheer to our neighbors and I'm calling/texting older relatives to check in..not too much we can do stuck here at home but we're trying to stay positive!

Kari Maldonado

March 17, 202005:05 pm

Right now my plan is to watch for people in need of groceries as many have lost jobs. Then I can help donate food baskets.

Wonedia krohn

March 17, 202005:04 pm

Love your site.


March 17, 202004:59 pm

My sister is gathering clothes and supplies for a co-worker that lost everything in the tornado. She is such a servant!!

Ann Wagers

March 17, 202004:57 pm

there are a couple of guys taking cleaning supplies and paper products to the elderly in the community

Holly Hill

March 17, 202004:55 pm

Today my husband and myself donated to and can good to the local pantry. We all need to come together with everything going on in the world.

Heather Tate

March 17, 202004:54 pm

There was a woman checking out with she had a green card and they wouldn’t accept her payment to go through so I paid for her groceries

Yeni Ellis

March 17, 202004:49 pm

My 88 year old neighbor loves to coupon so she had a huge stockpile. She took most of it to her church so it can be distributed to anyone in need. She is an amazing lady!


March 17, 202004:47 pm

I have been able to provide my parents with a stockpile shelf through years of couponing. I called them last week and they had no idea stores were being wiped clean- my dad asked if he needed to go out and get any supplies ( I still do majority of there shopping) I told him no there is plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, etc. in the stockpile. I ran to Sam's Club last night and picked them up a few other things and am driving an hour up to see them tonight to give them this stuff and be able to have dinner together.


March 17, 202004:43 pm

On facebook I seen a lady make free food bundles for the people in need.

Lisa Naivar

March 17, 202004:40 pm

Thanks to the heads up on the site, I was able to go get some of the last apple sauce packets at my Kroger for my kids since they'd be home from school shutting down. I snagged 5 (even if they were different flavors) and was doing a little boogie in the van when I got to the light. There was a man there with a wagon and his dog in the wagon. On the wagon was a sign saying "It sucks to beg, but it sucks worse to starve," and I jumped out of the van, opened the trunk to grab two 6 packs, and gave those to him. Sure, I might have been a little late in getting back in my car to go at the green light, but there were only two cars behind me and I saw the person behind me give something to him. I like to think that my act of kindness motivated them to do the same. Sometimes we just need a little push to remember we're all in this together and we need to help each other out.

Donna Webb

March 17, 202004:24 pm

I’ve gave all of my stock pal to people that are stressing and worrying I told them they are more than welcome to have what I have.


March 17, 202004:19 pm

I love all of the positivity being shared on social media. In the midst of the situation, it is so inspiring to see so many examples of outreach without any thought of the cost. When I'm done with finals I will be looking for ways I can reach out and be of sercice and feel motivated to do so after seeing people offer free babysitting, free shopping, and running errands for free in my community.

Barbara Smith

March 17, 202004:19 pm

I love helping people, so I always leave extra coupons around the store,thanks

Teresa Bates

March 17, 202004:16 pm

I have a couple elderly neighbors that I have bought groceries and toilet paper for so they don’t have to go out in this mess. I plan on doing this until all this is calmed down. Also I was at store and I let a few elderly ladies go in front of me in line.


March 17, 202004:13 pm

I was in line ready to check out with a grocery cart full and i noticed an elderly man behind me in line with just a few items. I told him to go a head and get infront of me since he only had a few things. He was so thankful and appreciative. I was just doing something kind for this nice older man. I was in no hurry and i did not want him to have to wait for me to check out since i had a cart full of groceries and it would've taken a while.

Deb Redd

March 17, 202004:06 pm

My granddaughter needed meat and tp so I gave her some of ours. I am going to brave the store tomorrow and see what I can get and will buy some items for my 86 year old aunt

Julie Waterson

March 17, 202004:02 pm

While I was at Kroger I saw an elderly man looking for some canned goods. Most of the items that weren't picked thru were on the top shelves,which he couldn't reach from his chair. I walked around with him and loaded his cart for him so he could get what he needed.

Cynthia Rosson

March 17, 202004:01 pm

I went to my local bread store for my weekly purchase. The cashier asked me "How do you like free? I said "I love free!" Then the cashier said "no charge". I asked why and was told because I am one of her favorite customers. It ALWAYS pays to be nice. Nothing good comes from being rude.

Lena Williams

March 17, 202003:59 pm

I tried to leave a comment on the Pay It Forward Giveaway but it didn't work. I gave snacks to be given to the nurses and doctor's at Children's Hospital. They will be put in their breakroom. Pay It Forward.


March 17, 202003:58 pm

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed of deals

Victoria Lyon

March 17, 202003:54 pm

I was overly nice to the very rude deli grocery worker. I never report anyone and actually thought about reporting her for her attitude, dirty looks, and comments towards people. I know she was stressed with the madness going on in grocery stores, so before I walked away I told her thank you and I hope her day got better. I doubt it helped but I hope it made her feel a little appreciated.

Arlena Howard

March 17, 202003:53 pm

Hello... Thank you

Laura Gorby McCoy

March 17, 202003:52 pm



March 17, 202003:50 pm

I can't say I'm doing more than normal because taking care of others is just what I do! I return my cart to the inside of store always, the other day I found an item that I was looking for as well as another lady and tracked her down in store after finding it on an end cap, and I've been making sure my 95 yo grandpa is well stocked up on food and his house is sanitized. No one has been crazy where I live far everyone has been nice and kind in the crowded store which is awesome!!


March 17, 202003:48 pm

Say a man at Walgreens looking at the women’s feminine isle and as we walked closer he said if you’re looking for wipes they are all out. I’m trying to see if I can use these for my newborn son. He had 3 packs of Summers Eve Feminine wipes in his hand at $5.99 each!! I felt so bad, we had just got out of Safeway and found a pack of wipes, so I went to my trunk and grabbed it for him. His son needs it more than my 8 year old.

Karen Fields

March 17, 202003:48 pm

At a thrift store the other day a grandmother with little kids at checkout started to put 3 books back. I interrupted the cashier and told her I would pay for it.


March 17, 202003:43 pm

I was at Dillons picking up my clicklist and talking with another lady who was just getting her clicklist. She commented that Dillons did not have any more milk and wondered if anywhere else in town still did. I had just come from Aldi and knew that they had some milk still. It doesn’t take much to help someone in need!!!

Cathy Phillips

March 17, 202003:42 pm

I thank the cashier and the bagger for their kind service while at Noblesvillle In Kroger’s. I also picked up for my mom and sister and friend.


March 17, 202003:42 pm

I had a little stock pile of personal products that I shared with my mom and sister. Every little bit helps when the shelves are wiped clean at the store. Thanks for the chance to win.


March 17, 202003:37 pm

I’m a beginner couponer and I had plenty of toilet paper to share with neighbors who was panicking.

Tonya Berkenpas

March 17, 202003:37 pm

I live in an apartment complex and my next door neighbors are elderly, I havent seen them leave for days and know they dont have family that lives in town. When I went grocery shopping the other day I made sure to get them some necessities to help get thru this hard time.

Amanda Abston

March 17, 202003:31 pm

We found out yesterday that our office is closing down because of the coronavirus. We have a few employees that we are a little worried about. Before our big meeting yesterday, my lead manager called and asked if we had anything extra to bring to the office to pass out to other workers. When I came in there was a huge table set up with household supplies, kids toys, magazines, DVDs, etc so everybody could make a goodie bag. One employee set up a spot to help others file for unemployment. Our office is amazing and we truly love each other.

Kelli Stegemoller

March 17, 202003:30 pm

I love reading all the comments! It’s nice reading about the RAK everyone is doing in today’s world while being self-isolated. I heard my elderly neighbor was feeling ill, so I made her a get well basket. I included several day’s worth of food including a fresh pot of homemade chicken noodle soup as well as meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also baked her some banana bread, because it’s her favorite. I was worried she might need some medicine and stuff so I put tissues, toilet paper, Motrin, Sudafed and chapstick in the basket. She is the sweetest little lady and does for all the other neighbors so this was my chance to give back to her. Oh, I also got her puppy dog some snacks too. I watched her open the door from my porch and when she saw that big basket full of goodies she put her hand over her mouth then to her heart. My daughter and I cried it was so perfect. Please check on the elderly and neighbors during this time!

Latisha Motton

March 17, 202003:28 pm

I'm a Walmart employee and during this time, I've made sure the elderly are able to check out instead of making then stand in line for long periods of time. I've also seen quite a few people paying for another's grocery bill if they were short a few dollars.


March 17, 202003:25 pm

I work for a CPA and have got to witness her do certain tax returns for free. When they come in to pickup and pay, we tell them they won the drawing for the month. These are individuals who usually have gone through a hard time that personally. It is great to watch their expressions.

Melissa E

March 17, 202003:25 pm

My 21yr son gave a tip to the young girl working at Subway because she was so overwhelmed by phone orders due to the Corona virus. I'm so Proud to be his mom !!!


March 17, 202003:24 pm

My and my family help a elderly women to pack her stuff ,and my husband offer to help her to unload the truck and unpacked ,the lady is 70 years old

Stephanie White-Neuhold

March 17, 202003:20 pm

We delivered meals on wheels to the elderly in our community yesterday with our three young children. This might be the only contact these people have each day during this crisis.


March 17, 202003:20 pm

We helped a struggling friend pay her rent. She has had major complications due to breast cancer, surgery, chemo, etc. I happily use this blog to find deals, not only for us, but to give to the food bank and homeless shelters. You are a blessing to all of us to help get bargains and free stuff.

Deb I.

March 17, 202003:16 pm

We recently went out of town. While at a store I saw 2 young ladies collecting money for their rehab center. I donated the cash I had on hand and prayed with them. I truly pray the center and their higher power will help them with their addiction.

Kim Clark

March 17, 202003:16 pm

I held a lady's place in line at Costco while she went to grab an additional item because the line was so long with the craziness of the virus and shopping.


March 17, 202003:11 pm

My church blessed me with buying stuff on my baby registry for Christmas! Had baby 1/20/20 he's now 8 weeks old. We've stayed inside pretty much due to the craziness going on.

Eugenia Garrido

March 17, 202003:11 pm

I saw that DG is opening an hour early for the elderly to shop. I love that idea.


March 17, 202003:08 pm

Last week when some people went crazy hitting the stores like the world was coming to an end. My nice who has 3month old baby, call me to ask me if I had baby wipes she had gone to the store and couldn't find baby wipes, and since she knew that I am always be couponing. So I took all the baby wipes I had and drove from from the east side of town all the way close to sugar land where she lives. The same day my daughter who lives on Austin texas had gone grocery shopping and couldn't find water or toilet paper and at same time my sister who lives here in Houston didn't have water either. So I went to Sam's found the water, went to several stores until I found the toilet paper, delivered the water for my single with kids mom sister. And then I had the opportunity to visit my daughter that weekend for my grandsons birthday and took the water and toilet paper. Some of my neighbors know that I coupon all the time they have been coming to get some detergent and shampoo they dont want to go to the store with this craziness. I feel happy that I can help my family and my neighbors. Thank you Kroger for all the mega sales!! Love kroger!!

Paul Boone

March 17, 202003:08 pm

Helped a elderly woman in a wheelchair pump her gas so she didn't have to get out of her car.

Sarah Kate

March 17, 202003:00 pm

I fill the local little libraries whenever I drive by them. I have always kept a bin of books in the car and refill when needed. Glad I was out yesterday bc 2 of them were almost empty!


March 17, 202002:58 pm

Our church is collecting up extra items for when people need them.

Yvette Decker

March 17, 202002:54 pm

A church member posted asking for materials to make items she could sell to raise money for kids camp. My husband is unemployed. I have a lot of brand new lumber in the garage we were going to post to make some money for gas, groceries, etc. I knew giving it to her would bless many and go further than what I could get on FB marketplace. I hope she makes lots of signs or whatever to bless kids to go do whatever they do to makeup for summer camp should it be cancelled. I hope not!!


March 17, 202002:48 pm

I was blessed to be able to give some baked breakfast pastries to our neighbors. They were almost in tears.

Terri Assini

March 17, 202002:41 pm

Hi, my name Terri Assini, The one thing that had me worried was that our health care workers would have to work long hours and not be able to spend alot of time with their loved ones. So I went out to our best store ever and picked up 4 boxes of the $.50 cake mix and my children and I made cupcakes to take to some of the health care workers to try and brighten up their day, while they continue to take care of our lived one's. And we have decided that this is something that we want to keep doing. It's such a great experience when your children are involved, I love it! Thank-You all for your kindness this is the best thing to spread


March 17, 202002:41 pm

I took a bag of books to elderly lady down the street. I knew she liked romances and will be stuck inside for a few weeks.


March 17, 202002:40 pm

We recently hired a young girl who is homeless. In talking with her, I realized she is in need of several things. Even tho she is staying with a friend, money is tight. I have been in her situation before and it's difficult not having a enough money for food or personal care items. I am a single mom, I coupon and have complied a stockpile of items and clothing. I am sharing my hard work and good place in life with her. I have given her clothing, food, personal care items, etc. Being homeless and feeling alone is the worst feeling in the world, especially when you finally get a job. I want to help her succeed and overcome her burdens. She is not alone. As women, we must bond together to support each other. This gift card will allow me to continue to help her and others not so fortunate.

Amy Lopez

March 17, 202002:40 pm

My daughter was so sad that our store was sold out of her favorite treat. Alot was sold out. I was there just trying to get some basics because my husband had just gotten paid. Some basics we not there (toilet paper, any meat, milk for cereal that we did get!) And I felt so defeated leaving the store and not even being able to get whatvmy family needs for a week or 2 and my daughter's poptarts. She was crying when I told her they were out. I texted my mom to talk and after we got off the phone she went and texted all the people she knew locally to see if she could find poptarts for my kid. (I had no clue) the next day there were 2 boxes of Smore Poptarts on my doorstep with a note that said your nana loves you very much and we want you to know we love and support our neighbors. I hope you enjoy these and stay safe sweet girl. This sweet act of kindness even made me cry. Even if I'm still out of essentials my heart is so warmed by the fact that neighbors pulled together just to make a little girl smile.


March 17, 202002:39 pm

I paid for the person behind me at smoothie king after mine was paid for, my friend ended up going there on her way to work about 20 minute later and it was still going on!


March 17, 202002:37 pm

My little boy saw a lady at our church with a surgical brace on her ankle and went to her and asked if he could pray for her all on his own. He’s five! :) ♥️

Tricia Flint

March 17, 202002:35 pm

We were in Family Dollar and the man in front of us was short a dollar and some change. We paid his whole bill, less than $10.00. He was very grateful. I told him to save his money, I got you today.

Lori S

March 17, 202002:32 pm

A neighbor, who is a nurse, commented on a facebook group that she needed toilet paper. My husband was at Costco so we bought her a package.


March 17, 202002:31 pm

We have been trying to run and get items we can from the grocery store that elderly attendants at our church need so they don’t have to get out. I would feel terrible if any of them contacted the virus being out and about when we could have helped. I also saw some folks at Aldi the other day walk out to their vehicle and grab a few rolls of toilet paper for a gentleman that was out looking for some and was unable to find any. It is sure good to see their are still thoughtful, selfless people out there. :)


March 17, 202002:29 pm

So last night we went to our Favorite restaurant since there is no longer dining in options for 15 days, and left extra large tip for the servers since they will be out of work for 15 days...have to help out service industry workers!!! #payitforward


March 17, 202002:25 pm

I was at Aldi yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not have a quarter to unlock a shopping cart. Thankfully, someone had left a quarter in their cart and I was able to use it. It was such a blessing! I left the quarter for the next person.


March 17, 202002:23 pm

I sent my partner emails and texts with sweet or funny birthday graphics all day long to show how much I love and appreciate him.


March 17, 202002:23 pm

Wow! Funny I came across this today because, yesterday at King Soopers I was waiting in line and the lady in front of me her card would not go through and I could see the frustration in her face and embarrassment so I told the checker I would pay for her things and she started crying. I feel if I am able I will help!


March 17, 202002:19 pm

Before this corona virus hit I keep my house stocked with food. All I need is hamburger meat which I can’t find. I have told family and neighbors if they need anything to come get it and they have. I always donate food in my area once a month so I will take extras this week

Amanda Brooks

March 17, 202002:19 pm

My girls and I went out this morning to set out Kindness Rocks for people to find. People in our town love finding them and it gives them something to do if they are out for a walk.


March 17, 202002:15 pm

I was at the dentist yesterday and mentioned I couldn’t find a sitter for my my hygienist called and said that her daughter could babysit for me. Amazing. The event was cancelled but it was totally above and beyond.


March 17, 202002:14 pm

I don’t know if counts as an act of kindness or just human decency. I have kept an eye out for items my friends and family are in need of and have either bought it for them or told them to come purchase them. Everyone I have talked to is trying to only make necessity purchases and not panicing. We are all trying to help each other out.


March 17, 202002:13 pm

I was able to find a package of toilet paper for my elderly neighbor!

Twae Hay Ra

March 17, 202002:08 pm

The act of kindness I’ve witnessed over the weekend is how some stores are offering “elderly hours” to help protect older shoppers. When I saw it on the news, I went to my neighbor and told him that so he can stock up too. He is in 70s so I feel bad for him.


March 17, 202002:05 pm

Our local Kroger was working above and beyond and working extremely diligent in making sure the store was very clean and the shelves were stocked. Love my Kroger!


March 17, 202002:04 pm

I’ve just been trying to take care of those around me. I have a few elderly neighbors that I went grocery shopping for and I donated some extra grocery to our local food pantry! This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you

Anne Marie

March 17, 202002:02 pm

I reached out to my elderly neighbor and got her groceries for her and then put them away for her - she so appreciated this and I will continue to do this weekly so she does not have to worry about groceries.

Nancy Kesler

March 17, 202002:01 pm

I was in a store and got some can goods and a man asked the price and I told him and we shared what few cans were left.


March 17, 202001:58 pm

I have been so impressed with the employees at the City Market store in our tiny town. I know they must feel so overwhelmed at the rush of people and the empty shelves, yet every worker I see seems so helpful, happy, and kind. Also, the people shopping at the store...I can tell they are worried, but I haven’t seen any rudeness or fighting over groceries. Patience and kindness are still king! Also, thanks for still posting all the deals—we appreciate YOU!!! ❤️


March 17, 202001:55 pm

Thank you!

Youa Yang

March 17, 202001:55 pm

Was at Sam’s Club and got 2 boxes of individually packed chips for my kiddos to have while they’re stuck at home. When I was there to grab them there was some left. Went elsewhere to finish grocery shopping and ended back in the chip aisle. Saw a lady there looking for chips but there were none left so I offered one of my boxes. Told her she can take any box she liked and she was very thankful for that.

Jeanette Cranston

March 17, 202001:55 pm

I have been couponing for paper products for the last 6 months(still new too couponing) and I donated most of my tp to older people and too people with kids who posted on facebook that they couldn't find any...I also sent them home with toothpaste and showering supplies for the people in their home . In times like these we all need to come together . I think what you are doing with the gift card is a fantastic idea!

Susan K Campbell

March 17, 202001:53 pm

We have lots of elderly neighbors living in our area, so my kids and I posted in our Neighbors app offering to do grocery runs, etc to any that are afraid of the large crowds at the grocery store, it's not much but we hope that every little bit helps. Stay safe all

Kristen Eby

March 17, 202001:51 pm

I donated a case of food and milk to our students that need food while school is out. It’s not a lot, but it is making sure they aren’t hungry.


March 17, 202001:49 pm

Sang at a funeral last week with a group of others from church. Normally, the church would be packed for a founding member of our church, but maybe a third of the church pews were full. Family was very appreciative. I will think about that time singing with my friends as we are all now going to church online.


March 17, 202001:49 pm

On Sunday I took a two week supply of groceries to an elderly lady I used to attend church with. She was so grateful for the items and that she doesn't have to get out in all the madness!

janet mallory

March 17, 202001:49 pm

My mom(alzheimers) is in a nursing home and dad eats breakfast with her every morning. He tried to take it sunday and of course denied entry. One of the workers took it and said he'd make sure she got her biscuits and gravy. Havent seen her in 10 days and I'm sure she doesnt understand why...


March 17, 202001:48 pm

We have seen people in our neighborhood who work in retail offer to get items for some of the people (without a delivery charge) who were not able to because of not being able to leave the house or the items not being in stock.


March 17, 202001:48 pm

I recently saw a post about a fellow couponer that dig into her stockpile and made toiletry/hygiene bags to hand out to the homeless during this time. I think it’s amazing that while the rest of the world is trying to stockpile, someone is giving away theirs.


March 17, 202001:47 pm

Over the weekend we took 2 families a meal. A local restaurant put $500 in giftcards to his business at the counter so anyone that needs a meal can have one.


March 17, 202001:47 pm

Texted neighbors offering them toilet paper if they needed it and also to watch their kids.

Nubia Pastrana

March 17, 202001:45 pm

I cook and brought some good food to my neighbor tacos he text me back saying thanks for the tacos you made my day

Shantel Bustos

March 17, 202001:45 pm

I seen a father & son handing out cleaning supplies for free.

Tara Frazier

March 17, 202001:44 pm

I live in NKY and my mom lives in Eastern KY, 3 hours away from me. Supplies are very limited, as they only have a Walmart, Food City and a few Dollar Generals, which are completely wiped out! I love couponing and have for a couple of years, so I loaded up my car, only leaving room for myself and took my mom and aunts and uncles, that are elderly and diabetic, the necessities they need to get through a couple weeks. I can always replenish later and I have access to more stores in NKY for the necessities my husband and I will need.

Jennifer Lime

March 17, 202001:43 pm

I have read several Facebook posts from teachers and aids from our small school system (Whitko) that are willing to help the kids out at anytime during distance learning. Not only that, they are volunteering to take meals to the kids as well as babysit if necessary. Small town life is amazing!


March 17, 202001:43 pm

Everyone has been very helpful our neighbor lent us a bottle of water and we have all just continued to help each other every way that we can . Trading off babysitting and giving rides that others have needed . Thank you for helping with the gift cards money has been so tight

melisa martinez

March 17, 202001:42 pm

Was at a drive thru and lady in front of me paid for my breakfast. Couldnt thank her because she had drove off by the time the cashier told me. So I paid for the person behind me.


March 17, 202001:42 pm

I helped an older lady get some things off the shelf that were up sorta high and almost out. Pasta sauce is not light and it made feel good that I could help.


March 17, 202001:40 pm

I took my elderly neighbor toilet paper and a few frozen meals to make sure they have enough to eat.


March 17, 202001:40 pm

I have been so impressed with our community and all the acts of kindness I am seeing, I can’t brag enough on my community! The quickest response and one that is affecting the most people is the school who upon closing has set up a delivery system to make sure kids still have meals in our district. We are also blessed with many small business and restaurants stepping up to help others in need even though they are taking a huge hit to their businesses with all the shut downs.

Sandy Witucky

March 17, 202001:40 pm

I was at the local bakery and the elderly couple in front of me didn't realize they only took cash or check. They were planning on using their debit card. So when the cashier told them cash or check only they were scrambing to see how much cash they had on them, and starting to decide which items they were going to put back. I stepped in and told them to keep all their items and I would gladly pay the bill for them. They were shocked and so very greatful. And I was more than happy to do this for them. The world today needs more of this compassion.


March 17, 202001:39 pm

I help the people at Kroger put shopping carts back in the store or the shopping cart stations. I see that some shoppers are just leaving them all over parking lot. That is just being lazy and inconsiderate of others.

Mary Kenney

March 17, 202001:38 pm

I reached out to a single mom, yesterday to make sure they were ok.


March 17, 202001:35 pm

A friend brought me pedialyte so I wouldn’t have to get my kids out in all this craziness.

Melanie Powers

March 17, 202001:35 pm

I have been checking in with my parents, mother in law and Aunt and offering to grocery shop for them. I don’t want them to go out. They are all in good shape right now, but I am sure they will need me to shop soon. I have been overwhelmed by all the people offering to help others out. We will get through this.


March 17, 202001:34 pm

After my husband had to sit and wait for FOUR hours for my pickup order to be ready on Saturday (my pickup time was 9-10am and he got our stuff at 1:15pm) we discovered when he got home that they failed to give us any of our cold stuff. I had no milk, eggs, cheese, etc. I was charged for it all but we didn't get it. I called the store and spoke to the nicest manager who used his personal cell phone to call me from the coolers where he found all of my items. When I told him I was not asking my husband to make that 30 minute trip again that day to pick up the items the manager offered to either bring them to us or bring us a cash refund. We were able to work out a compromise so that neither of us had to travel but I thought it was super nice of him to offer! Our store has had a streak of bad luck with managers so it was nice to see that we finally have one that cares about the customers!

Risa West

March 17, 202001:34 pm

First of all, thanks for all that you do for us! Your videos and tips for saving money at Kroger’s are very much appreciated! I was in the dollar store looking for hand sanitizer this past weekend and a little girl wanted some Easter Eggs. She handed the bag to her dad and he replied “not today sweetheart “. I’m such a “wuss”! The look in her eyes when he said no did something to me. The dad told her to return the eggs and after the little girl left, I asked the parents if it was ok for me to pay for the candy. After some hesitation, both parents agreed and I gave them the money for the child’s candy. Needless to say, I hope that I brought a smile and happiness to someone during these uncomfortable days.

Susan zimmerman

March 17, 202001:32 pm

When we where able to go out I was getting groceries for my at risk noeghbor but we're shut in now too.

Vicky Shirey

March 17, 202001:32 pm

This is very generous of you. Thank you for the opportunity.

Hannah Stephens Denley

March 17, 202001:32 pm

We are taking over our home grown veggies over to friends and families homes. No reason for them to spend money on stuff we have plenty of. Plus it will limit their exposure to everyone else.

Patricia Lavenz

March 17, 202001:32 pm

I dropped off some items to my elderly neighbors since they can't get out much.


March 17, 202001:31 pm

Lots of people picking up extras at stores and offering to share on our neighborhood fb page!!!!


March 17, 202001:31 pm

My kids and I are making and sending some cards to some of our friends family members that are in the nursing home since they can’t have visitors. Hopefully a little mail will brighten their day!

Robin Rogers

March 17, 202001:30 pm

I made a friend of mine a basket of cleaning supplies and necessity items that I know can’t get out right now to get it, plus some extra toilet paper I had. Remember the elderly at this time because they can’t get out to get things like a younger person and it’s harder on them if they get sick for being out!!

A Karol Magnus

March 17, 202001:30 pm

We received chicken and noodles from a coworker after I was asked to go home because I had coughed in a meeting. I have been to a doctor and diagnosed with upper respiratory infection. But still my coworkers helped me out!


March 17, 202001:30 pm

There was one package of toilet paper left at the grocery store and I put it in my cart. An elderly lady came down the aisle and made a comment about being too late to get toilet paper, so I gave her my package. We happened to check out at the same time so I helped get her groceries out to her car for her.

Vanessa Raymond

March 17, 202001:29 pm

I went around my block to all the elders houses and offered to go shopping for them. So they didnt have to go out, yesterday. 2 of the accepted the offer. All were thankful and said they would let me know if they needed something later in the week.


March 17, 202001:26 pm

When I found out the schools were closing I contacted my sons teacher to see if there were any kids who may need food for the next two weeks. There were two so I went to Kroger and got them a bunch of groceries so they wouldn’t have to worry about food for at least the next week.


March 17, 202001:25 pm

Buying/providing groceries to neighbors who should not be going out due to health reasons.

Nancy Winn

March 17, 202001:25 pm

I have had the opportunity to babysit my 18 month old grandson while his mommy (my daughter) and her husband took a 5 day vacation to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary!


March 17, 202001:24 pm

My office building is right next to an elderly retirement center. We usually go over once a month and do a fun joint event with the residents. However, with all of the danger in their midst right now, we ofcourse couldn’t go over this month. However, a few of us decided that this is when our neighbors need us most, and even though we couldn’t go be with them, we weren’t going to let them down. So we worked with the community coordinator to buy them a bunch of their favorite snacks and movies and dropped them off. It wasn’t much, but hopefully it helps them in this stressful time remember that we see them, we care about them, and we have their backs.

Margo Thomas

March 17, 202001:24 pm

I coupon as much as I can. I have 3 daughters, every little bit helps!

Steph Foster

March 17, 202001:24 pm

Thank you for all that you do! I'm cookie mom for our Girl Scout troop and this past weekend, they officially shut down cookie season. The Central Indiana council has personally taken on the cost of all the remaining cookies so that our troops can donate them. We're splitting the varieties up as equally as we can so that we can leave a box at multiple nursing homes, urgent cares, ERs and homeless shelters.

Sara Rodriguez

March 17, 202001:22 pm

I went to Walmart after my sons Dr’s appointment. I went to get my baby some snacks and noticed some amazing deals on organic food. I saw a lady looking for baby food and showed her all the little deals on the baby food. There was Earths Best, Gerber, Happy Kid pouches for $0.25 ea. Instead of the normal $1.39-1.59. It was nice helping someone find Good healthy food for her baby for cheap with all the craziness and food shortage going on.


March 17, 202001:22 pm

I'm have a small income, but thanks to couponing and shopping the sales, I'm able to provide for my family, extended family and elderly neighbors. Most recently, I've been able to take bleach, toilet tissue, food and cleaning supplies to several households that would otherwise have to go without because of cleared shelves and no money for extras during the coronavirus shutdowns. Thank you for sharing deals with others!


March 17, 202001:21 pm

I have the most wonderful granddaughters Cedarville University where they go has closed so they came home I have several chronic illnesses and just can't do what I need. They were nice enough to bring me some groceries as I need to stay home. So grateful for my awesome granddaughters, Mackenzie and Macy. I am so blessed.

Tiana Davis

March 17, 202001:21 pm

I got a $25 IHOP gift card for Christmas. My roommate and I went out for breakfast to spend the gift card. Our server ended up voiding my meal off the bill because it was all messed up, so our total only came to $11. We tipped the rest of the $25 gift card :)

Stephanie Wells

March 17, 202001:21 pm

Thanks for this fun giveaway! I have seen many acts of kindness over the last few weeks, especially towards children and the elderly. Recently, I saw some elderly folks being helped with grocery shopping by a complete stranger. So great to others loving on the less fortunate!


March 17, 202001:21 pm

I have a friend that works in Michigan. She has a handicap niece and her mother isnt able to get out. They live in the town I live in. Her mother isn't able to get out and her niece is handicap. She had order tissue paper for them. She ordered from kroger Walmart and target to have it delivered to them. Orders was canceled cause stores were all out of stock. I went to a few stores here in town and found some. I bought it for her and took it to her mother

Linda Vaughan

March 17, 202001:19 pm

This past Sunday I cleared out my stockpile of all paper, cleaning and disinfecting products (outside of what my family would need) and took everything to my mother's church to distribute items to the elderly members so that they could be prepared.

Cindy Strader

March 17, 202001:19 pm

In January I signed up for a “pay it forward” group. So every month I have 4 people that I send random, cards, notes or gift cards too - this month I amped it up, I randomly sent snack care packages to 5 families I know with kids that will now be out of school. It’s so easy to be kind.

Christy George

March 17, 202001:19 pm

I think it’s the little things that are so important right now. Whether letting the older lady in front of me in line this morning or simply smiling at someone. People need kindness more than anything right now.

Ashley S

March 17, 202001:18 pm

A recent act of kindness I received during this time of panic is an older lady offering my boyfriend & I one of the 2 rotisserie chickens in her cart. Of course we said no, but it meant a lot to see someone offering & being self-less during this time!

Michele L

March 17, 202001:17 pm

I offered some items I had to others that they couldn’t find at the store.

Melissa Smith

March 17, 202001:14 pm

We were eating at an Outback Steakhouse, when we saw that our waiter had laid down his order book, and had all of his tip money was stolen. My daughter had just received some Birthday money, she asked her Dad to run her to a ATM. She wanted to leave him a $100.00 tip because of what happened. Of course her Dad and I left the money. But it’s pretty awesome to think that we have raised such an awesome daughter.

Heather Drake

March 17, 202001:14 pm

I was at my local kroger waiting in a long line of self checkout. It was close to midnight and that's all that was open. The lady in front of me was checking out and didnt have enough money to finish her transaction. She called the attendant over to void her sale and I saw that she just owed $3.01. So I paid it. She was very thankful. I did it for multiple reasons. She needed her items but it also frees the attendant up from having to void a transaction! I love Kroger and coupons! Thanks for doing what you do!

Jessica Stooksbury

March 17, 202001:14 pm

3 days ago I had 2 cases of water in my buggy at Walmart and they had more when I got mine but as I shopped they depleted and an elderly couple were coming through and got upset because they weren’t any left. One was in a motor cart too so I told them they could have one of mine. In the long run it’s easier for me to get some than them. They were skeptical until I put it in their buggy. They kept thanking me.

Courtney Deroshia

March 17, 202001:11 pm

Went to my kroger store to get a few things and noticed a women in a automatic cart. She was asking people to grab things off the top of the shelf because she was unable. .. most people ignored her. I finished my grocery shopping trip with her to make sure she got everything she needed.


March 17, 202001:11 pm

I’m 62 female and was carrying a case of water out of the store this morning, dropped the water. A young man put down his items and picked it up and carried it for me then told me to have a nice day!


March 17, 202001:10 pm

Family and friends have provided two weeks of meals following a recent baby.

Karen Bowman

March 17, 202001:10 pm

My dad doesn’t have a lot of extra tp so taking some to him tomorrow. We definitely don’t have tons extra but enough to share! He’s older and don’t understand why people are going crazy about all of this.


March 17, 202001:10 pm

Saw someone helping an elderly person to load up their grocery cart yesterday!

Sian M Wiley

March 17, 202001:09 pm

People helping out other people. Giving items out of their baskets to help another.


March 17, 202001:07 pm

A woman handed me some antibacterial wipes to purchase. There were hardly any left on the shelves. I appreciated her kind gesture.

Denise Stephens

March 17, 202001:07 pm

I love your page it keeps me so informed about sales I wouldn’t even think about #Thanksforthe savings


March 17, 202001:06 pm

I am a server and rely on tips this would be awesome!!

Michelle Carlos

March 17, 202001:05 pm

We have started an outreach program in our neighborhood for our little community. Everyone is donating and we are preparing and disturbing to those on need. This would be a blessing to win to enable us go provide more food those in need.

Lorrain Koehler

March 17, 202001:04 pm

A man donated, brought and set up a refurbished computer to me after all the rules were being set to "social distance". I live in a Senior/Disabled community and volunteer as I can. With this new gift (which he only asked that I pay it forward) I am doing the residents Census 2020's. I am also able to order online groceries. I am able to pick them up if necessary. No one should have to do this alone.

Patricia Robertson

March 17, 202001:03 pm

My neighbor, a young single mother, was leaving to take her 2 boys to grandparents last Friday just as I was headed to Kroger. We chatted for a few minutes about current situations. She stated she had been to Kroger and everything was gone. I was only going for the weekend specials so I said I would be ok. She stated she'd only been able to get a can of Lysol and she would share. I told her not to worry that I have a stockpile of tissue, paper towels, cleaning products and anything else she might need. I told her just send one of the boys over when she needs something. Together we can get thru this. Sharing is caring. Take care of each other.


March 17, 202001:02 pm

I joined a community group to deliver/shop for the elderly.

Taylor E

March 17, 202001:02 pm

I've been sharing my coupon stockpile (though no TP left!) With friends and family in this crazy time. ❤️

Debbie Springs

March 17, 202001:01 pm

On my way to work this morning, I witnessed a trash man, go up to the home of someone and bring down their trash container to be emptied. I could only assume that he is the regular route driver and knows that the home owner was older and probably unable to come out and bring it to the curb themselves. Made my heart smile.....

Ellen Ferrell

March 17, 202001:01 pm

Kroger was buzzing yesterday and not a lot on the shelves. Everyone from shoppers to staff were so nice and patient. It really was nice to see!


March 17, 202012:59 pm

My mother is in Rehab and I took her and another resident some food (Sunday dinner). Since the food can be not so good at times.


March 17, 202012:59 pm

I let people with less groceries go in front of me because I generally have at least a half a cart full. I have offered to share my pantry with those that need whatever I have. A church here did a food drive specifically for kid friendly foods and did up 2 weeks worth of lunches & snacks. Ended up with 4000 boxes with less than a week to announce & gather foods, even with the grocery shortages here.

Deana Rowe

March 17, 202012:59 pm

I gathered can goods for a neighbor with small kids and a elderly grandma whose was high risk .

Erika Ornelas

March 17, 202012:58 pm

Since I am always getting great deals at Fry’s, I always have tons of everything. I usually give out bags of groceries from my pantry to visitors in my home. I recently gave some groceries to my daughter’s teacher and she was so surprised it was beautiful to be able to share with her!


March 17, 202012:58 pm

I love the fact that everyone is coming together and helping each other. Just as should always be. Delivering goods to nursing homes and schools. Even animal shelters. Spread love beyond the virus. Love cures anything! ♥️

Hali Sears-Rose

March 17, 202012:58 pm

My random act of kindness would be sunday while the week prior everyone cleared store shelves, I went to get a few things. I saw a $20 on the ground and after loading groceries took it inside to a CSM and she just looked at me like I was crazy. I told her it could have been an elderly or single parent that lost it, and I hoped they'd return it to whomever might have lost it.


March 17, 202012:58 pm

Thanks for the chance! Stay healthy every one ❤


March 17, 202012:57 pm

I work for Kroger and and try to reassure the customers that everything will be okay


March 17, 202012:57 pm

I gave my co worker some baby wipes

Vicki Hartgrove

March 17, 202012:56 pm

I gave some baby wipes to someone who posted on a city Facebook group that she could not find any in stock.


March 17, 202012:56 pm

My husband and son are both tall, with long arms. We witnessed an elderly lady attempt to get something down from a high shelf in Wal-Mart. As others just stood there watching, my guys went to help and was able to reach the boxes of tissues this lady wanted.

Wendy Donaldson

March 17, 202012:56 pm

Gave away toilet paper and wipes to someone who didnt have any.

Michelle maples

March 17, 202012:55 pm

With everyone hoarding supplies and not giving the elderly a chance I took some of my supplies from couponing and gave them to my next door neighbor

Katrina najarro

March 17, 202012:54 pm

I saw a Facebook post floating around recommending families and homeowners to put out a Picture of a shamrock outside their home. Something that can be visible for moms who are taking their kids on walks to get out of the house and makes a fun scavenger hunt game. I reposted this in my next door neighbor app so that I could spread the awareness. Just trying to do my part to spread happiness to those around me.

Elise Adams

March 17, 202012:54 pm

I was at my 6th store looking for toilet paper and finally found one package so I tossed it in my cart and moved along until I noticed an elderly woman staring at the bare shelves. She was wearing a mask. I walked back around and put my bag of TO in her cart. She said she couldn’t take it from my babies ( I had all 4 of my kids with me) but I told her it was fine just take it. A 6 pack of toilet paper isn’t going to make or break me at this point. We use reusable diapers, cloth wipes and cloth towels the only non reusable paper items I buy are kleenex and TP but I knew at some point in the next week or so I would be able to find it in stock somewhere and until then I had 5 rolls left. She looked like she was going to cry! Sure enough my mom called me as I was leaving and told me she found 4 12 packs at another store and got me 2 of them so it worked out. It always pays to be nice even if it doesn’t seem so in the moment. This is why society needs to abide by the age old take 1 and pass the rest motto :)

Jessie Parks

March 17, 202012:54 pm

I helped an elderly woman use self checkout because the regular registers were backed up :)


March 17, 202012:53 pm

This year I donated a meal box at Publix check out. I wanted to pay for my cousin wedding cake but the wedding got cancelled because of the virus spreading. And I paid for the person order behind me at Starbucks. And this year me and my daughter decided to donate to no kid hungry so that’s on my to do list. These act of kindness are important to me because I’ve had quite a few people pay for my groceries, gas, and food just out the kindness of their heart.


March 17, 202012:53 pm

I love seeing so many in my community come together for kids for school lunches. With school shut down kids can still get free lunches provided for them! Also if you cant make it they are also delivering them ❤.

Candice Heeter

March 17, 202012:51 pm

I recently took my son to get a haircut. When the barber was done I had my son give him the money and we walked out. As soon as we were out the door, the barber came out and handed my money back. He said the owner told him someone already paid for my sons haircut. I was so surprised and grateful!


March 17, 202012:50 pm

I have had so many friends and family show me and my son's so much love and compassion through this! I recently was discharged from the hospital. I have multiple autoimmune diseases and currently taking immunosuppressants. I have been advised to stay home. So only leave for Dr appointments. So many friends and family members have checked to make sure that I don't have leave my house. My blessings are many right now.

Mary Ann Rimmer

March 17, 202012:49 pm

I was at DMV and lost my ticket. I drop it and a guy went to look for it for me. I had my baby girl and it was super helpful for him to do that.


March 17, 202012:49 pm

I have been taking my elderly neighbors to the grocery store and if they cannot get out to do what I have been going for them.

Amanda Johnson

March 17, 202012:49 pm

Being able to get in the car and run to Kroger to stock up is something that many of us take for granted. My mom is wheelchair/homebound and she lives 2 hours away. My oldest son also lives 2 hours away. With all that's going on, I've been so worried about them both. Over the weekend, I bought them both groceries and made the trip to deliver to both places. I'm going to try to make the trip again in a couple of weeks. I ask that everyone think of your elderly neighbors that can't get out at all. They need you. Also keep in mind those 21 year old sons out there that say "oh mom, I'm fine, I have 1 case of water and 2 boxes of hamburger helper"


March 17, 202012:49 pm

I recently watched someone help a homeless person get all of their belongings out of the rain as it started pouring. I also gave money to another person because I just feel like if they can spend time standing there asking for it, they need it more than I do.

Kiley Hayden

March 17, 202012:48 pm

We helped someone who’s car was stuck in the snow. We recently got a TON of snow so the roads have been a little dicey. It always feels good to help someone in need!

Kristine Marshall

March 17, 202012:48 pm

#wearebettertogether. Just seeing younger people taking older ones to the store warms my heart.

Kimberly Smith

March 17, 202012:47 pm



March 17, 202012:47 pm

When I am in the line to pay for my purchases, I am always paying attention to those around me. For the past week, especially, I have been extra vigilant. I have let numerous people go ahead of me and every time, the person is shocked, They always ask "Are you sure?" and I am like "Yes". They are always very grateful.


March 17, 202012:46 pm

We’ve been buying food from local businesses to help them stay afloat during these times.


March 17, 202012:46 pm

In my hometown, many people have been posting to social media, offering to help anyone with food or any other necessities, anonymously. Schools here are still setting up ways for children to get meals, even though school is out. With all the bad going on right now, it's nice to see some good come out of all of this.

Nina m.

March 17, 202012:46 pm

I’m a retail merchandiser & as I was security tagging one of my assigned stores, a elderly lady was asking about hand sanitizer but of course, there all out. I had a one extra bottle in my car and offered If she wanted my extra one.

Stephanie Wallace

March 17, 202012:46 pm

My kids and I are sending cards to elderly members of our church.

Teresa Harvey

March 17, 202012:45 pm

As I finished checking out at a store that had no carts I noticed a lady who had so many bags she couldn't carry them. She would had to have leave some in store while taking what was in her arms to her vehicle, I simply picked them up and followed her to help out.

Kelsey DeMars

March 17, 202012:45 pm

Acouple weeks back on a nice sunny Saturday I got up and went to our local meat market. While I was their a little boy walked in grabbed a bag of chips and a slim jim. He got in line and I got in line behind him. He was maybe 9 years old!! When we got up to the counter the cashier asked him how he was and what he had planned for the day. It seems he comes in often. He answered with getting snacks to go home and play video games. His total was $3.99 and sadly he only had 2 $1 bills and some coins. Without hesitation I pulled acouple ones out of my purse and helped him pay for his items. I am a mom of 4 and can only hope that if one of my children get in a position like this that a stranger would help them. The little boy, the cashier, and the gentleman behind me all thanked me. Like I said I did not do this to get attention just hoping someday if my children need help someone helps them.

Barbara Caldwell

March 17, 202012:45 pm

I have been giving food away like stove top cookies

Mary Beaucham

March 17, 202012:43 pm

I went grocery shopping out of town for my grandmother when are grocery stores are empty.

angela ladner

March 17, 202012:41 pm

i was standing in line at food town holdimg my toddler with one hand and a bag of potatoes with another. The guy behind me asked if he could buy my item for me.. it really made my day


March 17, 202012:41 pm

I've noticed lots of people offering to shop for those who can't get out

Beverly Tusing

March 17, 202012:41 pm

In my hometown a local Whataburger manager took breakfast sandwiches to the hard working employees at the HEB grocery store. Such an awesome Thank you to those working hard to get those shelves stocked.

Regina Preston

March 17, 202012:40 pm

I gave 2 of the last toilet paper packs to a man who said he couldn’t find any and he and his two kids were out.

Amanda Zerges

March 17, 202012:40 pm

I offered to go to the store for my in laws and dad also took food to my dad my husband and I won't eat.

Bonnie Huizar

March 17, 202012:40 pm

My husband and I and coworkers bought a few things to donate to our local seniors. Thanks to you showing me how to save money. I was able to donate a few supplies that were free or very inexpensive.

Kelly Simcoe

March 17, 202012:39 pm

I have been taking the sample formula ive been sent in the mail to the food boxes in town and offering to my mommy friends who need it! Its crazy how much people are buying up and these babies need food!

Jenelle Gritzinger

March 17, 202012:38 pm

I had my McDonalds paid by the person in front of me, I paid the person behind me :) Small acts of kindness go a long way!


March 17, 202012:38 pm

I brought a co-worker a cup of coffee.

Brenda Jones

March 17, 202012:38 pm

The local schools here are handing out breakfast and lunch (to go lunches) in a drive through line to make sure the children are being able to eat!!!

Monica J

March 17, 202012:38 pm

Act of kindness trying to helping my elderly neighbors with supplies that need as well as allowing some people that may not have a place to stay if the country gets quarantined allowing a few co workers to stay with my family


March 17, 202012:37 pm

Thank you for the chance!!


March 17, 202012:37 pm

I asked my elderly neighbors what they needed from the store.

Amber Self

March 17, 202012:37 pm

I already keep a stockpile of Lysol, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. from couponing and such. With this epidemic, many of my friends family and coworkers were freaking out on not being able to find these essentials for their families and little ones. I gladly opened up my stockpile to them free of charge! We have to look out for each other in times like these!

Lisa gifford

March 17, 202012:37 pm

I leave big ticket coupons in the shelves next to the items...diapers, baby wipes, vitamins etc!

Cindy tyson

March 17, 202012:36 pm

Recently with the toilet paper shortage a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had been to seven different stores and couldn’t find any I private messaged her and I told her swing by my house I will give you six rolls that same day I found out that I was out of a job due to the schools being closed and somebody message me and said look in your mailbox I left something for you open my mailbox and there was $40 in my mailbox they said I try to do the best I could to help you!

Emily Foster

March 17, 202012:34 pm

My neighborhood has a group chat on messenger. We are now using it to let each other know when we are going out so that we can pick up any items that anyone else may need, and then drop them off on their porch. :-)


March 17, 202012:34 pm

Our local bus drivers and cafeteria workers bringing food to our communities, so children will have breakfast and lunch while school is closed.

Lucy Jones

March 17, 202012:34 pm

My highschooler brought home the kindergarten class bunny while school is out. We also offered to watch children. I feel for prents with younger children.

Emiley Cummins

March 17, 202012:34 pm

I used my coupon page to find surgical masks and n95 masks for my friends grandmother because she just finished chemo and goes in for stem cell surgery in a couple weeks.

Kara G

March 17, 202012:33 pm

Helping our students with whatever their needs are at the moment.


March 17, 202012:32 pm

I work in a Pharmacy that is inside of a grocery store! They have been working so hard through all of this. Longer hours, short handed etc. I was off yesterday, so I took the employees of the store homemade snickerdoodle cookies to try to brighten their day! They were very well received! I also called my elderly neighbor to see if there was anything that I could get for her while I was at the store! A young mother that works at the store that I work at was frantic because she said it is becoming harder and harder to find the formula she needs for her baby! I found some online and ordered her 2 cans to help ease her mind! We should all be jumping in and helping others!

Lori Spillman

March 17, 202012:32 pm

My school, Unity Point Elementary, in Carbondale Illinois. We are offering free food daily to our community. Unity Point will begin Grab & Go meals tomorrow Tuesday, March 17. Grab & Go meals will be available at the Boskydell Gym entrance from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Meals will also be delivered to the following sites: • Makanda Boardwalk • Evergreen Terrace • Raccoon Valley • Malibu and Town & Country Trailer Parks • Pleasant Hill Road Trailer Courts A Unity Point bus or van should arrive at these locations at approximately 11:00 AM. Meals will be distributed on a daily basis and will include both breakfast and lunch items. If you need further assistance please call the Main Office at 618-529-4151. Beginning Wednesday, March 18 there will be grade-level specific work packets available on the buses as well as on the Unity Point website under the Classroom Tab. The learning packets are intended to engage students during the closure. On Monday, March 23 and Thursday, March 26 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, all Unity Point teachers will be available to parents and students via email to answer questions and assist with learning resources and activities.

Teresa F

March 17, 202012:32 pm

helping with elderly relatives, to make sure they have meals and RXs

Amanda Ramsey

March 17, 202012:31 pm

I have donated to the schools serving breakfast and lunches. My son still has fulltime ABA therapy, so I also donated extra food to the school in case some kids need food also. Mac n Cheese Cups for the win!

Loren caviness

March 17, 202012:31 pm

Our neighborhood has started a thread of items that everyone needs so we can all share and drop items on each other's porches!


March 17, 202012:31 pm

We bought TP for some of the people in line at the store this weekend.

Cynthia Bowman

March 17, 202012:31 pm

As I was preparing to open the back of my car, a young lady approached me and asked if she could help load my groceries in the car. I told her that if she could lift the case of 32 bottles of water it would be so appreciated. Without hesitation, she loaded the case of water for me. Right after, as I was taking my cart to the cart rack, another young lady approached me and said she would return it to the store for me. I am a senior citizen and have a lot of back issues, so these acts of kindness puts faith back in our young people!!


March 17, 202012:30 pm

A local business held a food drive to provide lunches for kids during the school shutdown.

Courtney Copley

March 17, 202012:30 pm

My mom came over to babysit my kids while I went to the store to get somethings we needed. There was only a few hand soaps left when I got there. I handed one over to another customer who said she couldnt find any anywhere.


March 17, 202012:30 pm

I helped an elderly lady in a scooter yesterday in Kroger. She was trying to get to the milk and people kept getting in front of her, grabbing what they needed and going. I asked if I could help her. She needed help picking out almond milk for her new diet, which she wasn’t familiar with. We went over the options together. Once she made a decision I got it and put it in her cart for her. A few minutes later I ran into her again in the health section and she couldn’t find the toothbrushes. I helped her with that too. Because of situations like this, I’m really glad some stores are dedicating the first hour they’re open to elderly customers.

Sue Cunningham

March 17, 202012:30 pm

Since church activities have been canceled, we are makimg bags of goodies and delivering them to each child that normally would ce on Wednesdays.

Kim D

March 17, 202012:30 pm

My family volunteered at the food fair.

Wanda Henry

March 17, 202012:29 pm

I have offered to all friends and family if I have anything that they need I will most definitely let them have it.. and I have also offered to try to find what they need if I don't have

Melissa A.

March 17, 202012:29 pm

I donated food and toiletries to my local food pantry.

Dawn Hanning

March 17, 202012:29 pm

Our local school was collecting supplies for kiddos over the weekend dropped a bunch of stuff off. Thanks for all you do we had a stockpile on hand from couponing all these years so that is a huge blessing to my family with everything going on right now.

Chelsey Trujillo

March 17, 202012:29 pm

I gave a McDonald's drive through worker a free Dutch Bros Coffee card after the person in front of me got mad that he couldn't order lunch food during breakfast time and the drive through guy wouldn't just make it for him anyway, the guy threw his drink back at the drive threw worker. I told him that he didn't deserve to be treated that way, that I heard everything he said, and that he should go get himself a free coffee later to make up for it. Gave up my whole saved up punch card to him.

Alisha M

March 17, 202012:28 pm

I have been couponing shopping deals for a LONG time now. The virus hit and everyone went nuts. On my street we are the only younger couple the rest of our neighbors are 65 and up. My neighbors are terrified to even leave their houses. So i got into my stockpile and made each a basket and put my number in it and said call if you run out of anything and will find a way to get you by. FREE OF CHARGE.

Amber B

March 17, 202001:00 pm

This is probably one of the nicest comments I've read. Good for you, Alisha!!!


March 17, 202012:27 pm

The other day a lady ahead of me in line asked the cashier to tell her the price with tax for a gallon of milk. Then she left the milk and went to her car to gather change to pay. I paid for her milk and asked my sister to take it out to her in the parking lot.


March 17, 202012:26 pm

My nephew and his wife were at the self check-out line at a grocery store in West Texas. They noticed an elderly man who only had one item, but was far back in the line. When it was their turn to check out, they instructed the attendant to go get the man and they paid for his item so he wouldn't have to stand in line. Very generous and thoughtful.

Jess Taylor

March 17, 202012:26 pm

Our Kroger has Purex detergent on sale, there was only two bottles left abd an elderly lady could not reach them at the top... Instead of getting them fir myself I gave them to her .

Rebecca Evans

March 17, 202012:26 pm

I paid for the person behind me at the checkout line at Frys yesterday.


March 17, 202012:25 pm

My act of kindness is. I coupon but not the extreme. I coupon to help my deddy. He lives on disability and trying to get SSI. So he struggles. And I make sure I coupon to help him with standard necessities and for his health. We are raised to be taken care of and I believe you should take care of the ones who took care of you.

Crystal Hester

March 17, 202012:25 pm

During the tornado relief I gave nearly my whole stockpile to those who needed items after loosing what they had. Also with the coronavirus I have been shopping for my neighbors who are elderly. This is just 1 photo of donation items

Angela M

March 17, 202012:24 pm

Lots of people offering to help out others who are low on basic supplies. Please help out elderly neighbors and friends especially who may be reluctant to ask for help.

Desiree Ramey

March 17, 202012:24 pm

I posted household bundle at fb market place with toilet papers on it..a woman sent me message if she can pick it up? She lives 40 mins away from me.when she came I saw her she is old and having hard time to I just gave it for free and give more extra toilet papers.

Jennifer Henry

March 17, 202012:24 pm

My parents next door neighbors and elderly couple paper towels and we delivered it to them since I stockpile cuz I'm a couponer we need to help everyone

Kelleigh Murphy

March 17, 202012:24 pm

I recieved baby formula samples in the mail and posted them on a freebies site for our neighborhood. I had a few people come to pick up the samples because they could find formula in stores. I also shopped for my family and shared what I could find in stores. Hope everyone is staying safe!!


March 17, 202012:24 pm

I gave two things of Lysol to an elderly lady on oxygen. She and her son couldn't find any in our city.


March 17, 202012:23 pm

I am still working and spending a lot of time counseling scared parents and students.

Rebecca Applebee

March 17, 202012:23 pm

Witnessing the work that us teachers are doing behind the scenes... we truly care for our students!


March 17, 202012:22 pm

My sweet Sis-in-law knew I was getting close to being out of paper towels and picked some up for me at the store while she was out , so I didn’t have to go out with my toddler and newborn. ❤️


March 17, 202012:21 pm

I allowed 2 older women go in front of me in the checkout line.

Nichole Hendress

March 17, 202012:20 pm

I paid for someone else's meal in the Wendy's drive thru the other day.

Tiffanie h

March 17, 202012:20 pm

Watching someone go get a case of water for others.

Bethany Goff

March 17, 202012:19 pm

I recently was the recipient of an act of kindness! A friend who works at a public school was asked to throw out all the food that would go bad while the schools were closed. He rescued some of the food, all sealed and previously frozen, as well as fresh food like potatoes, and shared them with people in our church. I hadn't been able to find potatoes anywhere, but went home with about 20 lbs.! So appreciate his kindness!


March 17, 202012:18 pm

I made sure a heart patient has their medicine for the next 90 days Got it called in picked up and delivered.


March 17, 202012:16 pm

Watched a husband lovingly help his wife into their car ever so patiently. She was not very mobile, it was very precious to witness.

Jaime Metcalf

March 17, 202012:15 pm

I witnessed a young woman assisting a blind woman in the Kroger restroom and ensuring that she was able to get her hands washed and walked back out to her husband.


March 17, 202001:00 pm

I had an appointment for a routine visit at my primary doctor. Since I'm not sick- I gave up my appointment to a sick person.

Rebecca Whitmer

March 18, 202012:24 pm

I read all the new things that we should be doing to try to help the elderly, these are awesome and should be done always. I love helping them find items in the store and letting them in front of me in line. A smile also goes a long way. :)

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