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AMAZING Kellogg’s Cereal deals coming your way! 

UPDATE 6/13: The Kroger Cash Back offers have reached their overall limit and are no longer available. That means, the best deal is to use the printable coupons with your ibotta rebates so follow those scenarios below instead. Still a FANTASTIC deal at $0.44 a box!! 

I was super excited to see these great deals on Kellogg’s Cereal. This is the BEST we’ve seen in a LONG time so print those Kellogg’s coupons, load your limit 5 ibotta Rebates and Kroger Cash Back, and shop the brand new Buy 6 or more, Save $0.50 each Kroger Mega Event. You’ll be able to stock up for as low as $0.19 a box! Please note that I have separate scenarios for these below due to written Kroger policy on NOT combining coupons and Kroger Cash Back. You can either use a coupon with an ibotta rebate OR use no coupons and combine the rebates for the best deal. 

If you’re lucky enough to have 850 Kellogg’s Family Rewards points, you’ll be able to print a $1.00/1 Kellogg’s Cereal (8.4 oz+) printable and score a couple of boxes for totally FREE!

Kellogg's Cereal Kroger1 Kellogg's Cereal Kroger2 Kellogg's Cereal Kroger3

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June 15, 202008:44 am

Don't forget to scan your receipt to Kelloggs Family Rewards to earn your points and free books (up to 10!).


June 21, 202010:35 pm

Thanks for the tip Amy! :)


June 14, 202006:47 pm

I see you updated the deal on Jun 13th that the Kroger cash back reached the overall limit. How did you figured that out? I still see all the cash back offers in my account showing good until Jun 28th. Can I still go ahead and redeem them? Thanks.


June 21, 202010:36 pm

Cynthia, there were so many comments that they were gone so I updated the post to reflect that. I had already used mine, so I didn't realize they were still there if you loaded. That's good to know...thanks! :)


June 14, 202010:28 pm

I think no more can be added to accounts but if you already have it load, you can still use it. i bought cereal today and I am hoping that the money will show up in my account in 48 hours. I already see where they show the June 14 purchase, so they are still recording them.

Mary Orton

June 13, 202006:17 pm

I just got home from the store with 22 boxes of cereal for grandkids and our town's blessing boxes. I had the cereal loaded on both Kroger Cash Back and Ibotta. I even still see the cereal types that I did not buy on my cash back loaded deals. Does this post mean that I will not get back the .75 cash back on all those cereals? I would not have bought so many if I had known that. Just figured it would be a great price to donate as well as stock up grandkids with their favorites.


June 21, 202010:37 pm

Mary, Kroger Cash Back can take up to 7 days to go into your account. Have you checked it lately?


June 15, 202002:24 pm

Most of these come with free books, so you can upload your receipt and order free books for the grandkids. Look on the back of the boxes that say 1 box+ 1 free book. You can get a limit of 10 books.


June 21, 202010:37 pm

Jenn, thanks for the reminder! :)


June 13, 202004:38 pm

At what time did you post the update? I shopped this morning for the cereals and they were still there. I hope I was able to slide in before the limit.


June 21, 202010:37 pm

Liz, looks like if you loaded them, you are good to go. :)


June 13, 202010:26 am

SO I have read and re-read this. I know you can get 5 boxes in a transaction but the KCB says up to 5 trips does that mean that you could actually do 5 trips of 5 like you could on the sunbelt if Ibotta reloads?


June 12, 202003:17 pm

I have checked Kroger Cash Back here in TN and we do NOT have any Kelloggs cereal listed to get the cash back. Must be just in certain states. The Kelloggs Family Rewards is really easy to use as long as you sign up for it, and the few questions they ask weren't invasive at all. Like all Kroger items you can mix and match for the 6 for 50 cents off.


June 12, 202007:57 pm

Same as here in WV. Nothing for any of the cereals.


June 11, 202002:53 pm

I couldn't believe the hoops I had to jump through to try to print coupons on Kellogg's Family Rewards....then I couldn't print because my cell phone is a pre paid phone plan and apparently they don't call those numbers. Sure did waste a lot of time for nothing!!! Not happy!!

Rena Ball

June 10, 202007:55 pm

There are also $1/2, $1/3, and $0.50/1 coupons for Kellogg's cereals on the Kellogg's Family Rewards site to make this a moneymaker! :)


June 21, 202010:39 pm

Rena, we didn't use those along with both rebates because Kroger Cash Back states that they cannot be stacked with paper or digital coupons. :(


June 10, 202006:43 pm

Do I need to buy 5 boxes of 1 flavor to get the $.19 a box deal or can I mix and match cereal types?


June 21, 202010:40 pm

Lindalu, you can mix & match but each variety of cereal has its own limit 5 rebates.

Melissa Lopez

June 10, 202003:16 pm

Would love to get this


June 10, 202012:24 pm

crap! I saw this as soon as it was posted and showered and cooked first then came back to load and froot loops and frosted flakes already gone on kroger cash back. Only one left I like is rice krispies. loaded ibotta and printed coupons so hopefully ibotta stays until I make it to the store friday.


June 21, 202010:40 pm

Kaysj, don't you know you're not allowed to shower!? :)

Pat Lavenz

June 10, 202011:13 am

These are great prices to donate to a food bank. I am stocked up on cereal but will be donating some to the local food bank.


June 21, 202010:40 pm

Pat & Allison, LOVE THIS!! :)


June 10, 202001:20 pm

SAME, Pat...GREAT time to donate !!! That is my plan as well... as long as the shelves aren't empty by the time I go.


June 10, 202010:54 am

Does the deal still work if you only buy 5 or do you pay full price for the 6th box


June 13, 202011:31 am

Sara, you can mix and match anything in the Buy 6 or more, Save $0.50 each Kroger Mega Event. As long as you're buying at least 6 items, you get the mega savings.


June 10, 202011:37 am

You must buy 6 to get the deal. If you only buy 5, then you pay full price for ALL of them, not just the last one.

Art Corvelay

June 10, 202010:32 am

An absolutely ridiculous deal. I stocked up this morning so I also could complete the Ibotta "Mid Week Money Maker" Bonus (5 offers = $2.00); real easy to get when you like a variety of cereal flavors.


June 21, 202010:41 pm

Art, you were on top of things! :)