I have a new way of saving for you today and it’s called NCP ReCap.  If you’re new to this, then welcome but it’s a super user-friendly app and you’re saving just like you do with Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. Join me as I familiarize you with this awesome savings app! You’ll be glad to know you’re no longer going to be throwing money away!

Here is some more information about the savings app that will help you get started!

What is NCP ReCap?

NCP ReCap is a new app from National Consumer Panel that allows you to earn great rewards simply for taking photos of receipts when you make purchases in-store or online.

Does it cost anything to participate?

No. Panel membership is completely free and completely voluntary. You do not have to pay us anything, and you can cancel at any time.

Do I get paid for participating on the panel?

You do not receive payment for participating on the panel, but you do earn rewards! You will receive 50 points each for the first 10 receipts you submit each week for a grand total of up to 500 points a week! You can then use those points to redeem for gift cards like Amazon. You may also earn entries into a variety of sweepstakes!

I just signed up for NCP ReCap, but right now I am pretty limited in what I can do. What should I do to get started?

Getting started is easy! Your first task will be to tap the “Get Started” button to answer a few questions so that we can learn more about yourself. After you have completed the survey you will be able to start sending us your receipts and earning reward points.

How is NCP different than other market-research companies?

NCP is more than just a survey company. Our primary focus is on our members recording their purchases. When you send us photos of all your receipts, we can accurately track what, where, and when consumers are shopping, as well as how much they are spending. This kind of information is extremely valuable to manufacturers and retailers, who are making decisions about what type of brands and products to sell to consumers.

Does NCP share your personal information with clients?

NCP will NEVER share your personal information. This information is only used to manage your membership account. All personal information is kept confidential by NCP. The only information we share with clients is the shopping data our panel members send to us. Companies will never see your name, address, or contact information. We also do not collect or ask for social security or credit card numbers.

How are my receipts being used?

Your receipt data is combined with all of our other ReCap users so that market research reports can be created and provided to manufacturers and retailers. This helps your favorite brands make more informed decisions when creating new products. All personal information is removed during aggregation so there’s no way for someone looking at the report to determine who personally purchased each item.

Other people in my household also have a Smartphone. Can we install the NCP ReCap App on their phones, too?

Sure! All members of the household are encouraged to install ReCap and report their purchases individually as long as they have an iOS or Android Smartphone (sorry…iPads and other tablets are not supported at this time). Just make sure that any other participating members of your household only submit the same receipt one time. Otherwise it’ll be flagged as a duplicate and no points will be given.

What if I get a new mobile device?

If you get a new device, you can still participate on the panel. All you need to do is install NCP ReCap on your new device, and use your existing ID and password to log in.

My Smartphone isn’t working, so I can’t submit my receipts. What should I do?

If your device is lost or damaged, or you will not have it available for any reason to scan your purchases during the week, make sure to contact their support center at support@ncprecap.com and inform them so you can continue to receive credit for being a member.

How many names can I add on the “Shoppers” screen?

You may include up to 20 shoppers in your list. The shoppers you add do not have to live in your household. If you shop with someone outside of your household they can be included on the list as well.

What types of receipts is NCP ReCap looking for?

They are not picky so they’ll take receipts from anywhere, like KROGER that you’ve made a purchase, as long as it is not a hand-written receipt. This could be at a traditional retailer, a restaurant, a gas station, or online. If there’s any doubt, send it our way. We’ll let you know if it’s not accepted.

What would cause your receipt to be rejected?

There are several things that could lead to a receipt being rejected and a member not receiving their reward points:

  • The receipt is missing the retailer name, the date of purchase or the total amount spent.
  • The image submitted is too blurry or far away to be able to be processed.
  • Two or more pictures of the same receipt are submitted by a panel/household member.
  • The receipt is hand written.
  • The receipt is from a purchase that happened more than 14 days ago.

How do you dispute an invalid receipt?

To dispute any receipts you feel were marked incorrectly as being invalid, please contact support@ncprecap.com as soon as you are notified. All receipt disputes must be reported within 14 days of submission. Please retain a copy of your receipts in the event that we ask you to resubmit it to ReCap.

My receipt is long and won’t fit into a single image. What should you do?

NCP ReCap allows you to take multiple images of long receipts so that we can see all of the details of your purchase. After you’ve taken your first picture you’ll see that a box appears at the top of the screen which shows an overlap areas. Align the overlap area with the matching portion of the receipt and take another picture. Keep doing this until you get the whole receipt.

How long does it take to get the points for my receipt?

Our goal is to validate your receipt and get you your points as quickly as possible. The majority of receipts will be processed and points awarded within 24 hours; however it could take up to 5 business days (depending on the volume of receipts). Making sure that your image is clear and readable will go a long way towards ensuring quicker processing.

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Vanessa m

February 24, 202102:05 pm

I got a message saying they are not recruiting in my area ...weird an app that does not want a new member . who cares about this app


February 24, 202106:38 am

I went ahead and installed the app - although I agree with Rick that you're going to be scanning a lot of receipts in order to get a reward. You do receive 250 points for installing the app/signing up. I would say that this app is a lot like Fetch (although Fetch offers product bonuses - so you do earn points faster). If you're someone who wants to do the bare minimum (only scanning receipts), then this app and Fetch are your best options (Fetch is the better of the two- IMO). Just keep in mind that it's going to take some time to qualify for rewards. You can earn rewards faster with an app like Ibotta. The only caveat with Ibotta is that you have to "clip" product "coupons" in the app - so Ibotta is a little more involved (but worth it).


February 23, 202109:11 pm

I started using it over a month ago and really like it. I haven't gotten enough points to cash out yet. Good to add to other apps that I use.


February 23, 202104:29 pm

Points system seems same as FETCH. The 50 points (5 cents) x 10 per week seems to top out @ 50 cents per week, or $26 / year for scanning 520 receipts.. The last I knew, u can only redeem for Amazon gift cards. And points expire after 90 days of inactivity. I mean ALL your points. The only reason I mess with FETCH are their popup and special promotions. If I only earned 2.5 cents per receipt and the meager fixed amounts for partner products, I wouldn't bother. Obviously a personal choice, so maybe scanning 520 receipts for $26 is worth it for you.


February 23, 202109:13 pm

I think that you can also cash out for Visa gift cards also. It's a better deal than Amazon as far as points needed per dollar on the gift card.


February 23, 202104:31 pm

I meant points system same as FETCH = both are 1000 points equal $1


February 23, 202104:13 pm

Color me unimpressed. I can't quickly find a clear statement of the value of ReCap reward points, but hovering over the "Redeem your points for rewards" block at https://www.ncprecap.com/ shows a $5 reward for 5,000 points, meaning you'd have to upload 10 receipts per week for 10 weeks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card, but hey! you'd only have to "max out" every week for 42 weeks to get $25. Thanks, but I'll pass.

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